Inside : 37+ coffee and wine bar ideas for home, including wine and coffee bar design ideas.

DIY home projects are some of the most enjoyable aspects of home ownership, whether you’ve just moved somewhere new or you want to revamp your spot. One of the best ways to spice up your space is by creating your own coffee or wine area.

If you entertain frequently, check out some coffee and wine bar ideas for home to see if you can make it happen.

Having a coffee or a wine bar at home is a luxury that is more achievable than you might think. If you’ve been wondering what to do with a spare room, or you’ve got some extra counter space, this could be the project you’ve needed. Even in a small space, there are tons of coffee and wine bar ideas for the home that can look and feel just like your favorite local bistro.

Take your time, get creative, and make your space into something you’ve ever only dreamed of!

How to make a drink station Coffee Bar at home

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

Use your creativity; there are tons of fun DIY coffee bar ideas for your home. You don’t have to be an expert in construction or interior design to create a gorgeous at-home cafe. The first step is carving out a space. You can simply use a corner of the kitchen countertops, or you can roll up your sleeves to restore and repaint an older piece of furniture to store your coffee bar.

Repurposed Cabinets:

  1. Reused Armoire For both coffee and wine bar ideas for home, reusing an outdated or antique armoire is very popular. This example has a fresh coat of colorful paint and rustic lighting.
  2. Simple Cabinet Design. For this DIY coffee bar idea, all you need is a corner of a room and a small cabinet.
  3. Large Cabinet with Barn Doors and Shelves. If you’ve got the space for it, this is a cozy design with lots of space and storage.
  4. Vintage Dresser Style This design uses the same idea as the cabinet, but with a dresser. 

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas:

  1. Counter Coffee Station. If space is an issue, keep it simple with a small countertop area. Add shelves if you want more room!
  2. Simple Kitchen Coffee Idea. Another minimal setup that makes use of drawers to hold coffee.
  3. Hidden Drawers. This is great for a cleaner look with optimal storage
  4. Organized Coffee Cabinet

What to Include in Your Kitchen Coffee Bar

  1. Coffee maker: Go for a traditional coffee pot or French press for the best brew. A Keurig machine is best for those who tend to have lots of guests or want a more time-sensitive option.
  2. Espresso maker: For variety, include an espresso as well. This is also a good idea for entertaining guests.
  3. Cups: Stock your coffee bar with plenty of cups. You can include mugs, espresso cups, travel mugs, or glasses for iced drinks.
  4. Syrups: Create a true barista bar in your own home with all of your favorite flavored syrups.
  5. Milk frother: Go the extra mile and purchase a milk frother to make lattes and cappuccinos. You’ll never visit a Starbucks again!
  6. Mini-fridge: Many kitchen coffee bar ideas don’t include a mini-fridge because there’s already a refrigerator in the kitchen. However, if you have the space for it, including a mini-fridge is a convenient touch.
  7. Utensils: You’ll want to have straws, napkins, and stirrers readily available.
  8. Mix-ins: You’ll need a variety of sugar packets and other toppings like cinnamon or honey for tea.

Home Wine Bar Ideas

Home Wine Bar Ideas

Just as an at-home coffee bar looks nice and has a practical use, an at-home wine bar can do the same. A DIY home bar is a wonderful amenity to have, either for relaxing nights at home or for entertaining guests. There are many at-home wine bar ideas suitable for your particular needs. Whether you’d like an elaborate, elegant installation or a simple area devoted to your wine collection, these wine bar ideas will surely inspire your creative mind.

Wine Bar Ideas for Small Spaces: 

  1. Simple design. If you have a small space, you can still get creative when it comes to coffee and wine bar ideas for home, like this simple wall mount.
  2. Shelves. No room for an extra cabinet? No worries! You can create a kitchen wine spot by simply installing shelves above a countertop.
  3. Drink Cart. Swap a side table for a wine cart for an elegant-looking and space-saving option.
  4. Coffee and Wine Hutch. This option saves space by combining your coffee and wine bar ideas for home into one stunning fixture! Thrift an old armoire or television cabinet and transform it into a one-stop-shop for coffee and wine.

Fancy Home Wine Bar Ideas: 

  1. Elegant Alcove. This separated area is sleek and contains everything a bar would, including a wine refrigerator!
  2. Large Wall Bottle Rack. For a stunning modern look, include a wall wine rack like this one.
  3. Full Wine Bar. With a wine refrigerator, an ice machine, bottles, and glasses, this wine bar idea has it all.
  4. Wine Cellar Shelves. This option includes special shelves that not only store plenty of bottles, they add a fancier look and a color pop!

What to Include in Your Home Wine Bar

  1. Wine bottles: You’re going to need wine of course! If you don’t have a mini refrigerator, you can stock bottles on shelves or directly on your countertop.
  2. Wine opener: There are many modern electric bottle openers that make uncorking a cinch.
  3. Cork collector: While you can easily discard old corks, collecting them in a vase or canister creates a rustic look.
  4. Ice machine: You can include a simple ice bucket and fill it as needed, or install a fully functioning ice machine.
  5. Coasters: Keep your valuable furniture safe with coasters. Choose colorful ones for an easy decorative touch.
  6. Decanter: Have you ever heard someone say that wine needs to “breathe”? Pouring wine into a decanter before serving allows for it to breathe after becoming uncorked, releasing aromas and flavors that contribute to your wine tasting experience.
  7. Sink: If possible, installing a sink makes for easy cleanup.

coffee bar ideas for home

Wine Bar and Coffee Bar Design Ideas

Once you’ve looked at a few coffee and wine bar ideas for home, it’s time to think about color and design. This is the fun part, where you can play around with various items to create something that fits your home aesthetic and brings you joy! There are various creative coffee and wine bar ideas for home that will make your space as flashy or as minimal as you’d like it.

  1. Colorful mugs: Rather than storing mugs away in a cabinet, use them as decorative pieces!
  2. Hanging mugs: This is a unique way to put your decorative mugs on display, rather than simply shelving them.
  3. Eye-catching bottles: You’ve likely seen some impressive alcohol-bottle artwork. Whether you use the bottles or not, put your most eye-catching bottles on display as an added decorative piece.
  4. Signage: Get creative with signage to make your home feel like a genuine cafe.
  5. Chalkboard: Like an authentic restaurant, display your favorite concoctions in chalk for a rustic look.
  6. Plants: Plants add a lively touch and will always brighten up a space.
  7. Lighting: There are tons of unique lighting options for whichever aesthetic you want to achieve.
  8. Decorative straws, glassware, and utensils: For all coffee and wine bar ideas for home, you can use your inventory to your advantage!
  9. Backsplash: A tiled backsplash like this one gives a vibrant, modern look.

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