Magnolia trees may be my favorite trees. The big blooms and glossy leaves have a sense of class that can make for great wreaths year-round. Magnolia leaves stay good for so long and look amazing when dried!

Perfect for wreaths… Here are some of my favorite magnolia wreath ideas that I love for making, styling, and saving.

A green door with a magnolia wreath idea and inspiration

As a girl with southern roots, my love for magnolia trees runs deep.

Now that I am grown and on my own, magnolia wreaths and magnolias in general are a must in my home decor. I love their glossy shine and deep green leaves.

Whether you are an experienced wreath maker or someone who prefers to leave the work to the professional artists who do it so well, I have included inspiration for you.

Elevate your home decor indoors and outside with these simple and stunning ideas

How to Make a Magnolia Wreath

You can always buy a plain magnolia wreath (either fresh or faux) and add your own inserts to style it however you would like. Instead if you have as much fun crafting as I do, here’s a guide for making your own magnolia wreath base.

1. Gather Magnolia Leaves

If you have access to a magnolia tree either in your yard or a loved one’s yard, gather magnolia leaves that have fallen. You can also purchase these from a florist or online.

2. Make em’ Shine

This step is optional, but if you really want to make the leaves shine, try adding a small amount of mayonnaise to a paper towel and polish the leaves with it. 

3. Choose a Base

You can use a grapevine ring or a green florist foam ring. The perks of a grapevine base is that you can fasten the leaves more securely. If you use a foam ring, you can soak it in water to keep your leaves greener longer.To keep it moist, just spritz the foam with water every couple of days.

4. Choose a Leaf Side

Magnolia Leaves have two very different sides. The top side is the gorgeous glossy green we all know and love while the back side is a cinnamon stick brown color. You can use all of one side or the other or a mix of both to create your desired look. Here is one of my favorite examples of how a mix of leaves can look just so classy! 

5. Make Clusters

Use crafting wire and some wire cutters to make clusters of 4-6 leaves. This is much faster than trying to attach the leaves individually. If you are more of a hot glue crafter, check out this tutorial.

6. Attach Your Clusters

If using a grapevine base, attach your clusters with more crafting wire. If using a foam base, simply poke your clusters into the wet foam!

7. Add Some Flare!

Use the inspiration below to complete the look of your wreath. Whether you aim to use the wreath for Christmas or year round, we have ideas for you.

Ideas for decorating your home with magnolias including a magnolia leaf garland above a fireplace, a magnolia wreath on a black front door with magnolia leaf urn planters on either side, a dried brown magnolia leaf wreath with pumpkins, pears and pinecones, and a wreath with pomegranates, oranges, and red ribbon.

Year Round

Magnolia Wreaths are often seen in the fall and winter, but there are also some amazing way to create magnolia wreaths that stand the test of any season! Check these year round wreath ideas out.

8. This Blueberry Smash 

I am loving the sweetness of this wreath. Between the blooms to the berries to the bow, it is a vision.

9. A Magnolia Arch

If you want to branch away from a wreath for the front of your house, try this stunning magnolia arch around your front door. Instead of using a grapevine wreath form, simply switch it out for a grapevine garland form. 

10. Citrus and Gingham

This wreath makes me want to read a book in the park with some oldies on. Such a great way to bring some color to your home in the warmer months!

11. A Half Ring 

A great way to switch it up is placing the leafy part of your design just to one side. The bottom portion also makes a great choice. Plus, it can cut your crafting time in half

12. Simplicity at its Finest

If you like to keep your decor on the simpler side, you’ll love this dried magnolia leaf wreath. 

13. Ribbons, Ribbons, and More Ribbons

This wreath provides a super easy way to switch things out for different holidays. Choose seven or eight ribbons of varying patterns and colors that match the holiday or color scheme you want, trim them to similar lengths, tie them in the middle with a rubber band, and attach them with crafting wire.

14. Dreaming of Copper

If you love rich browns as much as I do, you’ll be so inspired to flip those leaves over as seen in this wreath

15. Use Your Wreath as a Canvas

Why limit yourself to just earth tones? Magnolia leaves are so sturdy, so dry them and spray paint them your favorite color.

16. Double the Fun

True magnolia lovers won’t be able to stop at just one! I am loving this symmetric look. It has me wishing I had a double garage or french doors to put this inspo into play. 

17. A Tasteful Magnolia Trio

Speaking of symmetry, how stunning is this combination of a magnolia wreath with magnolia urn planters?! This is an easy way to add class to your outdoor space. 

18. Magnolia Leaves and Eucalyptus

I am a huge eucalyptus lover, so this wreath is right up my alley. Simple, clean, and fragrant!

Three photos of Magnolia wreaths for inspiration. One is made of felt with felt Christmas lights. One has blueberries, magnolia flowers, and a brown bow. The last has a set of 8 mixed ribbons all of which are earth tones.

Seasonal and Holidays

There is a reason we often see magnolia wreaths in the winter. Magnolia trees are evergreens so they last quite awhile just like traditional pine and spruce decor. In addition, the deep green on one side and copper backside of the leave provides so much flexibility for creating classic autumnal and holiday color combos.

That being said, they can also be great for other holidays and seasons. Keep reading to see what I mean.

19. Valentine’s Day – 

You are going to swoon over this heart-shaped magnolia wreath that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The easiest way to achieve this is with wire wrapped around a strand of grapevine garland. From there you can shape it into your heart.

20. Thanksgiving and Fall –

I tend to keep my autumn wreath collection bigger than the rest of year’s, and if you are the same way, add this pumpkin and pear inspo into the rotation!

21. Dried Magnolia Leaves for November –

This wreath shows a great example of how beautiful magnolia leaves can stay even after they have lost their color. This started as a winter holiday wreath and then transformed into this beauty the next year, just in time for fall! It gives me visions of curling up on the couch with some apple cider on a chilly November afternoon. 

22. Winter Fruits –

Try incorporating some winter fruits into your wreaths for the colder months. This one uses pomegranates and clementines. If you are worried about weight, try fake pomegranates and dried orange slices!

23. Christmas Bells –

This wreath is that perfect mix of simplicity and flare. The bells and the sprig of holly add such a classic look

24. Felt Christmas Lights –

If you like a more playful feel in your christmas decor, this is a great idea! Cut out some felt magnolia leaves and add some felt christmas lights. I love this option from Pottery Barn.

25. Greenery Combos –

I had a few grinches in my family growing up who always protested putting up Christmas decorations too early. If you can relate but want to start transitioning slowly into Christmas without them putting up a fight, try this beautiful combination of magnolia leaves with other evergreens. If you find it too simple, you could add pinecones to this design to jazz it up. 

26. Easter –

If you can find a cross shaped wreath form, this is a stunning look. I love the freedom of being able to choose whatever ribbon you want for wreaths like this one. 

27. Spring Has Sprung –

I love this wreath for spring. It really celebrates the bloom of the magnolia tree rather than just the leaves. 


Other Ways to Bring Magnolia Leaves Indoors

28. Centerpiece for Dinner Party –

Bring some life to the table for your next dinner party with this table runner magnolia centerpiece

29. Garland for Fireplace –

This fireplace garland is absolutely gorgeous, and who says green garland can only be used in the winter? Break the mold and use it anytime of the year. If you do not own a fireplace, check out this faux mantle. 

30. Magnolia Branch in a Vase –

If you have a shelf or surface you want to add some greenery to, add a small vase with a magnolia stem. It is an easy way to elevate your bookcase or dresser. 

31. Candle Holder Wreath –

Flip your small magnolia wreath on its back and use it as a candle holder on your coffee table or in your dining room. 

32. Garland Down Your Staircase –

Another great way to bring the magnolia leaves indoors is with garland down your stairs. This example is great for the holidays, but feel free to use plain magnolia leaf garland anytime of the year. 

Image of green wreath made of magnolia leaves with a "Christmas" bow, a green bow with reindeer, two large golden bells, and a sprig of holly.

Save Time, and Support Artists With These Magnolia Wreaths Available for Purchase

While I love crafting, I do not always have the time needed to really get an outcome I love. When this happens, I love to support artists. If you feel the same, please check out these artists who pour their souls into their business. You won’t be disappointed!

33. Berries and Blooms – 

Similar to the Blueberry Smash idea above, here is a beautiful faux magnolia wreath that will last forever!

34. Rustic Blend Magnolia Swag-

This door swag is great for the rustic shopper who loves the idea of a wreath but wants something not too bulky. 

35. Blushing for Spring Magnolia Wreath –

How darling is this wreath? From the brown bow to the pink magnolia blooms, it is the perfect addition to your front door for the spring

36. Holiday Charmer Wreath Idea-

Check out this timeless holiday wreath design. What a great way to welcome your family home for the holidays. 

37. Fresh Magnolias Leaves for Fall –

Here is an option to buy if you want a living wreath on your front door or in your home for fall. 

38. A Magnolia Basket  –

If you prefer to branch out from the traditional wreath form, you will love this basket hanger

39. Simple Elegance – 

This simple wreath is great for any area of your home. I can see this being breathtaking in your kitchen or entryway. 

40. Magnolia Garland Starter –

Here is a great option if you want to add your own touch and just skip the assembly of the base of your garland. It comes in multiple lengths, perfect for your fireplace, archway, or staircase. 

41. Pretty, Pink, and Felt –

I know you are going to love this felt magnolia leaf garland. It will add an adorable touch to your Valentine’s decor, classroom, playroom, or kid’s birthday party.

42. Another Winter Fruit Magnolia Wreath –

If you liked the winter fruit wreath in the list above, here is an option that will save you the hassle of building it yourself. 

43. A Faux Magnolia Branch –

Build your own centerpiece or use this branch alone in a vase to keep a classic look without needing to replace it as it dries.


1. How do I make my own bows for my wreaths?

Great question! You can read our post here for learning how to make and style your own bows.

2. What is the best way to store wreaths?

I like to store mine on large wall hooks in a dark, dry closet, but if you do not have that kind of space available, try these wreath storage containers. 

Magnolia wreath inspiration for your home. an image of a wreath with dried magnolia leaves, dried spruce, and red berries. An image of a magnolia branch. An image or a magnolia flower and leaf table runner arrangement at a dinner party.


I hope you loved these ides as much as I did. No matter what your design style is, magnolia leaves are a super easy way to make your space both comforting and elegant.

One of the things I look forward to most about Christmas is having fresh pine in my home, but I think any of these magnolia wreath ideas will now make an appearance the rest of the year so I can have fresh greenery at all times.

If you also can’t get enough of all of this gorgeous greenery, learn how to make rosemary wreaths next!

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