Inside: Baseball wreath ideas you can buy or DIY this summer. 

When it comes to Baseball, fans like to express their love for the sport in many different ways. Whether that be going to games, repping their favorite teams on their clothes, or decorating their homes with themed decor. My personal favorite is the latter.

Decorating your home with your favorite sport can be such a fun and fulfilling thing.

Sure, you could go with the basics: Posters and themed mugs…but I think you should go a step further with a Baseball Wreath!

You can put wreaths up on your walls, over your mantel, or on your front door. Any of these options are great, but the front door is the best possible place for your new decoration.

Front doors are the first thing people interact with when coming over, they are what is presented to the neighborhood at first glance.

So putting your baseball wreath there is like letting everyone who sees your house know that you are a big baseball fan!

You can leave it up all year or just save it for when it’s baseball season, either way, it’s bound to bring you some extra joy.

Baseball wreath ideas with burlap and ribbon

Ideas For Making Team Spirit Baseball Wreaths

If you are pumped at the idea of adding one of these beauties to your home but have no idea where to start, then worry not. You’ve already started! T

his article is full of the best Baseball Wreath ideas from Simple into darn right breathtaking. There is definitely something here that will inspire you.

If you want to get a little crafty, then skip buying a pre-made wreath and make your own!

Yes…you can do that. It’s actually much simpler than it might seem.

At the very end of this list, I’ve included a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to make your very own baseball-themed wreath idea. Want to include your personal favorite team? Go for it. Looking for something with some more burlap ribbon than what’s offered on this list?

That’s all you! The possibilities are endless.

Sports wreath with burlap

Front Door Wreath

This list is full of front door wreath ideas that will either give you inspiration for your own project or will be swiftly added to your cart. There is no in between! Check them out.

1. Red, White, & Blue Baseball Wreath

2. Home Sweet Home Wreath

3. Texas A & M

4. Patriotic Wreath

5. Baseball Decor Wreath

6. There’s No Place Like Home

7. Baseball Quote Wreath

8. Welcome Baseball Wreath

9. Christmas Themed Door Decor

10. If We Don’t Answer, Check the Ball Field!

Baseball Team Wreaths

Of course, I had to include some examples of Wreaths that celebrate specific teams. Not only are they cool, but they are a great way to bring some extra luck and pizzaz to game day. And who doesn’t love that?

11. New York Yankees

12. Clevland Indians

13. Texas Longhorns

14. Oakland A’s

15. L.A Dodgers

16. L.A Dodgers Blue Wreath

How to make a wreath with real baseballs

Wreaths with Real Baseballs

What kind of article would this be if there wasn’t a section dedicated to wreaths with real baseballs? These are some of my personal favorites on this list. If you’re making these at home, chances are you have your own used baseballs lying around. You are more than welcome to use them! The dirt and scuff marks add character.

17. Baseball Wreath with Bow

18. Softball & Baseball Wreath

19. Yellow Baseball Wreath

20. Wreath Made Of BaseBalls

21. Simple Baseball Wreath

22. Used Baseball League Wreath

23. Baseball T

24. Home Sweet Home Softball

25. Burlap Baseball Wreath

26. Team Wreath

27. Baseball Wreath with Bat

How to Make a DIY Baseball Wreath

Step One: Gather Supplies

Your first step is to gather your supplies. After you have a good idea of the style and size that you want, head to the store to pick up what you’ll need.

  • Wreath Form – this is the circular base for your wreath and is VERY important. There are many different kinds to choose from and I go through them below.
  • Decorations – Of course, you’ll need to get your hands on some decorations. Things like ribbon, twine, baseballs, fake plants, and bows are very popular.
  • Scissors – To trim your decorations if needed
  • Hot Glue – To secure your decorations
  • Twine – To secure larger decorations

Step Two: Plan Your Design

Next, you’ll want to lay out your design as you see it in your head. This gives you the chance to make changes as needed to achieve your artistic vision. Otherwise, you could end up with a wreath that you’re not in love with. Remember, this is a fun process! get creative.

Step Three: Create

Now that you know what you’re going for, get to it! Glue, fasten and tie down your decorations to the wreath form. Make sure that everything is on there securely. This is especially important if you plan on hanging yours on the front door. With all that movement, any weakly secured decorations will be goners for sure!

DIY Baseball Wreath

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