I’ve recently been obsessed with green couches – green is such an inspiring color. It makes me think of growth, plants, and money – all happy things I want more of in my life and home.

If you’re looking for green couch living room ideas, I’ve got you covered.

Not only is the texture and size of this furniture piece important when designing a room around a sofa, but so is the color.

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Your living room couch is such a crucial part of the home, second only to your bed, I’d say.

It might be where you have your morning coffee, watch your favorite shows at night, or curl up with a book on a rainy day. There’s also nothing quite as comforting as catching a cozy nap on the couch.

If you’re designing your living room and don’t know where to begin, it’s a great idea to start with a statement furniture piece.

A green couch is a gorgeous functional decor item, so why not build your room around it?

Here are some of the prettiest couches I could find in different shades, including sage, forest, emerald, and lime green, as well as some tips for decorating around your green couch. If you’re looking for more colorful couch styling ideas, check out this post on Fun Blue Couch Living Room Ideas + Styles.

And if you have an older couch like I did and it needs an update, try recovering it in green for a beautiful living room re-vamp.

Sage Green Couch Living Room Ideas

Sage is such a woodsy, herbal color – it reminds me of relaxing at a high-end spa. A sage green couch brings a calming, classy vibe to your living room.

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1. Large corduroy sectional

This reversible modular sofa and chaise is GORGEOUS. The corduroy material looks so comfy, and the tons of matching throw pillows look so cozy and inviting.

Pro tip: Place your sage green couch against a large window, so the color of the couch stretches into the greenery outside.

2. Modern chenille sectional

I’m dying to touch the chenille fabric on this modern L-shaped 2-piece green sectional. The large black and white painting behind it is stunning, too – pairing a colorful couch with minimalist decor is a great idea.

3. Sleeper storage sofa

This sage sleeper sofa has pockets on the side, and it folds out into a comfortable bed with built-in storage underneath. Talk about a multi-tasker!

4. Lamb’s wool bubble couch

I LOVE the unique and plush look of this green lamb’s wool bubble couch! The white decor surrounding it really makes the couch’s funky design shine.

5. Bird pattern

If you’re looking for a green couch with patterned fabric, check out this 3-seater sofa with a gorgeous bird design.

Dark Green Couch Living Room Ideas

There’s something so sumptuous and decadent about a dark green fabric.

It just makes any room look more expensive and luxurious, in my opinion, especially when it’s styled properly. Here are some awesome living rooms with dark green couches, and I shared what I think makes each one look so appealing.

4 photos of living rooms with dark green couches.

6. A touch of grey

A green living room couch really jazzes up a grey space, and the color combo gives this room a cozy feel. I can just imagine reading a book with a comforting cup of cocoa here.

7. Velvet floor loungers

I can just imagine hosting a party with friends on these cozy-looking velvet floor loungers. The fabric looks so sumptuous and luxurious, yet the vibe is causal enough that you’d feel comfortable curling up with a blanket for a nap.

8. Velvet sectional

I can just imagine sprawling out across this huge 4-piece L-shaped velvet sectional for movie night. It looks so comfy, I don’t think I’d be able to make it to my bed when the movie’s over!

Pro Tip: Dark green really pops on velvet fabric, and a velvet couch is a great piece for the center of your living room design.

9. Rose pink + dark green = perfection

The way this designer paired a dark green couch with a matching dusty rose pink one, plus plenty of green and pink decor, is just *chef’s kiss.*

10. Dark Victorian green

I am DROOLING over the matching ottoman with this couch, and the overall dark, Victorian look of this living room is to die for. Matching the wall color to the dark green couch makes a stunning statement.

3 photos of living rooms with emerald or lime green couches.

Emerald and Lime Green Couches

11. Bring the outside, inside

Green automatically makes us think of nature – the grass, trees, leaves, etc. I really like the idea of using a green couch to bring your indoor space an outdoor vibe. This designer used an umbrella to complete the outdoorsy feel in this living room, which makes sense because it looks like it gets a lot of natural light from the windows.

12. Emerald green and gold

Thanks to the gold legs on this emerald green couch, the entire piece makes me think of a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It looks very luxurious, at a surprisingly affordable price. Adding gold accent pieces really complements emerald green fabric.

13. Beachy green

I LOVE the beachy feel the lime green couch brings to this living room! Adding other shades of green and blue to the surrounding decor would make this color combo work for any watery space, like if you live by a lake or river.

14. Bright yellow accents

This lime green linen couch has bright yellow sides, complete with deep storage pockets for magazines, books, etc. It folds out into a sleeper bed, so not only is it a statement piece, but it’s also super-functional.

15. Bold blues

The emerald green couch looks STUNNING accentuated by bold blue hues on the walls, carpet, and throw blanket. The blue and green art on the wall ties the whole look together. I also think adding a mirror would help make a dark, smaller room look bigger.

Green Couch Living Room Decor Ideas

Now that you have some ideas for what shade of green couch you want, I’ve pulled together some thought about how to decorate the rest of your living room.

Here are some examples of how we use other green hued elements to really pull this living room together.

The words "Green Couch Living Room Ideas" with four photos of decorated rooms with green couches.

16. Green walls

I really liked some of the photos I saw of a green couch against a matching green wall. It seems like the key is to match the paint color to the couch as closely as possible, or to use colorful throw pillows to tie two different shades of green together.

17. Plants, plants, and more plants!

What looks more stunning with a green couch than some decorative houseplants? Nothing!

18. Green art

Okay, so this one can really go either way – there are great examples out of green art complementing a green couch. But you can also

19. Green throw blanket

Amp up the cozy factor of your couch and living space by adding a luxurious green throw blanket.

20. Throw pillows

Besides a throw blanket, no couch is complete, in my opinion, without some squishy throw pillows. I really like these leaf-shaped ones to place on a green couch, or these pretty wild flower ones.

21. Mix textures

One thing that stood out to me as I perused all these green couch living room ideas was the variety of textures in each room. A velvet couch with silk throw pillows, a furry white rug, gauzy curtains… mixing shades of green is great, and combining several different yummy textures is even better.

I’m more certain than ever that a green couch is the perfect piece of living room furniture after looking through all these ideas. I love the thought of being surrounded by green while I sip on my morning coffee or relax and read a book at night. And I’m drooling over all the gorgeous colors and textures!

So, what do you think? Do you like a dark green sofa, or are you more of a lime green couch kind of person?

What are the best ideas to tie a living room with a green couch together? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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