Inside: Save money with this Ikea curtain hack that makes affordable curtains look chic

I think one of my favorite parts of living on my own is getting to decorate my place! I get to make my house as cute and unique as I want. The only struggle I have is the price of most home improvements or decor pieces. It can get really expensive! So I make it a point to find ways to upgrade my home that won’t break the bank.

This week I discovered the infamous Ikea Curtain Hack. I think we can all notice the difference between cheap curtains and boujee ones. Cheaper Curtains tend to fall loosely and look haphazardly put up, even when you try your hardest to make them look presentable. Meanwhile, more expensive curtains have this effortless look that feels put together and chic.

Ikea Curtain Hack: DIY That Will Transform Your Space. Up Close photo of curtains

That is where this hack comes in: The trick is in the pleating! Keep reading if you want to transform your space from drab to fab. I go over everything you need to know and do in order to achieve this curtain look that will elevate your course to the next level.

What Is The Ikea Curtain Hack?

I thought this was a good place to start. When you look at different sets of curtains, you will notice the ones that look like they are high-end tend to have these little pleats at the top that allows them to drape in specific, whimsical ways. Most curtains that you will buy at an affordable price tend to just hang loosely. While this doesn’t look bad, it pales in comparison to the pleated curtains.

Isn’t it funny how such a small detail can have a such big impact on style? It really is the small things in your home that pull it together.

Now, these pre-pleated curtains tend to be on the pricier end. You will find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on a single set of curtains! This only gets worse when you take into account that you have 3 or 4 windows to cover. This is where the Ikea curtain hack will become your hero!

This sum it up in a sentence, this hack involves adding pleating hooks to your curtains before hanging them up so that they hang in a more delicate and put-together way.

Ikea Curtain Ideas

Before we get into the DIY, I thought you should spend a moment looking at the different kinds of curtains that you can use for this project. Keep in mind that you don’t have to resign yourself to using one of the examples below, these are just my favorites. The most important this is that you choose curtains that have Pleating Tape. Otherwise, you will have to buy that separately.

1. Pleated Mid-Length Curtain Idea – I wanted to start off this list with an example of what your pleated curtains will look like. Take a look at this example of a person’s living room that used this hack!

2. Beige Curtain Idea – Now I am going to get into the colors. Every curtain that I included on this list includes the pleating tape that is needed for this craft!

3. Darker Green Curtain Idea – I love the look of dark green curtains. I think it adds a dark, romantic feeling to any space. If you are someone with dark walls already, I would recommend going lighter.

4. Golden Yellow Curtains – These are the color that I chose, and they look wonderful in my living room. If you have a bubbly personality like me, I think choosing something like this is a great way to go.

3 different photos of curtains

5. Light Pink Curtain Idea – Light pink curtains are trendy right now, and I see why. They are not only adorable, but they brighten up whatever room they are in. I think it’s the perfect way to sneak in some playful energy while remaining chic.

6. Dark Navy Blue Curtains – If you like navy blue, then you have to check out this option. These are a deep blue that reminds me of the night sky!

7. Dark Grey Curtain Idea – If you want to keep it simple, then going with grey curtains is a wonderful option. You can brighten up your living room with other decor pieces that pop.

8. Patterned Blue Curtain Idea – Personally, I love the look of a patterned curtain, even when the room already has a lot going on. They are never a bad idea! Check out these sweet blue curtains.

9. Swirl Patterned Grey Curtains – Here is a good example of a simple pattern. These are a neutral color, and the pattern is not too loud, yet it still will add a lot to your room!

10. Light Turquoise Curtains – Lastly, here is a unique color that I think would look wonderful in a house that needs a pop of color. Check this out!

Ikea Curtain Hack: DIY That Will Transform Your Space. Cute Beige curtains.

Ikea Curtain Hack: DIY That Will Transform Your Space

Now it’s gone time. First and foremost, you are going to want to gather up your supplies. You may already have some of this at home if you are a crafter, but if not, make sure you get them before you start.

What You’ll Need

Step One: Lay Out Your Materials

First up, you are going to want to get all of your supplies out and ready to use. I worked at my kitchen table because it was much better on my back than if I were hunching over the ground. Lay out your curtain with the inseam facing you. Get your pleating hooks ready!

Step Two: Start Pleating

To do this, you need to make sure that you are sticking to a pattern. For mine, I went with connecting every 3rd section. You simply bunch your curtain until the loop you want to get to is right next to the one you are starting with. Then you just slide your pleating hook through both to secure it.

It will take a little while, so I put on a podcast, and it helped the time pass a little quicker.

Step Three: Hang Your Curtain

You are going to want to put your curtain rings around your rod and then clip up your beautiful new curtain with the hanging supplies it came with.

ikea curtain hack

That’s it! You have created your own boujee curtain on a budget! Take that money you saved and buy yourself something nice. There are many other household hacks out there, so I hope this just ignited your imagination for what is possible.

This Ikea Curtain Hack is something simple that you can do to make your space feel chicer. If you are interested in continuing to add to your space, I have so many amazing ideas for you to look at! Check these out, and remember that your space is not finished until you look at it and go, “Wow!”

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