Inside : 41 Best Dorm Room Ideas for a Pretty, Practical, and Productive space! 

Going away to school might be your first taste of living away from home. How exciting! I’m sure that you just can’t wait to decorate your own space. You probably have a ton of ideas, but you don’t know how to work with the small space you were given. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled the best dorm room ideas to help you put together the perfect room that works for you.

There are so many fun color schemes and furniture combinations to play with, and making the best of a tiny room is an exciting challenge!

The best dorm room ideas reflect your personal style, so take a look at these ideas and put together a dorm room that will be the envy of the campus.

Check out the 41 best dorm room ideas for your college bedroom!

Dorm decor ideas for teens

Best Dorm Decorations that are Absolute Must-Haves

Here are some of the best dorm decorations to brighten up your space!

  1. Dry Erase Boards:  This magnetic dry erase board has a sophisticated marble finish, and will help you keep track of your classes and tasks.
  2. Fake Greenery:  Add greenery with artificial plants. These fake vines will give your room a natural vibe!
  3. Dreamy Devices:  Combine your must-haves with this clock and bluetooth speaker combo.
  4. Lamps With USBs:  Never scramble for your charger again with this handy touch control lamp with two USB ports.
  5. Soft Throws:  Throw blankets add pops of color and also keep you and your friends cozy. This sherpa throw will brighten up your space for sure!

Best Dorm Room Decorations Ideas For A Small Space

If you’re working with a small space, these are the best dorm room ideas for taking advantage of your limited square footage.

  1. Neutral Colors:  We want to bring you the best dorm room ideas that will help you make the best use of your small space. Beige, white, and other neutral colors are your best friend to make your room look larger. A white comforter and minimalistic wall hangings are a great start!
  2. String Or LED Lighting:  Adding light on the walls with string lights or LED lights will help add cozy lighting.
  3. Ladder And Clothing Rack Combo:  This combination ladder and clothing hook piece is so functional and very stylish.
  4. Floor Lamp With Shelves:  This floor lamp provides extra shelf space as well as a warm light.
  5. Bedside Caddies:  Keep important items nearby with a bedside caddy!
  6. Storage Ottoman:  Add some extra seating and storage at the same time with a storage ottoman, like this one on Amazon.
  7. Nightstand With Storage:  Choose a nightstand that adds some storage to make the best use of your space, like this end table.
  8. Floor Pillows:  Give guests a place to relax with pillow seats that are cute, comfortable, and easy to store.
  9. Desktop Organizers:  Sleek and natural desktop storage solutions will help you stay organized.
  10. Wall Hanging Storage:  Simple and clean wall hanging storage bags can be used to store small items.

Boho Dorm Room Decor

Best dorm room ideas

Here are some of the best dorm room ideas with a bohemian theme.

  1. Tassel Pillows:  It turns out the best room room ideas are also comfy. These boho tassel pillows are a great example!
  2. Dreamcatcher:  Adorn your wall or headband with a chic dreamcatcher, like this woven moon dreamcatcher.
  3. Wicker Chair:  This stylish wicker egg chair will make the perfect reading seat in your boho themed room.
  4. Beaded Chandelier:  Make this beaded boho chandelier your room’s centerpiece.
  5. Moon Phase Wall Hanging:  The reviews for this moon phase wall hanging say it catches light beautifully and enhances any space!
  6. Wicker Baskets:  Wicker baskets are another great bohemian touch. Try out these wall baskets!
  7. Rustic Boho Shelves:  These awesome woven wall shelves add a little more storage space.
  8. Boho Runner Rug:  Make your space more inviting with this hand woven, tasseled rug.
  9. Woven Storage Baskets:  Use these storage baskets to keep supplies or to use as your shower basket.

Soft and Stylish Dorm Room Ideas

These are the best dorm room ideas that are also trendy and easy to pull together.

  1. Black And White:  For the minimalist, the best dorm room ideas are simple and classy. Stick to a black and white color scheme that’s easy to match. Don’t waste space with a bunch of decorations.
  2. Add A Headboard: Add your own headboard to your drab dorm bed! This upholstered headboard is adorable and comfortable.
  3. Bean Bag Chairs:  You can’t go wrong with a couple of comfy bean bag chairs.
  4. Pink and Grey:  For a gentle, feminine look, focus on pink and grey hues when decorating your room. A grey comforter, pink throw, and fluffy pillows will create an absolutely adorable finish!
  5. Area Rug:  A fluffy area rug will be super cute in your dorm room!

Our Favorite Dorm Wall Decor

Find your own style with our best dorm room ideas for decorating your walls.

  1. Floating Shelves:  Store your books and electronics on floating shelves that make use of your vertical space.
  2. Pennants:  Pennants are very cute and minimalistic. You can find them in almost any color!
  3. Fairy Light Picture Holder:  Highlight memories and good times with this bright light picture holder.
  4. Neon Signs:  A battery-powered neon wall light will take up minimal space but make maximum impact.
  5. Quirky Artwork:  Decorate your walls with quirky and abstract art pieces for a unique look.
  6. Stylish Mirrors:  Mirrors with flair, like this wall phase mirror hanging, are pretty and practical.
  7. Tasteful Tapestries:  A tapestry will make your dorm warm and inviting, such as this gorgeous mountain range tapestry.

Best Dorm Decorations For Loft Beds

Dorm decor ideas for loft beds

The ultimate space-saver, these are some of the best dorm room ideas for rooms with loft beds.

  1. Couches:  Putting a couch under your loft will give extra seating for friends.
  2. Desks:  A no-brainer, tucking your desk under your loft gives you plenty of study space.
  3. Vanities:  Best for beauty gurus who can’t live without a vanity, a vanity can be placed under your loft as well.
  4. Storage Galore:  A raised bed is the perfect solution to your storage woes. Keep storage bins, luggage, or other items you wish to keep out of sight behind a curtain, or just stack some cute storage cubes.
  5. Hammock:  Hang a hammock beneath your loft for the ultimate lounge space!

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