Inside: Lemon and Crabapple wreath ideas to bring abundance into your home.

When you think of wreaths, I am sure Christmas comes to mind. But the truth is, you can have a wreath for any holiday or no holiday at all. They make wonderful decor pieces, and they can be so much fun to make.

I have recently been experimenting with different styles and themes, and I think I have found my new passion: Fruit Wreaths. In particular, there is one combination that I absolutely love.

That combination is Lemon and Crabapples! When I tell you this is the cutest wreath I have seen to date…I am not exaggerating.

Lemon and Crabapple Wreath Ideas

So today, I wanted to share this idea with you. There aren’t many lemon and crabapple wreaths that are available for purchase online, so this is more of a DIY than a list of ones you can buy. Though if you do find one you love down below and don’t feel up to crafting, then go for it!

But if you do want to get your DIY on, then use the list below as inspiration for your own wreath. Ready. Set. GO!

Lemon and Crabapple Symbolism

Before we get into the ideas, let’s go over some of the meanings behind this particular wreath. Yep…wreaths have meaning!

Lemons are known to be correlated with happiness and abundance. This is because of its yellow color and the amount of fruit that its tree is able to bare in one season(which is a lot).

Crabapples are a symbol of fertility and love. So together, these fruits help to bring abundance and love. If you decide to place it on your front door, you are inviting those energies into your home. Pretty cool, right? I love learning about the symbolic meaning behind popular fruit.

Lemon and Crabapple Wreath Ideas

Here is a list of ideas that you can use as your inspiration when coming up with your own wreath. I am obsessed with the floral nature and the pop of color that these have. See what I mean when you look through them.

1. Summertime Green Leaf with Lemons and Crabapple – This is what I will be basing my DIY on, with a little variation. So check this out as a reference.

2. Leafy Green Wreath with Fruit – I love how big and leafy this wreath is. It has such a fresh feel that it is unmatched in other wreaths. If you like this style of the wreath, then you can emulate it with your own.

3. Crabapple Wreath Idea – This wreath mainly has crabapples, but I figure you can always add your own lemons when you are doing the DIY.

4. Big Lemon Wreath Idea – I think this one is missing crabapples, but it is still super cute, and you can always add them yourself when the time comes.

Lemon Wreath for fall

5. Fruit Tree Wreath Idea – I am obsessed with this fruit tree-themed wreath. You can add as many fruits as you like to yours, even though I am just using two.

6. Cute Large Wreath with Themed Fruit – If you are thinking about making your wreath bigger than average, then you can surely use this idea as your base.

7. Lemon and Crabapples with Large Bow – This one has a bow. I am going to be adding a bow to mine as well, so you should look at this one as a basis for the DIY.

8. Bouquet Style Wreath Idea – I think the way they used the burlap to look like a pot is super cute and unique. Take a look to get some ideas.

9. Realistic Lemons and Crabapples – This wreath has some of the cutest and most realistic lemon and crabapples that I have seen so far, and I love it!

10. Lemon and Crabapple Examples – I think this wreath is a great example of what you can do with your wreath. Take a look at this to see what I mean.

11. Lemon and Strawberry Blossom Wreath – This one does not have crabapples, but it does have strawberries…it’s so cute! Check it out.

Holiday Basket Wreath Ideas

DIY Lemon and Crabapple Wreath

This is a pretty simple DIY. I have even gathered all of the supplies that you will need below. So before we get started, you should stock up on everything you will need. You may already have some of these things in your house.

You can also always visit your local craft store to see what they have. There should be lots of good options! I live in a small area, so I am forced to order online, or I’d have to take an hour-and-a-half trip to get to my nearest craft store. So if you have one nearby, be grateful!


Step One

Now that you have gathered all of your supplies, we can jump into this DIY.

First up is creating the base. To do this, you will tie your garland around one of the wires on the wreath form. Then you will carefully weave it through each until you make it all the way around the circle.

Make sure that none of it has any gaps. The goal is to make it look full and healthy.

Step Two

Next, you will add the lemons. The lemons I included above each have a bendable wire bottom, so you can use that to secure them. I placed mine evenly around the wreath. Make sure that they are good and secured. You do not want lemon to pop off once it gets hung up!

Step Three

Next, you have to add the crab apples! Just repeat step two and add them as you did with the lemon. You can put these ones in clusters to add a more naturalistic look if you like.

Step Four

Lastly, you get to add a bow. I chose a burlap bow because I thought it added to the overall natural look of this wreath. You can choose whatever color you like.

To tie a good bow, you start by looping it around the top of your wreath and adding a simple loose knot. Then you take either end of the ribbon and loop them. You then repeat the simple knot that you started with, but with the loops. Then you simply have to straighten out the ribbon, so it looks neater.

Lastly, take a minute to touch up anything that needs to be straightened or fixed. Then take a step back and look at the awesome decor piece you have created. Hang that sucker on your door!

Lemon and Crabapple Wreath Ideas

And there you have it. You have either found the lemon and crabapple wreath of your dreams, or you have created it. Which one is it? Either way, I am happy to have helped you find what you are looking for.

I hope you loved this article and that you loved learning about the symbolism behind a lemon and crabapple wreath. Who would have guessed, right? If you loved this article and want to continue the fun, check out some of our other wreath ideas. We have plenty!

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