Inside: How to make an advent wreath that’s easy and adorable to create. 

I think that the Christmas season is one of the best times of the year. As adults, it can be very hard to put time aside to do the little things that make our holidays feel magical, like when we were kids. So this year, I am making it my mission to find simple ways to do just that.

This week I learned about Advent wreaths, and I thought they would be a perfect way to kick off the holiday season in a fun and unique style. So today I am going to teach you everything about them. From how to make an advent wreath to what they are.

How to make an advent wreath simple and easy

After this, you will have a new understanding and appreciation for this adorable decor item, and if you follow along with my DIY at the end, you’ll HAVE one. So let’s get into this; I think the first place to start is by explaining what an advent wreath is.

What is an Advent Wreath?

According to this site, ‘The Advent wreath, or Advent crown, is a Christian tradition that symbolizes the passage of the four weeks of Advent in the liturgical calendar of the Western church. It is traditionally a Lutheran practice, although it has spread to many other Christian denominations.’

Each week, light one of the four candles and let it burn all the way down. Do this all the way throughout December as you lead your way up to Christmas.

Now that you know what it is, do you want to make one? Because I sure do!

How To Make an Advent Wreath: Inspiration

To be able to get your full craft on if you have no idea what you are making or what kind of ideas are out there. So I think the best place to start with this DIY is to get some inspiration! There are so many awesome ideas out there for you to choose from; check them out to see what I mean.

1. Cute Pinecone Flocked Wreath – I think this advent wreath is super cute; I especially love the pine cones and the flocked greenery.

2. Tall Candle Wreath with Natural Greens – I feel better burning a tall candle with these, plus they last all week.

advent wreath ideas

3. Simple Christmas Advent Candle Decor – I think the simple wreaths get a bad rep when, in reality, they are the best!

4. Boho Wreath Idea for Advent – I am deeply obsessed with this one and the color scheme.

5. Adorable Wreath with Dried Orange – I love the look of dried oranges during Christmas.

6. Monochrome Pink Wreath Idea – the monochromatic pink look is serving.

7. Fall-Themed Advent Decor Candle Burner – I like this fall look. It’s perfect for this time of year.

8. Adorable Christmas Wreath with Cranberries – I think the cranberries are just PERFECT.

9. Numbered Candle Advent Decor – I think it’s a great idea to number your candles so you know which direction to go in.

10. Simple and Small Candle Advent – I love this tiny little advent.

11. Cinnamon Lay Down Wreath with Candles – The Cinnamon! I can’t, it’s too cute.

DIY advent wreath

How To Make an Advent Wreath

I am going to break this down into steps, but it’s very easy, so don’t be overwhelmed. I think the best thing about this wreath is that you don’t have to hang it, so you don’t have to worry about securing things to it so tightly. Nothing will fall off! I put together a list of the things I will be using for mine, but just know that you can make yours however you like.

I will be making a basis on which you can make your own wreath, so get artsy! Do whatever feels coolest to you. Check out this list below and substitute anything on here for your own version of it.


Step One: Set Out Supplies

I always say that I like to craft similarly to the way the french like to cook: I like my supplies to be all out in front of me. So that is your first step. It helps to relieve stress in the middle of crafting and helps you to know where what you need is at.

Once you have everything laid out, we can start on the DIY!

Step Two: Make Your Base

Now to start, we have to make the foundation for our advent wreath. To do this, take your garland or whatever greenery you have chosen and weave it through the metal layers of the form. Do this until the whole layer is covered evenly and looks nice. You can add as many layers as you want until your desired thickness is reached.

Step Three: Add Decorations

Now is your time to add decorations. As you can see from the Christmas garland I chose, my decorations are already woven into the greenery. I did this to keep it simple while also making it super cute. But you can add as many different things as you want.

I think if I make another one, I would make it a softer color scheme and use dried oranges and burlap or twine. I just love the way that looks, with its rustic farmhouse style.

How to Make an Advent Wreath

Step Four: Add the Candle Holders

This part is very important, seeing as if you don’t fasten these in the right, you are risking a serious fire hazard. This is why I put the candle holders in the supply section that I did because those are the perfect ones for this craft.

You can take the bottom of your candle holder and slide it in between your garland and decorations until it’s at the base of your wreath. Then you can use the twist ties to go in from the other side and securely tie them to the form. This way, not only are they attached to the base, but they have layers of garland and decorations to keep them stable.

It is also very important that non of the garland comes over the candle holder near the top. There needs to be at least a one-inch clearance. After they are secure, add your candles, and VOILA!

So…what did you think? I love the idea of a candle-based advent calendar that counts you down to Christmas. As adults, we no longer get to enjoy the cute little chocolate advent calendars anymore…so this is something that’s just for us!

I hope you loved learning about what an advent wreath is and how to make them. Those cute ideas really inspired me, and I think I will be making a few more for my friends and family. They make great gifts to start out the gift-giving season right! Plus, as you now well know, they are simple to put together and super cute!

If you want to check out some more Christmas wreath ideas, we have so many to choose from. The fun never has to end! So take a look at these and find which ones you want to include in your home alongside the advent wreath.

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