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Let’s just be real, parties are a BIG deal, and I personally love them more than anything. Any excuse to have a celebration I am all in 100%, which is why coming up with these super cute and fun Deco Mesh centerpiece ideas! Coming up with the perfect decor for a party is one of my favorite things and luckily I have found the perfect centerpiece idea for EVERY occasion!

Cute Deco Mesh Centerpiece Ideas

First, let’s start with some all-around great Deco Mesh centerpiece idea. These are perfect for every day, or that special event!

All American: All Red, White, and Blue this All American inspired Deco Mesh Centerpiece is perfect for all things USA. From the 4th of July to Memorial Day and everything in between.

Going Green: Go Green with this Green Daisy centerpiece! It’s so cute and perfect for everyday decor. It’s fun and such a great Deco Mesh Centerpiece idea!

Coastal Inspired: Seashells, coastal blue, and deco mesh, these are just a few things that make the perfect Coastal Inspired centerpiece!

Mardi Gras Centerpiece: Get the beads ready, this Mardi Gras Centerpiece is perfect all your Fat Tuesday celebrations!

Graduation Party: Celebrating the success of your graduate? This Graduation inspired party deco mesh centerpiece idea is super cute and so fun!

Spring Inspired Deco Mesh Centerpieces

Hello Spring! I love having those bright pastel colors and glitter Easter eggs scattered throughout my house. These spring-inspired centerpiece ideas are perfect for Easter brunch!

Pastel Easter: I love this pastel inspired Easter centerpiece. It’s full of festive charm and the perfect table decor for your Easter bash.

Rabbit Ear Sticks: This multilevel Rabbit ear centerpiece is PERFECT for your Easter get together. Using candlesticks and some cute Rabbit ears this DIY is such a fun and so CUTE idea!

Bunny Booty: Okay this Easter Bunny Booty wreath would make the BEST Easter Centerpiece!

Easter Egg Centerpiece: Sprigs of Easter eggs throughout this cute centerpiece is the cutest Spring addition to your home!

Easter Centerpiece: This is the perfect centerpiece, its big, bold and beautiful. I think it would be perfect to set around the dinner tables and serving tables. It’s a great Deco Mesh centerpiece idea!

Fall Inspired Deco Mesh Centerpiece Idea

Bring on Fall! From the daily harvest to spooky Halloween here are some of my favorite Fall inspired Deco Mesh Centerpiece ideas!

Deco Mesh Pumpkin: These adorable Deco Mesh Pumpkins are perfect to set around your Thanksgiving dinner tables!

Fall Topiary: This mini Fall Topiary is perfect to layer different heights for your centerpieces. I love this adding a little height to my tables and mix that with deco mesh and you have one of my favorite combos!

Halloween Spider: I love this friendly spider friend for a centerpiece! They are the perfect decor for a spooky Halloween party, festive, fun, and easy to make.

Monster Eye Topiary: Another great Halloween DecoMesh centerpiece idea are these Monster Eye topiaries!

Ghost Centerpiece: This not-so-scary ghost is the perfect Halloween Centerpiece. It’s so CUTE and makes for the PERFECT Deco Mesh Centerpiece Idea!

Christmas Deco Mesh Centerpiece Idea

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas! I am OBSESSED with each and every single one of these Christmas ideas!

Snowman Head: Pop Frosty on top your table and you will have the cutest little Christmas get up every

Christmas Tree: This Deco Mesh Christmas Tree is the PERFECT Deco Mesh Centerpiece idea! It brings great height to any table and it’s as cute as can be! If there was a way to work in some light then it would the best a home run for sure!

Candy Cane Themed Centerpiece: The red and white mix is the perfect Candy Cane inspired centerpiece.

Christmas Swag: This Christmas swag is perfect to lay across your fireplace mantel or placed on your dining room table for Christmas Dinner! It’s the perfect Christmas Deco Mesh centerpiece idea!

Santa Hat Centerpiece: Ho, Ho, HO this is the CUTEST centerpiece idea! I feel like this Santa Hat, Christmas Tree, and Snowman Head would all go perfectly together to make the BEST Christmas party decor ever!

Weddings, Birthdays, Let’s Celebrate – Party Centerpiece Ideas

Here are a few more of my favorite Deco Mesh Centerpiece ideas!

Poof Topiary: These bright colored poof topiaries are perfect to set along your party tables! They add great height and are a fun pop of texture. I love the topiary style because they are easy to make and are SO fun!

Wedding Centerpiece: I love this cute wedding Deco Mesh centerpiece idea! It’s super simple and very pretty for a big day!

Celebrate the Rainbow: Celebrate EVERYTHING with this adorable rainbow deco mech centerpiece! It’s perfect for Birthdays, get-togethers, and everything in between!

Festive Fiesta: This colorful Fiesta inspired Centerpiece is perfect for all your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!


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