Inside : 31 Brilliant Cloffice Ideas to Maximize Space and Boost Productivity. 

Whether you’re transitioning into working from home or just want a functional space for your own side hustle and projects, it can be hard to create a home office- especially if you’re lacking space. That’s when a cloffice comes into play! A closet + office combo, this small space can be made into a really productive place in your home.

These cloffice ideas will help you maximize space, minimize waste, and boost productivity. A

nd because we know that closets can be dark and uncomfortable places to spend time, we’ve also compiled some cloffice ideas that will make your new office space cute, cozy, and comfortable as well as functional! What more could you ask for?

Check out these 31 brilliant cloffice ideas that’ll make you excited to get to work!

Small Cloffice Ideas

Low Cost Desk in Closet Ideas

Take a look at some awesome cloffice ideas that won’t break the bank.

  1. Paint an Accent Wall:  To brighten up your space with a splash of color, paint one of your cloffice walls an accent color! Some popular colors to boost productivity are grey, blue, or yellow.
  2.  Sticker Wallpaper:  If you want a little more flair, you can also use wallpaper to create an accent wall. This white wood wallpaper, for example, will give your space a rustic feel for low cost and low effort.
  3. Wall Organizers:  Organization is incredibly important, and is important to keep in mind when searching for cloffice ideas. Utilize wall space for additional organization and storage!
  4. Switch Out Your Ceiling Light:  Switch out the lights in your closet with a ceiling lamp or other classy light fixture like this ceiling light on Amazon to enhance your cloffice.
  5. DIY Floating Desk:  Feel like taking on a challenge with some DIY cloffice ideas? Make the absolute best of your space by creating a DIY floating desk that’ll take up the least space possible.
  6. Choosing A Desk:  Choose a desk that will either, a.) take up the least amount of space possible, or b.) comes with storage that you can use to maximize space. Sometimes even a small table will do the trick!

How to Turn Your Closet into an Office that Works

How to turn your closet into an office

Here are some cloffice ideas that will guarantee a functioning workspace.

  1. High Shelves:  Install shelving in your office to make use of that high-up space you wouldn’t otherwise use. These floating shelves are a good option.
  2. Mount Your Monitor:  Rather than take up desktop space with your computer monitor, mount it to your wall instead. That frees up a ton of space for your mouse, keyboard, paperwork, and whatever else you need to use throughout your day.
  3. Corkboards:  Corkboards are great for keeping track of to-do lists, receipts, notes, or other important papers.
  4. Wireless Devices:  Minimize wire clutter and tangles by using wireless devices. Your mouse, keyboard, speaker, printer, or other daily use items all have wireless, bluetooth options.
  5. Cable Organizers:  For items that require wires, use these cable clips that stick right to your desk to keep your cords in place.
  6. Charger Access on Desk:  Drill a hole in your desk for laptop charger access. Your charger cord won’t be draped across your desk, taking up space and interfering with your work.
  7. Foldable Desk:  To save space, this foldable desk on Amazon might be your best bet! It is light, inexpensive, and easy to install and store.
  8. Doors For Additional Storage:  If your closet has doors, consider installing shelving on the inside or outside for even more storage, or snag some over the door organizers.
  9. Pegboards:  Pegboards are more versatile cloffice ideas than cork boards, and can be used to store office supplies or install small shelves.

Cloffice Designs That’ll Boost Productivity

Create a posh and productive work space with these cloffice ideas.

  1. Rolling Carts:  If you don’t have the space in your cloffice, use a rolling cart to organize supplies and files to store away until you need them.
  2. Mount Outlets:  Mount your power strips and power bricks underneath your desktop or to the wall to make it easy to charge your devices and plug in.
  3.  Magnetic Wall:  Consider using magnetic paint to allow your wall to become an extra space for organization!
  4. Add Cabinets:  If you have the space, consider using cabinets instead of shelving. This will also help you to cover the clutter inside and keep you from being distracted. It also looks much nicer!
  5. Side Wall Shelving:  Many of these cloffice ideas center around maximizing your vertical space. Consider using the side walls of your closet to install more shelves for increased storage.
  6. Keep Things Comfy and Cool:  Get yourself a nice throw blanket, space heater for when it’s chilly, or small USB fan to optimize work conditions.

Cute Closet Office Ideas

Cute closet office designs

These cute and cozy cloffice ideas can’t be beat!

  1. LED Lights:  These stick-on LED lights can be set to any color and stuck under your desk or shelves, along your doorframe, you name it!
  2.  Pops of Color:  We’ve discussed having an accent wall with paint or wallpaper, but you can also add pops of color to your ceiling, shelving, or desktop to add personality to your cloffice!
  3. Rugs:  A fluffy rug under your toes will keep your space cute and comfy!
  4. Office Chairs:  You need to invest in a comfortable office chair to allow for working longer hours.
  5. Cute Storage Cubes:  Storage cubes like these on Amazon can be used to store office supplies or folders and files.

More Creative Closet Office Design Ideas

Here are some creative cloffice ideas to help you make use of all the space that you have!

  1. Barn Door Partitions:  Using a sliding door for your cloffice will allow you to separate work from rest with ease.
  2. Curtains:  For a less expensive option, use curtains to cover your cloffice. It’s important to shut your mind off from work, and this will separate your work space.
  3. Chalkboard or Whiteboard Wall:  If your job requires mind mapping and brainstorming, use paint to make one of your walls a whiteboard or chalkboard to organize your thoughts on a daily basis.
  4. Desk Chair Cushion:  Invest in comfortable cushions to keep yourself comfortable during work.
  5. Desk Lamp:  This desk lamp has multiple lighting modes, brightness levels, and USB ports to provide light while also being super functional!

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