Inside: The Best Wheat Wreaths to buy and DIY ideas that will make you happy.

There are so many different varieties of wreaths out there that it can become hard to choose with all of that noise. Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays anymore, oh no. They are so much more.

You can have a wreath as added decor in your house that can stay up all year round. That’s right. All. Year. Round.

Though there are hundreds of different kinds to choose from, nothing will ever be able to compare to the classic beauty of a Wheat Wreath. They are a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your home, and they are perfect for any occasion.

Whether it’s summer, fall, or national wheat day (yep that’s a thing. It’s April 20th in the U.S), this is the wreath for your home!

Wheat Wreath ideas

If you are in the market for adding one of these beauties to your home decor then you are in the right place. I’ve put together an epic list of 41 of the cutest Wheat Wreaths the internet has to offer. If you want to create your own, then stick around to the end of the article where I give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a classic spiraled Wheat Wreath.

That’s right, you can get your craft one!

Before we get into it though, I want to answer a pretty common question about these awesome pieces of decor.

Can my Wheat Wreath be in Direct Sunlight?

It is best to keep your wheat Wreath out of direct sunlight if you wish for it to last. Direct sunlight can bleach the wheat, making them lighten in color. This may not sound so bad, but when this happens, the wheat gets even more dry and brittle than it already is and it will fall apart!

If properly taken care of, this type of wreath can last years. So if your front door has no shade, then perhaps consider keeping it as an indoor decoration.

Front Door Wheat Wreaths

For those of you whose front door is in the shade, this first list is for you! These can be such a fun way to add texture and personality to the entrance of your home.

The door is a spot that is regularly dismissed when it comes to decoration. Change that!

1. Simple Spiralled Wreath

2. Cute Fluffy Wheat Wreath

3. 18 Inch Wheat Wreath

4. Mixed Wheat Thanksgiving Wreath

5.Hay and Wheat Front Door Wreath

6. Full Wheat Wreath

7. Simple Small Front Door Wreath

8.Wheat Wreath with Lavender

9. Exposed Metal Wheat Wreath

10. Wreath with Pastel Flowers

11. Stained Wheat Wreath

Dried Wheat Wreaths

Dried Wheat Wreath

12. Dried Wheat Grass Wreath

13. Dried Front Door Wreath

14. Golden Wheat with Eucalyptus

15. Wheat Grass with Green Additions

16. Heart Wreath

17. William Sonoma Wreath

18. Wheat & Straw Wreath

19. Wreath with Dried Flowers

20. DIY Kit

21. 2 Tone Wheat Wreath

22. All-Natural Heart Shape

23. Wheat Shaped Thick Wreath

24. Braided Wheat Grass

25. Wheat Harvest Wreath

26. Varieties of Wheat

Wheat Wreaths Etsy

Etsy Wheat Wreaths

One of the best places to find cute, unique, handmade wheat wreaths that are like no other! One of my favorite things about buying on here is that it supports someone’s small business. It’s an absolute win-win!

27. Fluffy Wheat Wreath with Flower Center

28. Classic Wheat Wreath

29. Boho Style Wheat Wreath

30. Dried Golden Wheat

31. Light Green Wheat Wreath

32. Handmade Wreath with Dried Flowers

33.Dried Flower Variety with Wheat

34. Huge Boho Wreath

35. Fluffy Half Wreath

36. Blonde Wheat Bundles

37. Golden Wheat Spiral

38. Horse Shoe Shape Wreath

39. Brown and Tan Wheat Wreath

40. Gold Ring with Wheat Bundles

41. 20 Inch Wheat Wreath

Now that you’ve gotten a good idea of the many different styles and ways you can make your wheat wreath, we can get into the DIY portion of the article. Though this is a very simple and straight-up version of this kind of wreath, feel free to make it your own. This is just a base! Once you have it down you can keep it as is or you can add your own embellishments to it, like other dried flowers and grasses or ribbons.

Wheat Wreaths

DIY Wheat Wreath Tutorial

For this DIY we are going to make a classic spiraled wheat wreath.


  • Wire Wreath Form – There are many different wheat forms to choose from, but for this project, we are sticking with the classic wire.
  • Wheat Bundles – You can get these online, from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc.
  • Thin Wire – You can get this from any craft section or store
  • Wire Cutters – Obviously you do not have hulk strength and cannot tear apart metal. So these come in handy.
  • Scissors – To cut stems

After you have these supplies we can go on step one!

Step One: Separate Wheat.

Separate the wheat into about 2-inch thick bundles. You can make this thicker depending on your preference.

Step Two: Cut Wire

Depending on the size of your wreath, you will need to cut the wire into 4-5 inch pieces. I’d say 10-15 pieces will be enough but use your own wreath size to determine what will be right for you.

Step Three: Start assembly.

You’re going to want to take your little bunch of wheat and lay them at an angle onto the form. About 40-45 Degrees will do it. Then you take a piece of wire and fasten the bundle to the form. Be careful not to pull too hard because you could snap the wire(okay maybe you do have hulk strength). When you are done, trim any extra wire and then trim the stems

Step Four: Alternate Bundles Inward

Keep adding bundles, each one pointing a little more inward to the last. This will create a spiral look when you are finished with your Wreath.

That’s it! You’ve created a classic spiral wheat wreath. Aren’t you just in love with it?

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