Inside: Best boho chic pampas wreath ideas you need to add to your home.

I am obsessed with the boho-chic style of decor. I think it adds a naturalistic touch while still feeling clean and modern. Plus, the color pallet is expansive and yet always calming.

If you love this style, then you have most likely seen a pampas wreath. These wreaths go hand in hand with boho chic styles better than almost anything I have ever seen. Today I have compiled some of the chicest pampas wreath ideas that you can add to your home today.

Chic Pampas Wreaths

I also included a simple and cute DIY at the very end, so stick around for that if you want to get your craft on. Use the ideas below as creative inspiration. But first, let’s quickly discuss what the heck a Pampa is.

What is Pampas?

According to Brittanicapampas grass, (Cortaderia selloana), tall reedlike grass of the family Poaceae, native to southern South America. Pampas grass is named for the Pampas plains, where it is endemic. It is cultivated as an ornamental in warm parts of the world and is considered an invasive species in some areas outside its native range, including New Zealand, South Africa, and the southwestern United States.”

Interesting right? I guess if it’s an invasive species, we better do our part and use it for our crafts! Take a look below to get some inspiration and to see how it’s been used by others to create a cute and chic Pampas wreath!

Cute Pampas Wreath Ideas

First up, I thought I would add some boho chic pampas wreath ideas to your mental list of must haves. I am genuinely obsessed with each and every single one of these. It was hard to choose just one, but I did it. Remember, there is also a DIY at the end, so use these for inspiration and make your own!

1. Simple Deep Shaded Pampas

2. Simple Metal Hoop Wreath

3. Big Fluffy Pampas Decor

4. Floral Wreath with Pampas Accents

5. All Natural Wreath with Different Aspects

6. Poofy Individual Stemmed Pampas

7.  Cute White Wreath with Paper Fans

8. Large Wreath with Natural Pampas

9. Simple but Beautiful Wreath Idea

10. Rustic Simple Wreath with Half Pampas

11. Floral Wreath with Pampas Sides

Choc Pampas Wreaths

Chic Pampas Wreath Ideas

These are some really cute pampas wreath ideas that you are going to absolutely love. I made sure to include wreaths for a few different occasions so I think you will find something perfect for your home easily. I would be surprised if you didn’t, but don’t worry. You still have one more list to go over after this one.

12. Christmas Wreath with Pampas

13. Dark Pampas with Little Flowers

14. Crazy Cute Wreath with Curly Plants

15. Black Hoop Wreath with Pampas

16. Large Wreath with Long Pampas

17. Dyed Pink Pampas Decor Idea

18. Simple Wreath with Ribbons

19. Colorful and Natural Wreath with Eucalyptus

20. Multiple Colored Mute Wreath

Pampas Wreath Ideas to Buy

The best part about wreaths is that you can make them yourself, or you can just as easily buy them. I know from firsthand how hard it can be to put time aside to craft. So if you are a naturally busy person, why not just buy yourself one from this list? There are so many cute options, and you deserve it. Check them out.

21. Cute Spiral Wreath with Pampas

22. Pampas Decor with Sleek Black Bow

23. Big Fluffy Pampas with Twine

24. Farmhouse Style Sleek Ribbon Wreath

25. Rust Colored Pampas Decor Idea

26. Big Bead Wreath with Fluffy Plant

27. Orange and Blue Eucalyptus Wreath

28. Nature Based Wreath with Metal Hoop

29. Adorable Wreath Idea with Pampas

30. Grapevine Pampas Door Hang Idea

31. Festive Christmas Wreath Idea

Pampas Wreath DIY

Pampas Wreath DIY

So this DIY is super simple, but you can spruce it up any way that feels right to you. I just like to create a good baseline for you to jump off of. That way, you can be as creative as you want! So check out this list of supplies below to get started, and add some more decorations if you like.


Step One: Lay Out Your Supplies

My favorite thing about french cooking is how they prep. The way they prep sets them up for success, so I have copied their method for my crafting, and it has worked wonders. You simply set out all of your supplies in front of you so that you know where each item is when you need it.

This also helps to give you inspiration for adding new and improved things to your craft, so it’s a must. I started doing this a while back, and I refuse to give it up.

Step Two: Start Tying

Now you want to choose a corner of your hoop to start with. I know this is confusing because corners don’t have hoops, but you know what I mean. So what you are going to do is take your pampas and use your twist ties to tightly fasten them to the hoop. You can do whatever direction you like, but stick to one.

Keep adding them until your desired amount of the hoop is covered. I covered just about half of my hoop.

Step Three: Decorate with Twine

Now we are going to take our twine and start to wind it around the base of the hoop near the end of your pampas. Start with a tight knot and then wind it around until you have covered about 3 inches of your hoop. You can do as much as you like; this is just how much I am covering.

Repeat this step at the top of your hoop where your pampas end.

Step Four: Add the Bow

This is my favorite part. Find the center of your pampas, and then tie your burlap bow around it. Again, you really don’t have to follow this exactly; it’s just the foundation that you can craft upon.

After your bow is done…so is your wreath. Take a step back and marvel at the cuteness you have created. I told you it wouldn’t be that bad! What did you think?

Pampas Wreath


Okay, so now you have seen some of the chicest pampas wreath ideas and have possibly even created one yourself. Have I made a fan out of you? Or have you made a fan out of pampas? Get it…because pampas would make a good hand fan.

Okay, jokes aside, I love this grass because it adds a fluffy and cute texture to your home. Any boho design lover knows how lovely it really is to add to any room. This wreath will go perfectly anywhere in your home. But if you do hang it on your front door, I recommend you take it inside if it’s ever too rainy. It’ll get ruined!

If you loved this and want to keep looking at more kinds of wreaths, then you have to check out some of our other ideas. We cover everything from Christmas to spring. So take a look!

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