Inside: Fun DecoMesh Summer Wreath Tutorial.

As you may know by now, I love decorating my front door for every season. From Christmas to Summer, you can always add a little festive flair to your front door.

Since Summer is here I thought it would be a great time to show you some of our favorite DecoMesh Summer wreath tutorials and how you can add a summery pop of color to your home.

deco mesh summer wreath tutorial

Types of DecoMesh Summer Wreaths

There are two different types of deco mesh wreaths that I love for summertime.

First is the traditional circular wreath shape. For these, I think it is so fun to use bright and bold colors that really scream summertime! Another great color combo to use for these wreaths is red, white, and blue since Memorial Day and 4th of July fall in the summer months!

Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

The other type of wreaths is shaped into a fun summer item like snow cones or cactus! I am so obsessed with using deco mesh and manipulating it to form a cool shape. For these, you can’t typically find a wreath form that already comes in the shape you are looking for, so I have found using old wire hangers works really well.

Deco Mesh Wreath Form

Fun DecoMesh Summer Wreath Tutorial

Here are a few more ideas to consider when it comes to creating a fun Deco Mesh Summer Wreath!

  • Colors – Choose colors at are bright, and bold and really scream summer. I love using pinks, yellows, and greens. I think they are all great for summertime.
  • Pick a Summery Theme – Along with picking the right colors you want your wreath to pop with summer, so you can create different shapes or color combos that fit perfectly in summer. A few of my favorites are using a patrotic theme or something summery like snow cones or pineapples!
  • Add Summer Accessories – One of my favorite ways to amp up a Deco Mesh wreath is by adding fun picks, ribbons, or items that take your wreath to another level. For summer I love using sunglasses, faux flowers, flip flops, flamingos, or mini beach balls!

Our Favorite DecoMesh Summer Wreaths

1. Butterfly Wreath: This one is so fun and would be perfect for spring as well.

2. DecoMesh Pineapple: What a perfect summer deco mesh wreath idea. Pineapples are perfect for summertime!

3. SnowCone DecoMesh Hanger: Who doesn’t love snow cones in the summer? This might be one of my favorite summer wreath ideas. I may have to even make this one myself!

deco mesh summer wreath tutorial

4. Deco Mesh Lady Bug: Ladybugs are so fun for summertime. I love how they used a traditional wreath form and jus by adding a few accessories transformed it into a creative idea!

5. Patriotic DecoMesh Wreath: Perfect for summer since Memorial Day and 4th of July fall within those hot months!

6. Bright Colored Butterfly Wreath: This is one of the ideas I mentioned before with using cute accessories to amp up your deco mesh wreath.

7. Watermelon DecoMesh Wreath: Nothing sweeter than some cold watermelon during those hot summer days!

deco mesh summer wreath tutorial

8. DecoMesh Pink Flower: Looking for something a little milder that you can also use for other months out of the year? Then this pink flower deco mesh wreath is perfect. I love how they used the bright pops of yellow faux flowers for the middle!

9. DecoMesh Cactus: Nothing says hot summer like a cactus.

10. Rainbow DecoMesh Wreath: Bring lots of colorful fun to your front door with this rainbow deco mesh wreath!

Deco Mesh Wreath Ideas

More Great Deco Mesh Ideas You’ll Love

  • DecoMesh Sunflower Wreath – Capture the natural beauty of blooming sunflowers with this DIY wreath project. Starting with basic crafting materials like deco mesh ribbon, pipe cleaners, and a wire wreath form, follow our simple instructions to create a gorgeous floral-inspired door hanging. This sunflower-shaped wreath easily transitions from spring to fall, so you can display it throughout the changing seasons. Plus, the deco mesh sunflower wreath comes together in under an hour, so you can have a beautiful front door decoration in no time.
  • Deco Mesh Centerpiece Ideas – Let’s just be real, parties are a BIG deal, and I personally love them more than anything. Any excuse to have a celebration I am all in 100%, which is why coming up with these super cute and fun Deco Mesh centerpiece ideas! Coming up with the perfect decor for a party is one of my favorite things and luckily I have found the perfect centerpiece idea for EVERY occasion.
  • Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Ideas – I love adding a fun pop of festive to my front door, dining room table or over my mantel, and one of my favorite ways to do so is a bright colorful Deco Mesh piece! I love using Deco Mesh, it is the perfect material to manipulate into the best decor. From holidays to everyday decor there are so many different fun ways to use Deco Mesh. Now, with seasons changing and holidays having the perfect wreath for each occasion can get pricey. That is why I made the best list of Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Ideas! They are all perfectly designed to stay within your budget and still add that festive punch.


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