Inside: Coolest bar shelf ideas for your home so you don’t ever have to leave.

I have quite a steady collection of nice liquors at my house, which has got me thinking: Where do I store all of these drinks when I am not having them? Of course, I could just put them in a cabinet, but they are too cool for that!

So that lead me down a rabbit hole for a few hours, I searched up at-home bar carts and booze displays… I wasn’t settled on any of these ideas until I stumbled across a bar shelf.

A bar shelf is essentially a shelf that is only for your booze. It’s simple, out of the way, and looks really nice in your home. I was sold!

Creative Bar Shelf Ideas For Your Home. Up close photo of bar shelf.

So I then started looking for inspiration, and I found so much! I wanted to share those ideas with you today; that way, they don’t go to waste. Check out the list below to see which bar shelf ideas are the ones for you.

Bar Shelf Ideas

For this first list, I am going to walk you through each example and tell you one or two nice things about the example. It was so hard for me to choose in the end, but I did. I cannot way for my new shelves to get here! Check out this list below to get started. Who knows, maybe you will find your bar shelf and order it today! You never know.

1. Modern Bar with Rustic Shelves – I love rustic shelves because they look like you could have made them yourself. You know, if you were super skilled in that sort of thing. Check out this awesome set.

2. 3 Simple Marble Bar Shelves  – I like the idea of having 3 different floating shelves to work with. That is why I like this idea so much. Not only are there 3, but they’re MARBLE! I think this just looks super chic.

3. Adorable Arch Accent Wall Bar – If you want your bar shelf to feel fancier, why not focus on the wall behind it? This person painted one of those adorable arches behind their bar shelf.  It looked too cute not to include.

4. Bar Shelves with Protective Bar – The amount of people who just have their booze on a shelf without any extra support is wild to me. I would be so nervous that I would just a door too hard and a bottle would go flying off. That’s why I like this idea so much.

5. Unique Shelves Centered Around Sign – I love the way that this sign is the focal point for the shelves. They all curve around it. Cool, right?

6. Wall Of Booze Shelves – This household must really like its drinks! Or on the contrary, they must not like it all that much if they never ever finish a bottle. Jokes aside, if you were looking to go hardcore with this project, I think you should do it.

7. Mini Bar Shelf with Hanging Glasses – I love it when these little bar corners have slots in the bottom of the shelves for hanging your glasses.

8. Simple Floating Shelves Idea – You don’t have to get crazy like some of these to have a cute bar shelf. You can literally just use a floating shelf that is designated for your booze.

9. Cute Bar Nook Idea – I love the look of any nook. I recently created a reading nook in my house, perhaps it’s time for a bar nook next!

10. Large Industrial Style Bar Shelves – Here we go again with the industrial style. I don’t know what else to call it, it really is very industrial looking. The popes are exposed, and the wood is rustic. I am for it.

11. Cute Gold/Wood Shelves – I am obsessed with these. I just love gold in general, though. Take a look and see if you think these are as cute as I do. Maybe I need a Bar shelf?

12. Small Industrial Shelving – If you don’t plan on having more than a few bottles in your home at once, then I think you should check out this idea.

13. Epic Floating Shelves with Tile – I think what makes these shelves even cooler is the fact that they are screwed into the tile. How the heck did that happen? This seems pretty cool to me.

Adorable drinking shelves for your home. 3 different unique examples.

Adorable Drinking Shelves for Your Home

Next up, I have even more bar shelf ideas that I think you will like. There are hundreds of different ways to do this, and these are some of my favorites. Take a look to see if any of these are for you or if there are any that are close enough that you could at least use them as a reference for your contractors.

14. Cute DIY Drink Bar

15. Cool Light Up Shelf Idea

16. Bar Style Shelf Idea

17. Unique Wine Holder Shelf

18. Simple & Neat Bar Shelf

19. Awesome Serving Shelf Idea

20. Beautiful Floating Drinking Station

21. Cute Bookshelf Turned Booze Shelf

22. Simple Bar Sign for Shelves

23. Boujee Drinking Corner Idea

24. Corner Shelves That Would Be A Perfect Bar

25. Adorable Drinking Bar Idea

Unique At Home Bar Ideas

Let’s get out of our comfort zone here for a second. One of the best ways to do that is by looking at ideas that you would have normally overlooked. That is what this list is. Some of them seem a little basic, but if you look a little closer, you will see that each of these ideas is unique in its own way.

26. Wall Mounted Bar DIY

27. At Home Bar Idea

28. Dark Bar Shelving with Wine Holder

29. 4 Different Bar Shelves

30. Simplistic Bar Idea

31. Renter Friendly Corner Set Up

32. Light Wood Bar Idea

33. Tiny Corner Shelves

34. Very Simple Shelf Idea

35. Copper Pipe Shelves

Creative Bar Shelf Ideas For Your Home. 3 examples of booze filled shelves.

Creative Bar Shelf Ideas For Your Home

And to cap us off, I wanted to show you some creative bar shelf ideas for your home. I think you are really gonna love these ideas if you haven’t found one that you like already. Take your time as you look through them, and really consider which ones are fit for your home and your style.

36. Simple And Small Bar

37. Cool Wall Shelf

38. Rustic Shelves with Wine Glass Section

39. Affordable Bar Idea

40. 3 Varying Shelves

41. Unique Shelves You Will Love

42. Renter Friendly Bar idea

43. Cute Small Shelves

44. Modern Light Up Square Shelf

45. Closeable Cabinet Idea

bar shelf ideas

I hope that you loved these creative bar shelf ideas as much as I did. My new shelves are on their way to me from amazon as I type this. I went for a simplistic floating shelf, and I added some LED strips to my order so they would be lit from underneath.

I may not have the room and the money to create a real bar at home, but I can make what I do have to feel fancier. That is the trick with a home renovation on a budget! You can do little things here and there to make your home feel like a space that you are proud to be in!

If you love these ideas, just wait until you see my coffee cart ideas. You are going to love these!

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