Inside: How to handle your mantel decor with TV can be tricky, but we’ve got great ideas to make it blend in & stand out in the best ways possible. 

Your mantel is the focal point of your living room. As such, having this space properly decorated in a way that reflects you and the people you live with is very important!

It’s often the first thing people see when entering the room, and it has the ability to make or break the space. A poorly designed mantel can leave the living room feeling bare, or on the opposite side of this, cluttered.

There are so many different things you can use to add some personality and pizzaz, it can be pretty daunting if you don’t know where to start. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of 13 Must Have Tips for Mantel Decoration.

This list is for people who either have their tv on their mantel or plan on putting it there. Having such a big thing to decorate around can pose to be quite a challenge, but after reading through this list you’ll be more than prepared.

Let’s Dive in!

Mantel Decorating tips and ideas

1. Symmetry

When it comes to decorating something that draws attention, symmetry is always key. Otherwise, you risk making the entire space feel cluttered. That is not the vibe we are going for!

Your TV is in the center, so anything you put around it should have something matching on the opposite side. I’m not saying they have the be the same exact piece of decor, just that you should try and line up where you put them to help make it seem more put together. When hanging items that are different shapes or sizes, this may look like simply lining up at the same starting point(like from the bottom up). As long as they match up in some way, then your eyes will have an easier time.

2. Color Matching

Having a simple color theme will make your space feel adorable and well thought out! Your living room is the space where you spend most of your time with the people you love, so it should feel nice to be in. You should choose a color scheme and then plan accordingly. Not every piece of decor needs to be matched, but having 1 or two pieces that are similar in color(for example, you can have various shades of orange) can really pull the whole thing together!

3. Add Texture

Adding some texture is a great way to bring your room to the next level. Since your TV will be taking up most of the space on your mantel, you may want to consider adding something with a warmer feel seeing to oppose the sleek coolness that the TV brings. You can achieve this with carved wooden frames or bohemian decor. Boho decor utilizes many awesome textures that can give the room a more natural feel!

The ultimate way to blend in your TV, make it a FRAME!

4. Add Tv Frame

Adding a frame around your TV is one of the newest and coolest design trends out there. I love how it takes something that is normally pretty customizable and just injects more personality into it. To achieve this, measure your TV and then use those measurements to find or order a picture frame of your choosing. You can get them without the glass, or you can take it out yourself. Then you simply install it around your tv and voila! You basically have a 21st-century modern painting.

Phot oof plants added to mantel for filling in empty space

5. Add Plants

Adding plants to your home is like bringing a little bit of the outside in. It improves are quality, and it’s pleasing to the eyes! I myself am such a plant gal. They can really bring a room to life! One of my favorite things to add to a mantel is a viney plant that you can string up whichever way you choose. This adds texture, life, and tons of green. Arguably, plants go with any theme. So whatever type of room design you are trying to achieve, adding a plant will always be to your benefit.

6. No Metal Clashing

This may be a rule that you have heard about when choosing what jewelry to wear with your outfit: Don’t mix metals!  It’s just a general styling rule that has been around for decades. Your living room is no exception! When picking decor, stick to one kind of metal. So if you already have some gold frames, just keep with that theme. This will make the decor seem to be put together and will overall be found more pleasing to the eye.

7. Make Sure Your Mantel Is On Theme

It can be all too easy to get tunnel vision when decorating your space. I’ve been there! When you’ve been focussing on one area for so long that you sort of forget that it needs to match the whole of the room. So when working on your mantel decor with TV, make sure that you take into account what the rest of your living room looks like and adjust accordingly.

8. Don’t Make it Cluttered

As tempting as it is to try and fit every cute piece of decor on the mantel as you possibly can, try and refrain. I know this may be hard, after all, there are so many awesome decor options out there…TOO many in fact. But what ends up happening is your mantel will get cluttered, and the rest of your room will feel cluttered by proxy. You can hang as many things on your wall as you’d like, but when it comes to that shelf space, try and keep it classy and clean!

Photo ideas for placing on mantel around frame TV

9. Add Nontraditional Photos

This is a fun one and a great way to blend in your mantel decor with TV. Everyone has seen the classic family portrait. It’s been done! So let’s modernize it, shall we? There are so many awesome ways to revamp some of your favorite photos thanks to the internet. You can get personalized cartoon drawings, felt art, or even one-line portraits. Check out these shops on Etsy to get a good idea for your mantel.

10. Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your mantel is a great way to add some more light to the room. In fact, mirrors are one of the handiest tools for decorators. In spaces with minimal natural lighting, well-placed mirrors can act as their own little source of light! Add some small mirrors around your mantel and just see how much brighter the room will become!

Bringing light to the mantel design

11. LED Strips

Speaking of lighting…LED Strips! These have been around for a while but have really come into popularity in the last couple of years. LED Strips are a simple way to add some more lighting to your mantel in fun ways that end up making the space look expensive. Which is always a plus! You can also get LED lights that change color with a little remote so you can change the color for whatever is to your liking!

12. Make Use of Shapes

We’ve covered colors, metals, and textures, but we have yet to discuss the use of shapes on your mantel. I feel like it can be pretty common just to simply reach for the classic square signs and picture frames, mirrors, and prints. But choosing to spice things up with some different shapes can bring depth and complexity to your wall and mantel. I know, what a simple thing, right?

13. Candles

Of course, I couldn’t finish this list without mentioning candles! Candles make for one of the most timeless decorations in the book. Make use of a classic candle or even get your hands on a pair of candlesticks to complete your mantel’s new look!

Simple Mantel Decor with TV

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How will you decorate your mantel? Anyway you design it, be sure it’s something you can change often as your own style evolves.

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