Inside: Our secret to hanging the perfect wreath: 5 Tips and Tricks.

So… you have found your perfect wreath. What an awesome moment! Wreaths are such great decor pieces because, with proper care, they can last many years.

So you have made a solid investment! It also doesn’t hurt that they are oh-so-cute and perfect for kicking off the holiday season.

The real trouble comes once you get home with it. It’s all fun and games until you get your 24-inch beast home and realize that you have no idea how to hang it without inflicting damage to both the wreath AND your door or wall. The last thing you want is to rip a chunk out of your surface of choosing or to have your wreath drop and the decorations shatter.

That is a nightmare!!

Our secret to hanging the perfect wreath

So today I will share our secret to hanging the perfect wreath. Though it implies there is one thing that you can do, I actually have 5 tips that will help you to hang your wreath seamlessly. So take a look!

Our secret to hanging the perfect wreath: 5 Tips

I like to break it down into five tips because each one holds its own benefits for different situations. Whether you hang it on your door or your wall makes a huge difference in terms of which tip will be helpful, so before you read any further, think about where you will be putting your wreath.

1. Over-the-Door Hook

First things first, I would like to introduce you to a classic. This is the over-the-door hook method that will ensure that both your door and your wreath will be in good shape when the season is over and done with. The way to go about hanging this up is simple, and I will walk you through it.

You open your door and place the hook onto the area where you would like your wreath to hang. The best and most popular place is right smack dab in the middle, but if you want to be a trailblazer, do whatever you feel is right.

To get right into the center, measure the top of your door and then divide that number in half and put the hook at that measurement.

1. Over the Door Hook

Make sure that your hook is secure on your door and that it isn’t super loose. You want it to almost snap on. This way it won’t go sliding off if the door if accidentally gets slammed. Then you take your wreath and hook it on, making sure that it’s secure.

2. Command Strips

The command strip and ribbon method are one of my absolute favorites because the ribbons add such a cute element to your wreath. For this one, you are going to take a ribbon that matches the wreath you’ve chosen and then use that to fasten it to a command hook on the other side of the door.

To do this, you will need to hold the wreath up to the spot on the door that you want it to hang. On the other side of the door, attach a command hook upside down about 3-4 inches from the top. It’s upside down, so your ribbon can be hooked.

Then measure how much ribbon it will take to hook onto the command strip to let your wreath hang in your desired location. Take that length and double it before cutting; that way, you can loop it around and create the loop that it can hang from. Tie it to your wreath and then hook it onto the door. Voila! You have an adorable wreath.

3. Screw-in Hooks

If you are planning on hanging it on the wall, then a regular screw-in hook will do just fine for you. All you have to do for this is find a stud in your wall, a screw in a hook in the place where you want your wreath to hang.

Most wreaths come with a hanging wire or hole, but if yours doesn’t have one, then you can easily add one by taking some thick string like twine and tying it securely to two spots that won’t move. Then you can use that to hook onto the wall. Take a step back and make sure it is straight.

4. Magnetic Hanger

If you want to hang it from your door but have lots of windows that you are worried about breaking, a good route to go is a magnetic hanger. These are super handy and don’t look too bad. Overall they are a great way to avoid any broken windows.

So to do this, order yourself one of the magnetic hangers like the one I included above. You take on half of the magnet and you put it on one side of the door, and the same goes for the other side. Make sure you have it centered or wherever you want to put it, and if you are adding it to glass, be very careful that they don’t connect to eachother too hard.

You can make sure this doesn’t happen by adding them on slowly with your fingers clasped around them. Then when you feel them pulling, slowly pull your hands out of the way. Repeat the twine step from above if your wreath doesn’t have a loop to hook onto.

5. Hang from Knocker

5. Hang it From Your Knocker

This one might seem pretty simple and obvious, but it’s a classic, and you can never go wrong. Just hang it on your knocker! Many knockers have stylized areas where it attaches to the door so your ribbon won’t go flying off when it shuts.

But if yours is smooth, the best thing you can do is make your own ribbon and loop it around the knocker so that it is securely tied on there. No matter how hard the door shuts, it won’t go anywhere. That should be the goal with all five of these tips; there is nothing sadder than having your wreath fall and break all the ornaments or smoosh the decorations that it has on it.

Avoid it by choosing one of these ways! They are simple, easy to do, and they look amazing. So why not? Plus, they are super affordable. You really can’t go wrong by doing the right thing.

Our secret to hanging the perfect wreath

Our secret to hanging the perfect wreath: Conclusion

So, our secret to hanging the perfect wreath is that there are five different ways that you can go about it, but the most important part is that your wreath is securely fastened to each and that they are stable.

If you found this article helpful, you should check out some of our other awesome wreath ideas. There are loads to choose from, and now that you know how to properly hang up your wreath, I think it’ll be more fun to look at and see which ones you like and which you don’t.

Wreaths are the best, and I will not hide my enthusiasm when it comes to them. I remember back when I used to think that you could only ever hang one during the holidays; oh, how wrong was I? So check out those ideas and find some wreaths to keep up the whole year!

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