Inside: Football wreath ideas to help support your team. 

Football is one of those sports that you can get deeply invested in. This is especially true when you have watched a team from the time that you were little. You get to see them grow, change…evolve.

You get to watch new players hone in their craft, all the while cheering them on from the sidelines. Whether you watch NFL or your local High School or Little League team, I think you know about the power this sport has.

Many people like to decorate their homes with things that remind them of their team during game times.

Today, I am going to show you one of my all-time favorite football decorations that you can include during this season: Football Wreaths.

Football Wreath Ideas & Easy DIY

I have compiled a list of some of the cutest football wreath ideas for you to look through, as well as a simple DIY you can do if you stick around until the end. Let’s go!

Simple Football Wreath Idea

First up, I wanted to show you some more simple styles for football wreath ideas. This way, you can use your imagination on how you might want to add some personality to it. And if you like them how they are, that’s even better! You can actually buy everything on this list. So if DIY isn’t your thing, go for it!

1. Mesh Ribbon Wreath with Football Ribbons

2. Fall is for Football Sign

3. Fall Wreath with Football Decor

4. Welcome-ish, Come Back At Half Time

5. Big Blue Deco Mesh Wreath Idea

6. His and Hers Wreath with 2 Different Teams

7. Faith Family and Football Decor

8. Ribbon with Football Patterns

9. It’s Football Season Sign on Wreath

10. Cute Curly Mesh Wreath Idea

11. It’s Not Fall without Football

Football Team Wreaths

Football Team Wreaths

Next up, I figured we should have a list that includes team-specific football wreaths. These are some of the most popular teams out there. I am obsessed with the way they decorate them. It gives me the inspiration to make my own. I am a Bengals fan, I know…but they are the underdogs, and I love them.

12. Wildcats Team Football Door Hang

13. Houston Texan’s Cute Themed Wreath

14. Longhorns with Vanity Plate

15. Bulldogs Vs. Vols House Wreath

16. Texas Longhorns Vs. Cowboys Cute Wreath

17. Chicago Bears Wreath

18. Washington Commanders Wreath Idea with Old Name

19. 4 Teams Costumisable Rivaling House Wreath

20. Steelers Fans Are Welcome

21. House Divided, Hearts United Wreath Idea

Cool Football Wreath Ideas

Lastly, we have some more football wreaths that I just had to show you. This is my list of honorable mentions, the ideas I couldn’t leave out. Yes, they are that cool. If you don’t believe me then you should take a look for yourself.

22. Cute Football Front Door Wreath Idea

23. Football Y’all Truck Wreath Idea

24. Red Floral Wreath with Grapevine Base

25. Football Bow Wreath Idea

26. Simple Black and White Wreath

27. It’s Fall, Play Football Sign on Wreath

28. Cute Chic Football Themed Decor

29. Green and Burlap Wreath Idea

30. Cute Football Bow with Burlap

31. Crescent Shaped Wreath with Football Sign

Football Wreath DIY

Easy DIY Football Wreath Tutorial

If you haven’t found the exact football wreath you want yet, then perhaps it’s time to get crafty. This tutorial is super simple to follow, and you can make it personalized to you and your team!

I am going to show you how to create the base of a football wreath, and then you can decorate it however you like. You can also leave it simple. This wreath will be cute even if you don’t add anything else to it. Let’s get into this, shall we?


Step One

Once you have all of your supplies, we can get into step one. Foam wreaths are the easiest to make, in my opinion, so I thought I would start you with this. Lay out all of your supplies to make sure you have everything you need. Do not cut your garland yet. It made it a little more annoying to do it this way, but it is better than running out halfway through.

First, you are going to want to take your garland and tie the end of it around the wreath form. Make sure it is secure. Then you are going to begin tightly winding the garland around the wreath until none of the white is showing.

When you are happy with how the base looks, you can go ahead and tie off the other end as well. To make it even sturdier, you can take your super glue and secure the garland down in a few areas around the wreath.

Step Two

Next up, we are going to add a cute themed bow. As you can see from the supplies section, I have found a ribbon set with footballs on it. Too cute!  To make a bow, you want to measure out your ribbon around your wreath. About a foot and a half of ribbon works well; you can always trim it when you are finished.

To make the bow, you simply wrap the ribbon around your wreath(whichever area you want to be the top) and then secure it in a simple loose knot. On top of this knot, have each end of the ribbon form a loop. Then you tie those two loops together, similar to your first knot.

Football Wreath Ideas

Step Three

To finish up your new wreath, you just take a moment to clean everything up. Make sure your garland is evenly spaced, none of your white is showing, and that your bow is neat and tidy. Whenever I make my bow, I always have to spend a minute afterward un-crinkling it and making it look cleaner. It’s cuter that way!

Alright…that is it. You have created your very own football wreath. Like I said above, this is a very simple version; I left it this way so that you could have room to customize it to your specific team or ideas!

You can find lots of great themed decorations to add to your wreath at any craft store and also online, of course.

If you want to get more specific, then you may have better luck ordering online than going in person.

Football brings people together, whether that be by connecting people who wouldn’t normally be friends, by stirring up emotion in a crowd, or simply by literally bringing people together at a football viewing party.

I hope that you loved this article about football wreaths. These will not only add to your overall atmosphere at home, but they will also impress your friends at your next football party. I know that a football wreath sounds a little out of the ordinary, but it is one of the cutest ways to decorate your home for your team.

If you loved these ideas, you have to check out some of our other wreath ideas. We have so many, from sports wreaths to holiday themes…so you will have lots to look over. Keep the fun going!

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