Adult bedrooms decorated with pink can be gorgeous, as long as it’s done tastefully – and by tastefully I mean, according to your taste! With so many fun and subtle options for grown up pink bedroom decor, finding your own taste and twist on this trend is easy.

Pink is one of my all-time favorite colors – it makes me think of happiness, love, romance, femininity, and fun.

Aren’t those all things we want more of in the bedroom?

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There are lots of ways to incorporate pink in the bedroom, no matter what your style is.

Dusty rose, millennial pink, fuchsia, cherry blossom… there are so many beautiful shades of pink to choose from!

From bedding and bookshelves to paintings and plant pots, here are some of the best pink decorating ideas for adults I found for you.

If you’re looking for decor inspiration for a slightly younger bedroom, try these best dorm room ideas.

How to Decorate a Master Bedroom With Pink

The main attraction of any master bedroom is, of course, the bed.

So, let’s start designing your adult pink bedroom with ideas for the bedding.

Bedspreads, throw pillows, and cozy throws… these are a few of my favorite cozy things, all in delicious shades of pink!

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1. Light-up headboard

Your pink bedroom doesn’t have to have pink furniture, but how amazing is this light pink LED bed frame?! Plus, it’s shockingly affordable! Brb, adding this to my cart right now…

2. Tufted velvet button headboard

Soft velvet always makes me feel luxurious, and this head board’s blush shade is so romantic. It’s definitely a more grown-up pink bedroom decor idea.

3. Embroidery duvet cover

This shabby chic boho duvet cover looks so comfy and inviting. This particular pink is very versatile, so you could mix and match lighter or darker shades of pink around it in your decor.

4. Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases add some texture to an all-pink bedroom – plus, they’re great for your hair and skin.

5. Chunky knit throw blanket

I’m OBSESSED with throw blankets (I just like being cozy no matter where I am, okay?), and this chunky knit pink and grey one has me drooling.

Pro Tip: Grey compliments pink, and adding some grey to your pink bedroom makes it feel more relaxing and mature.

6. Green throw pillows

Just because pink is your theme color doesn’t mean it has to be the only color in your room, unless you’re going for a monochrome look. Besides grey, green is another color that pairs well with pink.

7. Dark blue bedding

Dark blue is another color that goes surprisingly well with pink, and I think this dark blue and pink watercolor bedding set is absolutely stunning. It would go great with light pink walls and a white shag rug.

How to Style a Pink Bedroom for Adults

Once you’ve got your bed figured out, you can start to build the rest of your pink bedroom around it. Here are some of the best pink bedroom essentials I found, including furniture, rugs, and lamps.

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8. Blush pink bookshelf

A blush pink and gold bookshelf adds just the right touch of feminine elegance to a pink adult bedroom, while providing some much-needed storage space.

9. Pink storage ottoman

I’m a big fan of storage ottomans – they’re so chic and practical. Place this one at the foot of your bed and use it to store extra sheets and blankets, or place a pretty tray on it and use it as a side table.

10. Pink bird sideboard

I NEED one of these pink sideboard tables IMMEDIATELY. How beautiful are those birds? I can picture this as the perfect pink bedroom TV stand or even a bedside table.

11. Dark pink rug

The vibrant colors on this pink rug are so JUICY, I can’t take my eyes off of it! I love how it pairs with wood flooring in the photo, so this would be a great idea if your master bedroom has hardwood floors.

12. Pink shag rug

Nothing feels better on your feet when you first get out of bed than a (faux) sheepskin fur rug. Plus, this lighter shade is just the right subtle pop of color for grown-up pink bedroom decor.

13. Ivory and pink boho rug

This ivory and pink boho rug would help tie together lots of different accent colors in your pink room, like gold or dark blue.

14. Rose quartz lamp

Would any list of pink decoration ideas be complete without some rose quartz items? I love this rose quartz lamp and how it casts a soothing, rosy glow across the room.

15. Minimalist pink lamp set

If rose quartz isn’t your jam, this set of two matching minimalist pink lamps might be perfect for your nightstands or desk.

Adult Rooms With Pink Decor

Once you know what your furnishings look like, you can decide how to paint and decorate your walls!

You could, of course, paint your bedroom pink. But you could also use other colors, depending on what sort of vibe you’re going for.

And make sure to hang some art to show off your style and tie everything together!

Here’s what I do for walls in an adult pink bedroom. By the way, for more ways to decorate your bedroom walls, check out this post with clever bedroom wall decor ideas.

4 photos of pink bedroom decor ideas.

16. Disco Barbie art

Just because you like pink doesn’t mean you automatically like Barbie – but, come on, who doesn’t like Barbie? This Disco Barbie art print is so chic and would look adorable in the bedroom.

17. Disco ball art

Speaking of disco… there’s just something about metallics and mirrors that pairs so well with pink! I can picture this pretty disco ball art print hanging behind the bed.

18. Complementary paint colors

Paint your walls white or light pink, or choose a complementary color like grey, green, or dark blue. Tie your wall colors in with your pink theme using decorative items like pillows, art, and trinkets.

19. Patterned stick-and-peel wallpaper

All of your walls don’t have to be pink, or even another theme color. Patterned peel-and-stick wallpaper is an easy way to add a pop of color and texture to your bedroom.

Pro Tip: Use peel-and-stick wallpaper for an accent wall, a headboard, or even just to line the inside of your closet.

20. Pink wallpaper

If you don’t want a pattern but are still looking to create a pink accent wall, here’s some affordable plain pink stick-and-peel wallpaper that comes in lots of different shades.

21. Pink flannel mirror

This full-length, free-standing mirror is double-lined with plush-looking flannel for a luxurious vibe. It’s a perfect piece for grown-up pink bedroom decor.

Pink Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

My favorite part of any room design is the final touches!

There’s something so satisfying about adding the last few decorative pieces – it’s like picking our accessories for an outfit. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pink bedroom decor ideas for you.

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22. Pink book stack

Keep a collection of your favorite books with pink covers by your bed on a shelf. You can even buy book stacks by color!

Pro Decor Tip: If you’re a book lover and want to know more ways to decorate with books, look at this post with about cute book page wreaths.

23. Pink balloon dog statue

These balloon dog statues are super popular (you can find matte as well as metallic ones), but you could decorate your bedroom with any pink statue you like.

24. Tabletop clawfoot tub

This tiny pink clawfoot bathtub is so precious! I’d use it as a jewelry dish on my bedside table or vanity to hold my ring and hair clips.

25. Pink disco planter pot

A disco ball reflects the surrounding colors, so putting this shiny planter pot next to your other pink items will amplify your bedroom’s pinkness!

26. Pink globe

Maybe I would’ve paid more attention in geography class if the globes and maps had looked like this – LOL! I’d love to have this beautiful pink globe in my bedroom.

27. Ostrich feathers

Using pink feathers is a great way to fill a decorative vase when you don’t have fresh flowers.

28. Ornate photo frames

Any photo or art print would look 100x better in this adorable pink resin frame. I’ve had this exact one for years and I love it!

29. Rose quartz candle

This pink candle with real rose quartz is almost too pretty to burn! It would look gorgeous in any adult pink bedroom.

I feel happier and more feminine just LOOKING at all these pink bedroom ideas! It definitely inspired me to add some more pink decor to my life. It’s hard to choose, but I think the LED headboard and the disco plant pot are probably my favorite picks from this list. Oh, and the chunky knit blanket!

What do you think, are you ready to go pink after seeing all these ideas?

Let me know in the comments which pink decor pieces you like best, or what other theme color you love for an adult bedroom.

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