Inside: How to Make a Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath.

Capture the natural beauty of blooming sunflowers with this DIY wreath project. Starting with basic crafting materials like deco mesh ribbon, pipe cleaners, and a wire wreath form, follow our simple instructions to create a gorgeous floral-inspired door hanging.

This sunflower-shaped wreath easily transitions from spring to fall, so you can display it throughout the changing seasons.

Plus, the deco mesh sunflower wreath comes together in under an hour, so you can have a beautiful front door decoration in no time.

Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath

deco mesh sunflower wreath

Super-Cute Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath

When it comes to making this super cute Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath there is a shortlist of supplies you will need.

deco mesh wreath

Tools you’ll need:

  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Scissors

Supplies you’ll need: 

How to Make a Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath

When it comes to making this super cute deco mesh sunflower wreath there are a few different steps and sections to complete.

You will want to start with prepping your metal wreath form. I like to go ahead and put my pipe cleaners onto my form before I am ready to attach the deco mesh. Evenly space out the pipe cleaners and being cutting out your deco mesh strips

wire wreath form

Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath Leaves

Roll out the green deco mesh on top of a cutting mat. Use a rotary cutter to cut the ribbon into five pieces, each measuring 11.5 x 10 inches.  Fold two corners of a cut ribbon piece in toward the center and pinch together to create a bowtie shape. Place the ribbon on top of a pipe cleaner, and twist at the center to secure to the wreath frame. Continue working around the frame to secure the remaining four ribbon pieces. These will become your flower’s leaves.

Deco mesh wreath

How to make deco mesh leavessunflower deco mesh wreath

Adding Yellow Petals 

Using the rotary cutter, cut 30 pieces of yellow deco mesh, each measuring 10 x 10 inches. To create the petals, use the same folding and pinching technique to form each yellow ribbon piece into a bowtie shape. Place petals on top of the pipe cleaners and twist to secure, layering two yellow pieces on top of each pipe cleaner. Stagger the pieces around the frame so the petals are offset from the previous layer. Repeat on each rung until you reach the center of the wreath frame.

Sunflower deco mesh wreath step by step

Center of Deco Mesh Sunflower Wreath

Cut three pieces of brown burlap, each measuring 2 feet by 10 inches. Gather the strips together and secure them with a zip tie at one end. Braid the three sections together and bind the end with another zip tie, cutting off any excess plastic on the tie with scissors. Roll the braid into a circle using zip ties at each quarter-turn. Flip the wreath over and place the braided circle in the middle of the wreath, using zip ties to secure it in the back.


center of sunflower deco mesh wreath

How to make a deco mesh wreath\

sunflower wreath

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