Cubicle Decoration Themes For Competitions for those days when you’re tired of having the same cubicle walls every day of the year. We deserve more than only switching it up with a holiday wreath in December.

Add some fun any time of the year to your work space with these amazing office cubicle decor ideas and fun themes for office competitions.

Idea for Theme for Cubicle Decorating Competition. This image shows a Harry Potter Decorated Cubicle.

We all hit those moments throughout the year where we cannot focus at all or feel like our creativity has been stifled. I think it is amazing that so many companies are incorporating outings like bowling nights, theatre tickets, and baseball games, but it is important to have fun inside your office walls as well.

We love to win prizes, and we love a little healthy competition, so these ideas will be perfect for you and any of your coworkers for the next cubicle decorating challenge.

It is important that we all get to feel like our cubicle wall space is personalized & our own, especially in a world where so many people are now headed from home back to work for the first time in awhile.

These ideas are a fun way to mix this up for a competition that will inspire the entire office.

Three images of cubicle decorations, one for the Titanic, one for a wrapping paper prank, and one for Mardi Gras.

Cubicle Decoration Themes For Competitions

1. Mardi Gras Contest –

Deck out your cubicle for Fat Tuesday! Fill it up with brilliant purples, golds, and greens. Layer it with beads. The winner with the best Mardi Gras Cubicle gets a king cake. If you have nowhere to buy a king cake, just look online! There are some amazing retailers that offer quick shipping.

2. Draw a Random Theme From a Hat –

Have everyone in the office write a random theme on a piece of paper. It could be something such as ducks, Paris, Nicholas Cage, etc. and throw them in a hat. Have everyone choose a theme at random and they have to decorate their cubicle to that theme. I love this Parisian bakery display window idea! 

3. Speed Decorating –

Go to a discount store and buy all the decor you can and throw it in large bins. You would be shocked at what all they have available! Set the clock for ten minutes and have everyone race to decorate their cubicle in that time. I love this easy idea for hanging balloons above your desk. I wonder how many you could do in 10 minutes!

4. Valentine’s Day Decorating Contest –

Have your office compete for the best Valentine’s Day cubicle decor. This is a great way to make sure everyone is having fun on Valentine’s Day whether they have a significant other or not. The winner gets a spa day for two! 

5. Cubicle Prank –

Have everyone pair up and see who can come up with the best prank for their competitor. I love the classic of wrapping everything at their desk like a present. Be sure you are choosing pranks that will not harm the office space, but pranks are so fun and a great way to keep the creativity alive in the office.

6. Gingerbread House Cubicles –

What a sweet way to celebrate the winter holidays! Competitors must decorate their cubicle as the best gingerbread house they can think of. Gingerbread house building is, of course, a common tradition, but not everyone gets the chance to build a life-size one!

7. Paper Decor Contest –

Everyone must decorate their cubicle. The twist? They can only use paper products! Here is a unique and easy paper flower tutorial. 

8. Cold Month Beach Vacay –

Transport the office to the beach for January to get your minds off the cold with a beach themed cubicle contest. Plenty of directions you could take this, but I love this surf shack cubicle idea

9. Home Away from Home –

See who can make the homiest and coziest cubicle. This is great for your workers to have everyday decor they love and will help boost morale and efficiency. This could mean stick on wallpaper, renter-friendly sconces, or fake plants (unless you have great light and want to do real plants).

10. Decades –

Split your employees into teams and assign each team a decade. The team with the overall best cubicles wins! Here are some great 70s party decor ideas you can bring into the cubicle. Which decade would you want?

11. Harry Potter –

You’re a wizard, Harry! Have your office decorate their cubicles according to their Pottermore determined Hogwarts House. Another variation of this could be decorating based on your Patronus. Mine would be the Capuchin Monkey!

12. Oscars Week –

Celebrate the Oscars by having a movie themed cubicle decorating contest. Each contestant must decorate their cubicle based on their favorite movie of all time. The winner gets a subscription to a local theater. If your favorite movie is Titanic, here is a great bit of Inso for you!

13. Book Cover Cubicles –

Contestants will pair up and decorate the outside of their partner’s cubicle to look like a book cover for the biography or self-help book of their partner. So if I were decorating for a coworker named Brian Caraway, I’d maybe say “Brian Caraway: How to do as little work at your job as possible.” This is another way to either poke fun or empower your workers, a different kind of fun that establishes trust between your coworkers and management. It is an idea inspired by teachers decorating their doors as book covers. 

4 images of cubicles decorated for Paris, classic home decor, balloons, and a surf shack for office cubicle decoration themes for competitions.


What are some good prizes to offer for winners?

Puppy Play Date – Partner with your local pet rescue to provide your winners with a puppy play date.

Pick Your Poison – The winner’s choice of a bottle of liquor to enjoy after hours.

Childhood Fun – Create a grab bag of all the things we loved as kids such as temporary tattoos, stickers, slime, sticky hands, and fidget toys (which are also great for focus).

Gift Cards – Who doesn’t love a gift card? Free coffee, a nice dinner out, move tickets paid for? They are all great.

Winner Takes the Pot – Have each contestant throw $10 in the pot before the contest almost like an entry fee. The winner takes it all!

I love the prank contest idea, and I need more office appropriate pranks! Can you help?

Try caramel onions on a stick instead of caramel apples, a flash mob or singing telegram, post-it noting their cubicle, or a blow horn taped to the bottom of their desk chair.

A Harry Potter themed cubicle.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. They almost make me wish I had a cubicle to decorate! These cubicle decorating contest ideas are sure to boost morale, creativity, productivity and healthy workplace relationships. I includes ideas for the whole year so be sure to try them all!

If you love your boss for letting you do fun things like this around the office, be sure to show your appreciation with these Boss’s Day decoration ideas. 

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