Inside: How to tie Christmas wreath bows. Follow these step-by-step instructions for the perfect bow every time!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Christmas, one thing comes to mind: My front door, decorated with my annual wreath. Now, I am sure you don’t think of MY front door, but you know what I mean.

On my all-time favorite Christmas wreath, one thing stands out more to me than anything, and that is its bow! I have practiced making these Christmas Wreath Bows for years now, so I have become quite the little pro. Today I am going to walk you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to tie Christmas wreath bows.

How to tie Christmas Wreath Bows Simple and Quick

I have a few different styles that I will show you today that range from classic to more complex, so you can choose the one that fits your style best. But first, I thought we could go over some cute ideas for inspiration!

Cutest Christmas Bow Ideas

Take a look at the list below to get a good idea of the many different kinds of bows there are and the different kinds of ribbons that you can use to make your own look unique.

1. Red Classic Christmas Bow – You can never go wrong with a classic Christmas bow. I am continually impressed whenever I see these. They aren’t too hard to make, and the end result is just to die for.

2. Striped Red Bow Idea – If you want something that is close to a classic, then why not go for a striped bow? These are super cute and add such a good pop of pattern.

3. Black Striped Bow – You don’t have to make it with festive colors for it to give off that festive vibe. Take a look at this cute black and white striped bow, and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Green and Red Bow – Green and red are one of those Christmas combos that people never get tired of. And I see why they look amazing! I find that the best bows are simple.

5. Light Green and Cream Bow – If you like to go for more of a farmhouse style of decor, then this ribbon scheme is the one that was meant for you. Check it out.

Cutest Christmas Bow Ideas

6. 2 Tone Ribbon Bow – I love the unique look of this one. Take a look to see if this is the style that was meant for you.

7. Red Velvet Bow  – Red velvet, what a classic beauty. Doesn’t this one just remind you of Christmas moments you had as a child? It has a clean, and vintage feel that you can’t pass up.

8. Big Bow for Wreath – This is a huge bow for wreaths that would make a perfect addition to any style or theme you have going on. Check it out and prepare to be amazed.

9. Silver Glitter Bow – Calling all you glitter lovers out there, this is one of the absolute most stunning bows I have ever seen. I can only imagine how much prettier it gets when the light hits it.

10. Snow Lined Red Ribbon – I think this one is super cute. The bow itself is a pretty simple one, but the ribbon is what really drives it home for me. The edges are flocked with snow. Love it!

11. Multiple Ribbon Front Door Bow – Front doors deserve bows, don’t get me wrong. But how much cuter would this one be if you just popped a simple wreath under this bow? I am obsessed!

How to Tie a Christmas Wreath Bow

Here is the fun part. Time to learn how to tie Christmas wreath bows!

Though they look really complicated, I promise you they’re not! I find that once you get the hang of it, it’s one of those things you can do with your eyes closed. I am going to walk you through how to make a simple bow today, but you can spruce it up with any kind of ribbon or decorations that you want.


Here is a list of your supplies. When you are looking for ribbon, make sure that the one you choose has a metal lining that way, you can bend it to your will. These are what I will be using today, but feel free to get your own versions of these.

  • 1.5 Inch Red Thick Double Sided Ribbon Of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaner

First Step: Cut Your Ribbon and Prepare

Cut your ribbon Two and a Half to Three Yards long.

How to Tie a Christmas Wreath Bow

Second Step: Start Looping

First things first, you are going to want to decide how long you want the tails to be. I like to make mine longer because you can always cut it later, but you won’t be able to add more on. So you are going to decide on the length and then pinch the spot you have chosen.

Take some of the next parts of the ribbon and loop it over so that you are able to pinch it in the same spot you made for the tail. This can be any size you want, depending on the size of the bow you are going for. Once you have it, twist the ribbon. There are little metal wires running along your ribbon, so it should secure it.

Third Step: Make More Loops

Next, you will do the same thing on the other side, making another loop and twisting it. Your ribbon should be starting to resemble a bow by now. Hooray!

Continue on making more loops as you start to fill up the bow, using up the ribbon you have. Make sure you have a secure hold of the twisted bows and the tale throughout this process. It can be a lot to hold, but you got this! Regather if you need to.

Fourth Step: Tie it Off

You can stop when you make three loops on each side. After you have that, start to loop the leftover ribbon a few times around the middle. Then with the first tail you made, you are going to loop it over and use it to tie off the other ribbon. That will be the back of your bow.

Fifth Step: Add Pipe Cleaner

Next, you will even out the tails and perfect your bow. Space it all evenly. You are going to want to attach some pipe cleaner into the loop on the back, making way for you to fasten your bow onto your wreath. And there you go!

How to Tie Christmas Wreath Bows

How to Tie Christmas Wreath Bows: Conclusion

And there you have you; you now know how to make your very own Christmas Wreath Bows. The best part is you don’t even have to use these solely for wreaths. You can use them to deck your halls, your kitchen, or anything!

The most magical thing about Christmas is transforming your home into your own little wonderland. I have found that the best Christmases happen when I put extra effort into my decorations. I know that sounds silly, but I really think it has a huge impact on the people around me.

So if you want to keep looking at other ways to make your holiday home more special, I have so many other ideas that would make great additions to your house and your life.

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