Inside: 11 Festive Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths. 

Fall is my favorite time of year. Literally everything about it is perfect, the hot drinks, falling leaves, and crisp weather. When it comes to decorating for fall, its also one of my favorites because you can keep those decorations up for months. In my opinion fall decor stays up from the middle of September till the last day of November.

Finding a wreath for those months can be fun, but making the perfect one can be even more fun. One of my favorite places to shop for wreath supplies is from Dollar Tree, partially because their supplies are cheap but also they have a great selection.

Here are my favorite Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths ideas, let us know your favorite!

Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths

Festive Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths

1. Burlap Pumpkin: This is a fun way to add a little fall flair to your front door. I love using burlap, plus it’s a pretty inexpensive material to use. Here is a tutorial I found to make this cute dollar tree burlap fall wreath! The way she used spray paint to add a little color and dimension is amazing.

2. White Pumpkins & Cotton: If you’re looking for a little something more subtle that can carry you all through fall, then this wreath is perfect for you. I love the soft combo of the white pumpkins, cotton, and lambs ear.

3. Wood Wreath Sign: With a piece of craft wood, some paint, and cute sprigs, you could easily make this fall wreath with just a quick trip to Dollar Tree.

4. Embroidery Hoop Wreath: Another one of my favorite Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths ideas is using an embroidery hoop. It’s a great and inexpensive way to create a fun fall look. By just adding a few fall flowers to a wood embroidery hoop, you have a cute wreath for your front door.

Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths

Perfect Wreath Ideas for Fall

5. Sunflower Wicker Wreath: Wicker wreaths are a great base when it comes to making your own DIY wreath. By adding a few fun sunflowers, you can transform that wicker wreath into a fall beauty to hang on your front door.

6. Leafy Wreath: By covering your wreath form in fall colored leaves, you can create the perfect fall decor for your front door.

7. Hi Burlap Wreath: I love the idea of adding some cute metal letters to your wreath. It adds a playful touch!

Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths

A Few More of Our Favorite Dollar Tree Fall Wreaths

8. Whispy Sunflower Wreath: This is a great fall wreath idea. Again using a whicker wreath form is perfect as a base for your DIY wreath. I love how they added whispy sprigs and bold sunflowers from Dollar Tree to create the perfect fall wreath.

9. Classic Cotton: This is personally one of my favorite fall wreath ideas. It’s clean, simple, and easy to make.

10. Green Fall Leaf: The way they used green gourds makes this fall wreath soft and pretty all season long. I love the coolness of this wreath and you can make this from supplies you find at Dollar Tree.

11. Splash of Orange: I love how they used a soft green wreath and added touches of orange-colored sprigs throughout the wreath to give it that fall look.

Wreath Ideas

More Fun Dollar Tree & Wreath Ideas You’ll Love

  • How to Make a Sunflower Wreath – Capture the natural beauty of blooming sunflowers with this DIY wreath project. Starting with basic crafting materials like deco mesh ribbon, pipe cleaners, and a wire wreath form, follow our simple instructions to create a gorgeous floral-inspired door hanging. This sunflower-shaped wreath easily transitions from spring to fall, so you can display it throughout the changing seasons. Plus, the deco mesh sunflower wreath comes together in under an hour, so you can have a beautiful front door decoration in no time.
  • Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Ideas – I love adding a fun pop of festive to my front door, dining room table or over my mantel, and one of my favorite ways to do so is a bright colorful Deco Mesh piece! I love using Deco Mesh, it is the perfect material to manipulate into the best decor. From holidays to everyday decor there are so many different fun ways to use Deco Mesh. Now, with seasons changing and holidays having the perfect wreath for each occasion can get pricey. That is why I made the best list of Dollar Tree Deco Mesh Ideas! They are all perfectly designed to stay within your budget and still add that festive punch!
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