Of all the rooms in your house, the bedroom should exude the most comfort and relaxation. After all, this is the place where you recharge and reflect on the day, so taking care of this space will likewise take care of you.

If you feel like your bedroom is unfinished or lacking something, bedroom wall decor can do the trick. This collection of bedroom wall decor ideas will help you liven up your space no matter what your budget is, whether you want to go the paint-the-whole-bedroom route, or even if you just want to display some art.

Some of the most clever bedroom wall decor ideas include DIY shelves, indoor plants, paintings, and wall arts, above bed decors, creative photo displays, and – you might be surprised – random objects like ladders! These ideas are unique but easy to execute for all bedrooms, whether it’s a kid’s room, your own, or a guest bedroom.

30 Bedroom wall decor ideas

Shelves for Bedroom Wall Ideas

The best thing about bedroom shelves? You can buy the materials at your local hardware store and get to work on these shelves.

  1. Floating Shelves: This is a great way to save space, and still have a place to display your framed photos, favorite books, or novelty items.
  2. Basket Shelves: This idea for hanging up baskets on walls will give your bedroom a fresh look without much work involved at all – perfect if you’re not very crafty but still want some personality in your room’s design.
  3. Crate Shelves: A DIY project using crates is becoming very popular. Old wooden crates can be recycled and transformed into beautiful storage containers in your bedroom.

Indoor Plants For Room Wall Design

Consider a few creative ways to decorate your bedroom with plants.

  1. Wall Planters: Bring the garden indoors by creating a wall planter, which can hold small plants or flowers!
  2. Ceiling Plant Hanger: Just put together this easy-seeming DIY plant hanger using simple tools like a drill and some screws, then suspend it from the ceiling.
  3. Plant Line Up: If you have any empty floor space along a wall, arrange long rectangular planters or small planter pots there to soften the look.

Headboard as Above Bed Decor 

A headboard can make or break a bedroom. Here are some ideas you might want to try:

  1. Headboard Art: Turn your existing headboard into a wall decoration by painting it and adding some rustic additions like candles and flowers.
  2. Hanging Headboard: If you’re struggling to find the perfect spot for your headboard, try hanging it on one of your bedroom walls!
  3. Rugs for Headboard: You don’t have to keep rugs on the floor – drape one over a wooden headboard for an unexpected design accent.

Wallpaper behind bed as decor

Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom

For those who don’t want to overpower a bedroom, paints and paintings are a great choice.

  1. Stripes: Another fun idea for adding personality to plain walls. You can paint them horizontal or vertical, whatever you like best!
  2. DIY Paintings: If you’re good at drawing or painting, show off your artistic skills by creating personalized art to hang up in your bedroom.
  3. Abstract Paintings: Add some color and pattern with this simple abstract painting idea. It’s inexpensive and easy to make.

Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Aside from displaying objects on the walls, transform the walls into decorations themselves.

  1. Personalized DIY wall art: An easy way to decorate bare walls without spending a ton of money is this personalized wall art bearing the names of the family members.
  2. Sculpture: These accents really pop and add dimension to your bedroom because they are themselves works of art.
  3. Geometric Wall Art: If you’ve got some spare frame shapes lying around, try creating this easy geometric wall art idea!

Bedroom wall inspiration

Photo Display As Room Wall Designs

Turn your memories into artful room wall design with these ideas.

  1. DIY Photo Display Corner: Make your own photo-displaying corner for your bedroom using little picture frames, flower pots, books, vases, or whatever else you have around the house!
  2. Lace Photo Frames: This idea isn’t just useful – it’s fantastic eye candy as well! To make this, just get glue and cover the back of the picture frames with lace or fabric.
  3. Magnetic Wall Photo Frames: Get a magnetic board and just attach picture frames using magnets, which will let you easily change out your pictures.
  4. Metal Grid Photo Displays: You can paint these metal grids or leave them plain so they look like metal – either way they’ll look awesome photo displays against neutral-colored walls!
  5. Yarn Photo Display: This adorable yarn picture display is not only creative but inexpensive too! All you need is yarn and some wooden clips.

Bedroom ceiling wall decor

Ceiling Ideas for Above Bed Decors

May usually forget to accentuate the ceiling of bedrooms. But it can give your bedroom a unique character that wall art or furniture can do.

  1. Ceiling Paint: Try using either contrasting colors for an extra-bold effect or matching the decor color scheme of your room for a more subtle style.
  2. Artistic Fan: Classic tray ceiling design looks the best with an artistic fan to accentuate the beauty of your bedroom.
  3. Pendant Lights and Chandeliers: From providing a sleek and stylish modern alternative to offering the classic look, pendant lamps and chandeliers make your bedroom luxurious.
  4. Wallpaper Ceiling: Although it is a little challenging to hang wallpaper on the ceiling, the results are gorgeous!
  5. Skylight Ceiling: The addition of a skylight to your bedroom creates a beautiful contrast between the various areas of the room as light falls from above.

Random Objects for Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Who would have thought that these random objects can be stunning bedroom wall decors?

  1. Ladder Decor: Just grab a ladder from somewhere, then add baskets or plants or other decorations on each step.
  2. Mirror: This idea might be the easiest of all – get a mirror and mount it on your wall however is most convenient for you. It’ll give off a fresh look as well.
  3. Memorabilia Board: All you need is a corkboard and some push pins or thumbtacks – then just start sticking up things like ticket stubs from movies you’ve been to see!
  4. Branches: Just find some cheap branches from outside or buy them at a craft store, then frame them on your wall. Easy and beautiful!
  5. String Lights: Hang them from the top of your wall to the bottom for a dramatic, fairytale effect. It’s also great for using as regular lighting if you don’t want it to stand out too much.

Bedroom wall decor doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time – with these ideas, you can make your bedroom look as beautiful as you want without much effort at all.

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