Inside : 35 Stunning Entryway Wallpaper Ideas For Every Home Style. 

When guests first enter your home your entryway is the first thing they lay eyes on. It’s no doubt that having a foyer wallpaper that actively exhibits your own individual style, as well as the overall tone of your home, would be a priority.

Having friends over for a game night, or hosting a family gathering, I wanted everyone to be greeted in a manner that was welcoming, stylish, and reflected my personal taste. Deciding to decorate my entryway was quite a challenge. Did I want to go for a look that was modern? Rustic? Bohemian? No matter what vibe you’re going for, there are plenty of entryway wallpaper ideas to cater to it!

Entry wallpaper ideas

Neutral Hue Wallpaper Ideas For Your Entryway

These entryway wallpaper ideas all have a neutral color base to keep things simple and make your home come off as calm, cool, and collected.

  1. Watercolor: Calm and placid, while still creating a statement, watercolor wallpaper gives the entryway a soft feel.
  2. Light-Colored Grasscloth: Elegant, classic, and is textured to the touch, grasscloth can compliment many different styles.
  3. Ogee:  Add some dimension with a neutral ogee wallpaper.
  4. Monochrome Stripes: A neat and straightforward (pun intended) design that brings an element of luxury.
  5. Diamond Lattice: Dainty and classic with a pop from the floral center, this wallpaper will add elegance to any entryway.
  6. Scribble: This style creates a whimsical, soothing feeling to make all your guests feel right at home.
  7. Pick-Up Sticks: This design creates an allover stripe effect that still remains looking clean and uncomplicated.

industrial entrance with wallpaper

Industrial Foyer Wallpaper Ideas

Foyer wallpaper ideas that are rustic, mature, and embrace unique textures.

  1. Faux Brick: A staple in industrial style is exposed brick. It gives your entryway a chic and antique feel.
  2. Cork: A refined print that is simultaneously textured and polished, Cork makes a great entryway wall idea.
  3. Rough Sawn Wood: Add depth with this rugged and aged look of salvaged wood.
  4. Concrete: Industrial design is all about showing off raw and unfinished features, so this concrete wallpaper fits right into this style.
  5. Factory Loft Window: This wallpaper will take you back to the industrial age, while including a pop of orange color with its rust-like details.
  6. Dark Wood: Encapsulate an industrial feel while remaining traditional.

Floral entrance wallpaper

Bohemian Style Entryway Wall Ideas

Bohemian designs include traits such as lack of structure, carefree, fun styles that will have your guests saying “WOW!” when they get their first glance into your home.

  1. Banana Leaf: This is the quintessential Bohemian design that is bound to catch everyone’s eye.
  2. Kaleidoscope: This design is a colorful, ornate, vintage style of wallpaper that creates an upbeat vibe right when you open the door.
  3. Jungle Theme: Organized chaos full of detail and bursting with color, this theme is a wonderful way to welcome guests.
  4. Animal Print: Show off your wild side with some amusing animal print.
  5. Colorful Botanical: Ground yourself in nature with lush, vivid gardens.
  6. Mudcloth: Geometrical shapes that emulate the tribal patterns of West African cultures. The perfect addition to a bohemian interior.
  7. Whimsical Lines: Create a free-spirited, retro vibe with hand drawn designs that give off a west-coast, bohemian vibe.

Front entry wallpaper ideas

Farmhouse Inspired Wallpaper Ideas For Your Foyer

The precedence of Farmhouse design style is practicality, simplicity, and charm. A style that is bound to make whoever walks into your entryway feel right at home.

  1. Wildflowers: Delicate blooms of wildflowers with an overall neutral color palette exemplifies serenity and simple beauty.
  2. Soft Lines: Clean, structured, gentle lines can create elaborate patterns that remain uncomplicated.
  3. Herringbone: This technique creates a broken zigzag-like pattern that is equal parts elegant and rustic.
  4. Folklore: With a theme of animal and floral patterns, this design is cute and practical while telling a story.
  5. Pasture Toile: Working with the purity of clean lines to paint a picture, this wallpaper idea for your entryway will make anyone feel like they are coming home.
  6. Wood Panels: Get the look and feel of the inside of a barn without the smell. These distressed wood panels are the ultimate Farmhouse style pattern.

Farmhouse wallpaper designs

Wallpaper Ideas For The Entryway of Your Beach House

Does your summer home need some sprucing up? Here are some entryway wall ideas for your coastal dwellings.

  1. Ocean Waves: This one is a given. Is your house even on the ocean if everyone isn’t seeing ocean inspired interior as soon as they enter?
  2. Palm Leaves: Embody your love for a calming coastal setting with a chic palm leaves pattern.
  3. Fish: Take this Key West-esque design and add it to your beach house entryway for maximum beachy vibes. Bonus points if they’re watercolor!
  4. Linen Stripe: Nothing says summer like a breezy linen outfit, so why not translate that feeling of comfort to your foyer walls?
  5. Nautical: Adorn your foyer with a nautical wallpaper design! This can be anything from maps, yachts, anchors or even classic navy and white stripes.

Brushstroke wallpaper decor

Kidcore Aesthetic Entryway Wall Ideas

Bright colors and fun patterns that will bring out your inner child! Walking into a foyer with this style of wallpaper is sure to put a child-like smile on everyone’s face.

  1. Candy Stripes: Give yourself a sugar rush every time you come home with this super colorful candy stripe pattern!
  2. Brush Strokes: All of the different colors along with the disorganized placement of the strokes will have your foyer looking like you put a different color on all ten of your fingers and went to town on your walls!
  3. Mismatched Colors: Remember how you used to wear mismatched socks as a kid? Bring back that same excitement as soon as you walk in your door!
  4. Dessert Inspired: This can be donuts, ice cream, or anything your heart desires! As a grown up, there’s no one around to tell us we can’t have dessert before dinner.

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