Inside: Candy cane wreath form ideas you must see & simple DIY.

Christmas is well on its way, and now is the perfect time to start planning the different DIYs and activities that you will be doing. I don’t know about you, but I find that the holiday season just lights me up.

It’s something in the air, I think. I always try my best to make this time extra special. I know this sounds like a big task, but it’s actually quite the opposite: it’s a culmination of the little things that makes holidays so special to me. I like to make even the smallest of tasks something to look forwards to, and crafting is one of those things.

Candy Cane Wreath Form Ideas + Easy DIY

So today, we are going to focus on a Christmas DIY that you can do. I’ve needed to update my old wreath, but I didn’t want a regular run-of-the-mill replacement. That is how I stumbled across Candy cane-shaped wreaths! That is what we are going to make today. I have found some great ideas to give you inspiration, and then I will finish off the article with a DIY for you to do.

Candy Cane Wreath Form Ideas

For this first list, I wanted to show you the range that these cute little candy canes have. Not only are they simple to make, but they always turn out cute. If you are not a big crafter, do not feel bad. Every candy cane on this list is something that you can buy. Everyone deserves some of this holiday spirit. So take a look!

1. Cute Yarn Covered Wreath

2. Ribbons with Festive Colors

3. Fabric Festive Colored Candy Cane

4. Red Burlap and White Burlap

5. Red and White Plaid Pattern

6. Cute and Striped Candy Cane Burlap

7. Red and Brown Candy Cane

8. Yarn with Cute Decorated Cane

9. Burlap Wreath with Red Bow

Cool Candy Cane Wreaths

Cool Candy Cane Wreaths

This next list is full of some of the coolest candy cane wreath form ideas that you will ever see. It makes my heart happy to imagine that there are people in the world that love this season as much as I do. Enough to have a whole Etsy store dedicated to making decor…I am impressed! Check these out.

10. Ribbon with Candy Cane Shape

11. Dark Red Candy Cane with Big Bow

12. Black and White Candy Cane

13. Cute Wreath for Front Door

14. Cane Door Hanger for Christmas

15. Candy Cane Made with White Yarn

16. Simple Candy Cane Door Hang

17. Soft Yarn Candy Cane

18. Candy Cane with Bow

Festive Candy Wreaths

Festive Candy Wreath

Lastly, these are the ideas that I just couldn’t leave out. I think any one of these on this list would give you enough creative inspiration, so I can only imagine how looking at all of them will make you feel. And if you see one that you don’t think you can re-create, support the small business and treat yourself!

19. Red Candy Cane with White Tips

20. Cute White and Red Ribbon

21. Red Silk Ribbon Candy Cane

22. Peacock Candy Cane

23. Red, White, and Green Ribbon

24. Burlap with Checkered Patterned

25. Sparkly Gold Candy Cane

26. Candy Cane with Silk Ribbon

27. White Yarn with Pine Cones

Candy Cane Wreath Form Ideas: DIY

Now for the part that you have been waiting for…It’s candy cane DIY time! I am so excited to get started on this, you have no idea. Before we get started, take a look at the supply list and order what you don’t have. Once we have all of the things we need, we can get started.

Keep in mind I am keeping this DIY simple that way; you can add as many things as you want to make it your own. I’m basically just creating the foundation for you to build upon. You can go to your local craft store for any additions that you might want!


Step One

Are you ready to get your crafting on? I hope so!

To start, you are going to take your yarn and tightly tie it to the bottom of the wreath form. Next, you are going to take your hot glue and line the bottom with it. Carefully begin to wrap your yarn around the wreath form. The hot glue helps it to stay in play while you work up the cane.

Continue to do this, working your way up the wreath form. If you are going to try and make the different stripes, then you will need separate white and red yarn. When you feel you have made the stripe big enough, cut your thread and restart again with the next color. Alternate this until you are done.

Step Two

Now is when you decide how thick you want it. If you don’t want it to be super thick and are fine leaving it with one layer, that is totally fine. Your base is done!

But if you desire a fuller-looking candy cane wreath, then you can begin a second layer starting at the end that you finished on. Try your best to tie your string to the wire form and not the other pieces of yarn. Also, avoid using your hot glue during this time as it tends to make the yarn dried and crunchy looking, which is not very cute.

Candy Cane Wreaths

Step Three

So, your base is done. Can you guess what comes next? That is right; it’s decorating time! This is where you get to use the ideas that you gathered from the ideas above to create your very own candy cane wreath. For the sake of this DIY, I am going to keep it simple and add a bow. But you can add as much as you like.

To add a bow, cut off a one-foot piece of ribbon. You are going to wrap it around the straight part of the candy cane, about a third of the way up. Then you are going to do a simple cross knot like you do when tying your shoes.

Once you have your loose knot, you will make two loops with either side of your ribbon. You will repeat the loose knot process with these. The only difference is that you will do it twice to make a secured knot.

And there you have it, your very own candy cane wreath. How do you like it? It’s so cute!

Why You Should Make A Candy Cane Wreath This Year

I hope you enjoyed this wreath DIY as much as I enjoyed it. If you didn’t make your own, I hope, at the very least, that you were able to find one on this list that you loved. The important part is that you are excited about what you are adding to your home decor!

Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones, so I would recommend making a night out of this DIY. Have all of your loved ones over, listen to Michael Buble’s Christmas album, make some hot cocoa, and get your craft on.

If you are interested in looking at some other wreath ideas, we have you covered. We also have lots of DIY ideas for you as well if this one just wasn’t enough for you. Happy crafting, and a very happy holiday season to you!

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