Inside: Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas To Up Your Potty Game.

DIY wall paneling has taken over people’s homes, including ours.

Wall paneling adds character, charm, and personality to a property. Its trendy style and versatility is what puts it above other home trends.
We decided to spruce up our guest bathroom with a fun paneling design that we paired with a bold wallpaper.
If you’re looking for a way to add character and style to your bathroom, why not consider paneling? It’s a distinctive option that can ooze sophistication and elegance. So how do you incorporate it in your design scheme?

That’s what we’re here to show you! We’re going to share these fun bathroom wall paneling ideas for every kind of interior plus show you just how we accomplish this look all on our own!

Half Wall Paneling

Popular Bathroom Wall Paneling Styles

Shiplap: Shiplap paneling looks fantastic in a bathroom. Choose dark colors to add a feeling of warmth and luxury, or keep it bright and airy with pastel shades. It’s easy to install – most shiplap panels feature tongue and groove edges, so they fit together easily.

Half-Wall Highlight: Using paneling on the lower half of a wall is a great way to add detail without it becoming overpowering. Painting it in a dark shade will ground your design scheme and add a touch of opulence.

Or you can paint it white and pair it with a bright, colorful, and fun wallpaper like we did! Check out our step-by-step on how we finished our bathroom with this cool and clean wall paneling feature!

How to Panel a Wall

Supplies You’ll Need

Before you begin, the essentials you will need include:

  • MDF wood paneling
  • A spirit level
  • No Nails Glue (or a similar brand)
  • Decorators caulk
  • Saw or cutter
  • A notebook and pen to jot down sizes
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper or an electric sander
  • Hammer
  • Pin
  • Tape measure
  • A calculator (we recommend trying this calculator and online visualizer to get the measurements correct).


Paneling a wall is an exciting DIY task, but before you begin it’s important to plan and prepare your wall first.

Measure Your Wall

When paneling a wall, you need to measure how many pieces of MDF wood you need. Once you have worked out how much you need, it’s time to measure your walls. This is one of the trickiest parts of paneling, so take your time until you’ve got it spot on.

• Use your tape measure to work out the full width and height of the wall you are deciding to panel.

• Decide how many panels you want. Some prefer paneling only half the wall, while others love the full paneled look.

• Remember to account for top and base panels (the frame) as well as vertical and horizontal panels.

Cut the Panels

Now it’s time to cut the panels, which is dependent on the size of your wall, or how much you want to panel. You can either cut the panels yourself or ask a professional

Sand and Smooth Your Walls

Next, it’s time to sand and smooth down your walls. You can either use sandpaper or an electric sander if you have one to hand.

Prepare your walls before attaching the panels by sanding and smoothing them down. This removes any lumps or bumps which may otherwise show through.

Apply Panels to Wall

Start by adding the frame. First with the base panels, followed by the top. Place your panel onto the marked wall and use a laser level to ensure the panel is straight. Apply strong adhesive to the back and apply to the wall – be sure to press down firmly and leave to dry.

Continue to add the vertical panels first, followed by the horizontal panels.

Fill Any Gaps

Once you have applied the panels to your walls, go over them with decorator caulk to patch up any unsightly gaps, cracks, or holes. You may need to fill some in the sides, depending on whether any gaps appeared (don’t worry as you can cover this with paint).

Once filled, sand this down to complete the look.


Now it’s time for the fun part! Before painting, ensure that the adhesive, decorator’s caulk, and filler (if used) is fully dry and has set.

Bathroom Paneling Ideas + Inspiration

1. Elegant Grey Paneling in Bathroom

2. Full Focal Wall with Paneling

3. Light Blue Feature Shiplap Wall

4. Colorful 3/4 Paneling with Colorful Wallpaper

5. Full Wall of Vertical Panels

6. Tall Bead Board with Shelf on Top

1/2 wall Molding Ideas

7. Paneling On Wall with Matching Bathtub

8. Light Blue Paneling Inspiration

9. Colored Paneling with Pattern Wallpaper

10. All White Wall with White Paneling

11. White Wall Paneling with Black Wall

12. Focal Wall with Paneling

Small Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas

13. Full Framed Wall Paneling Idea

14. Tall Feature Wall of Shiplap

15. All Black Small Bathroom with Panel Frames

16. Simple Half Wall Paneling in Small Bathroom 

17. Border and Paint Paneling Effect

18. Small Bathroom with Horizontal Shiplap Paneling

19. Focal Wall with Paneling

20. Big Contrast in Little Bathroom

Small Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas

21. Bold Colorful Wallpaper with Half Paneling

22. Clean Contrasting Colors and Metals

23. Fun Small Green Bathroom

24. Elegant Grey Paneling in Bathroom

Half Wall Paneling Ideas You’ll Love

25. White and Cream Half Wall Paneling

26. Black Paneling on White Wall

27. Half Wall Squared Design

28. White Wall Paneling with Black Wall

29. Black and White Contrast

30. Half Wall Shiplap

31. Classic Half Wall Paneling

Bathroom Wall Decor

32. Paneling With Shelf Edge

33. Framed Half Paneling 

34. Half Paneling with Tile Border

35. Framed Wall Paneling with Wall Art

36. Half Wall Paneling with Built-in Sink

37. Fun Small Green Bathroom

White Wall Paneling Ideas

38. All White Wall with White Paneling

39. White Paneling with Pattern Wallpaper

40. Neutral and White

White Washroom Decor

41. All White Paneling

42. Clean White Bathroom Design

43. Full White Shiplap Bathroom

44. White Paneling

45. Neutral and White Bathroom Design

Colorful Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

46. Bold Green Paneling Wall

47. Colored Paneling with Pattern Wallpaper

48. Focal Wall with Paneling

49. Big Contrast in Little Bathroom

50. Bold Colorful Wallpaper with Half Paneling

51. Clean Contrasting Colors and Metals

52. Fun Small Green Bathroom

53. Elegant Grey Paneling in Bathroom

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Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

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