Inside: 37+ Gratifying Welcome Home Decorations and Ideas

Whether people are returning home from a short trip or have been away for months, welcome home decorations and parties can be a fun and meaningful way to make loved ones and family members feel that you missed them and their company!

Warm hugs will always do the trick, but go the extra mile to show your happiness and excitement that your loved ones are finally home.

Decorations, entertainment, food and drinks, gifts, and games are all needed to make your welcome home gesture extra special!

Welcome home surprise signs and banners

Welcome Back Decorations

These home decors require less effort and can still give that warm home feeling.

  1. Welcome Home Banner: Hang a welcome streamer or banner around the entrance of your home or somewhere that can be easily seen once the door is opened.
  2. Welcome Mats: Another simple idea is using welcome mats outside the front door. Add their nicknames or family names on the mat.
  3. Welcome Postcards: We highly recommend this because it can be personalized according to your creativity or facts you know about the person coming home.
  4. Welcome Baskets: Filling a basket with small gifts is a way to welcome people home. It is easy to prepare and exciting to receive. Plus, they look really nice too.
  5. Welcome Home Wreath: A creative way to welcome someone home. It is also perfect since the Christmas season is here!
  6. Welcome Photo Walls: Decorating walls in halls, bedrooms and other areas with photos is one of the best ways to say, “Hey, you’ve been missed!”

Welcome Home Surprise Ideas

Welcome home ideas

If you have extra time to prepare, put that into work by trying out these ideas.

  1. Themed Bedroom Welcome: One fun way to welcome someone is to decorate their rooms with a theme they are crazy about. Anime or movie-themed rooms are the most common examples.
  2. Welcome Video: This idea might be time-consuming, but it is worth every effort to welcome somebody home. The video may include things or events the person missed while they were away from home.
  3. Welcome Music: Music- the universal language! Choose songs from the playlist we linked or you can also prepare a playlist that hits home.

Welcome Home Food and Drinks

Welcome home party food & drink

Decors are not the only way to welcome someone. Here are some food and drink concepts you can try.

  1. Welcome Dinner Feast: Prepare a special homemade dinner for them. Cook a local delicacy or a family recipe that isn’t available elsewhere. You can also bake or order a welcome home cake.
  2. Welcome Refreshments: The trip home is surely exhausting, especially with the excitement! Ready those drinks for once they open the door. A few refreshments are a great way to unwind, especially after a long trip.
  3. Welcome Drink Recipes: We know you have that inner barista in you. Try these recipes out and make it personal by adding your own flavor to them.

Welcome Home Gifts for Kids

Capture those adorable reactions when kids walk through the door. Here are some welcome home ideas especially made for the young ones.

  1. Welcome Baby Baskets: Baskets filled with various items are perfect gifts for infants and babies returning home. Add variety by putting food, toys, and essentials. Make a handwritten card to put in a baby book that they can read when they are older.
  2. Welcome Toy Collections: Kids love toys, so buy them a collection of toys once they reach home. This can give them a special memory of home that will be remembered when they grow up.

Welcome Home Gifts for Pets

Even pets deserve a gift when coming back home. Here are gift ideas that your furbabies will surely love.

  1. Welcome Treats: Special treats will definitely make your pets jump and down on their feet. You can also add a new toy for them to play with.
  2. Welcome Pet Scents: Try these pet-friendly scented products that pets will love once they get to their homes.

Welcome Home Games

Bond with people we miss through home games.

  1. Welcome Travel Board Games: Playing board games is a perfect way to bond with a person having jet lag. It is easy and does not require too much effort.
  2. Welcome Quiet Games: A little peace and quiet are what a person needs whenever they get home. Jigsaw puzzles, card games, and more so are fun and chill games.
  3. Welcome Games in the Car: You can’t contain your excitement to fetch somebody who is finally going home. Play these games while on the road and get to have fun spending it with them.
  4. Welcome Family Trivia Games: This is a fun and heartwarming game to finally converse with the person returning without pressuring them to speak up. This is also an opportunity to update what everyone has been doing while they were away.

Other Welcome Home Gift Ideas

Gifts for welcoming family home

These welcome home gift ideas are ideal for adding to gift baskets or simply placing in a gift back. Gifts that provide comfort such as pajamas, candles, and mugs are always appreciated! Or you can go with something a little more heartfelt like scrapbooks, memory boxes, or handmade gifts.

  1. Welcome Home Mugs
  2. Welcome Home Pillowcases
  3. Welcome Home Candles 
  4. Welcome Home Cards
  5. Welcome Home T-Shirts
  6. Welcome Home Memory Boxes
  7. Welcome Home Scrapbooks
  8. Welcome Home Snacks
  9. Welcome Home Pajama Pants
  10. Welcome Home Posters
  11. Welcome Home Memory Jars
  12. Welcome Home Snow Globes
  13. Welcome Home Wood Grain Humidifiers
  14. Welcome Home Handmade Gifts
  15. Welcome Home Towels

Welcome Back Punchlines

Wondering what to say at dinner time? Here are some witty and funny lines to welcome back your family member, friend, or loved one!

  1. “Welcome back to reality!”
  2. “Welcome back! So how was it? What did you do?”
  3. “Welcome back! Now we can start planning your next trip.”
  4. “Welcome back! You missed me, didn’t you?”
  5. “Welcome back to the home-team!”

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