I love the smell of citrus, don’t you? It’s the perfect refreshing fragrance for any time of year. Plus, you can combine it with so many other smells to make a unique scent!

I also love making wreaths, so I thought, why not make some with dried oranges. I tried my hand at many of the options and tutorials to find a couple perfect ways to dehydrate the orange and create stunning wreaths you’ll want to look at year after year.

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Dried orange slices are fun and easy to make, and you can use them in so many different crafts. I like using them in garlands and wreaths to spread the scent around my home. Here’s what you need to know about drying oranges for wreaths, plus a huge list of dried orange wreath ideas to get your creative juices flowing! I’ve also added plenty of links to wreaths you can purchase if making one just isn’t your thing.

DIY – How to Dry Oranges for Wreaths

There are a few ways to dry oranges for wreaths, so you can try whichever looks easiest to you, or experiment with all of them! You want to remove all moisture from the fruit to properly preserve it. Here are the three best ways:

  1. Drying oranges naturally (air dry)
  2. Drying them in the oven
  3. Drying in a food dehydrator

For all three methods, start the same way: slice your oranges into 1/4-inch rounds, pat them dry with a cloth or paper towel, and place them on a drying rack.

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Natural Drying Method

To dry your oranges naturally, leave your drying rack of slices out and turn them daily. They will take several days or longer to dry.

Drying in the Oven

Place your wire rack of orange slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake them at a low temperature (about 170°), turning often, until they dehydrate (approx. 3 hours). This method is the most popular because it is faster than natural drying, and most people have an oven but not a food dehydrator.

Drying Orange Slices With a Food Dehydrator

Although the oven method is the most popular, drying orange slices with a food dehydrator is the easiest. Simply place your orange rounds on the dehydrator’s rack and follow the directions for your machine. Turn the slices every hour until they are dehydrated (approx. 3 hours total, depending on your device).

And that’s it! Now you have perfectly dried orange slices that you can use to make a gorgeous wreath.

Dried Orange Wreath Ideas With Fruit Slices

There are lots of ways you can use dried fruit slices in wreaths. You can also combine different types of fruit! Here are some of the best dried orange wreath ideas with fruit slices for you to peruse.

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1. Golden Hydrangea and Citrus Wreath

The yellow florals on this wreath complement the dried fruit beautifully.

2. Fall Orange Wreath

3. Oranges Only Wreath

This wreath made entirely of dried orange slices is so simple and stunning – it looks like stained glass!

4. DIY Simple Dried Fruit and Herb Wreath

5. Hand Strung Wreath

6. Dried Fruit and Leaves

7. Highly Scented Citrus Wreath

8. Heart-Shaped Wreath

This heart-shaped orange wreath also features cinnamon sticks and pinecones.

9. Oranges Only Wreath With Green Ribbon

10. DIY Fruit Wreath

11. Willow, Orange, and Apple

12. DIY Orange and Eucalyptus

I bet this natural dried orange and eucalyptus wreath smells DIVINE – here are the instructions on how to make it.

13. Dried Fruit Wreath Craft Kit

14. Felt Eucalyptus and Wooden Beads

How cute is this dried orange wreath with felt eucalyptus? The wooden beads are an adorable touch, and the mix of textures and materials is just gorgeous.

Christmas Dried Orange Wreath Ideas

Orange is such a great scent for Christmas, and the color goes really well with red and green. Here are some of my favorite ideas for Christmas dried orange wreaths.

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15. Festive Dried Orange Wreath

I think this festive orange wreath would look great with some tiny decorative mushrooms!

16. Evergreen Orange Winter Wreath

I love how this beautiful wreath combines pine and evergreen stems, green and white berries, and dried oranges for the perfect winter holiday wreath.

17. Sugar, Spice, and Driftwood

This driftwood wreath smells like sugar, spice, and everything nice.

18. Stars and Bells

I’m IN LOVE with the real bells and wicker stars on this wreath – how perfect for the holidays!

19. Christmas Wreath Making Kit

This DIY kit has everything you need to make a GORGEOUS dried orange holiday wreath. I am obsessed with the vibrant colors on this one.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to follow any wreath making kit’s directions exactly. You can remove or add as many pieces as you’d like! Swap out some greenery for more orange slices, add a red velvet bow, etc. 

20. Real Pine Branches

Using pine branches as the main greenery in your orange wreath is a great idea for holiday decor.

21. Cinnamon and Red Berry

I just know that the cinnamon sticks on this wreath smell incredible.

22. Eco Yule Farmhouse Wreath

This Christmas wreath features dried oranges, pinecones, cinnamon, star anise, and hazelnuts. It’s topped with glass beads for a beautiful finishing touch.

23. Dried Flowers and Oranges Wreath Making Kit

Here’s another fun kit for making a full and festive Christmas wreath.

24. Primitive Farmhouse Bay Leaf Wreath

I like the idea of adding bay leaves to your wreath for a unique scent.

25. Heart-Shaped Christmas Wreath

I LOVE this heart-shaped holiday wreath with both slitted and sliced oranges.

26. Green, White, and Orange Wreath

The wintertime florals make this wreath ideal for the holiday season.

27. Pinecones and Twigs

This orange wreath design is heavy on pinecones, so I think it would look great in a home with a neutral, earthy color palette.

28. Winter Everlasting Wreath

This one looks like a Christmas cocktail but in wreath form!

Dried Orange Wreath Ideas for Summer

Not only are dried oranges colorful and fragrant but they are also super versatile. They work just as well in a summer wreath as in a winter one. Here are a few of the best ideas I found for summer dried orange wreaths.

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29. Star Anise and Dried Orange Wreath

30. Vibrant Colors

The bold, bright colors of this dried orange wreath make it perfect for celebrating summer.

31. Tropical Orange and Lemon

32. Baby Blue Eucalyptus and Ruscus

33. Pears, Roses, Apples, and Oranges

34. Wild Sea Lavender and Citrus

I love how this wreath mixes the scents of oranges and lavender! The color combination is beautiful, too.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix scents! Add other fragrant pieces like eucalyptus, lavender, roses, rosemary, and more to create a unique scent for your wreath.

35. Orange Slice Ribbon

I am OBSESSED with the orange slice ribbon bow on this lamb’s ear wreath!

36. Oranges, Lemons, and Roses

37. Sunny Citrus Wreath

The bright and cheerful color palette on this wreath makes it ideal for warm summer months.

38. Cottagecore Grapefruit and Oranges

39. Monarch Butterflies

Adding faux Monarch butterflies to your orange wreath is a great way to make it more summery, and it complements the color scheme.

The Best Dried Orange Wreath Ideas

I just couldn’t help myself – I found a few more dried orange wreath ideas I know you’re going to love! I think the mushroom one might be my favorite, but I love the weeping wreath style, too. Check them out below!

The words "The Best Dried Orange Wreath Ideas" with 4 pictures of wreaths.

40. Whimsical Dried Orange and Pampas Wreath

The shapes and colors on this wreath design make it perfect for fall.

41. Weeping Wreath With Moss

I’m just obsessed with this “weeping” wreath style – I want to incorporate this design into other door decorations I make!

42. DIY Dried Fruit and Faux Greenery Wreath

Here are instructions for making a fragrant DIY orange wreath.

43. Lotus Pods and Pinecones

The lotus pods really add some gorgeous texture to this dried orange and pinecone wreath.

44. Mini Orange Wreath With Mushrooms

I love the idea of painting some of your dried citrus to look like little mushroom caps!

Pro Tip: The circles of orange slices make a great canvas – feel free to paint designs onto your dried citrus for a unique look!

45. Witchy Mini Wreath With Crystals

This mini wreath has cool witchy vibes – it would look great in an altar space or maybe even hanging in your car.

46. Minimalist Holiday Wreath

A minimalist wreath is great for anyone with a simple, conservative decor style.

47. Williamsburg Style Fruit Wreath

This one-of-a-kind Williamsburg-style wreath features ferns, eucalyptus, mini red apples, dehydrated orange slices, and green, white, and yellow berries. The mix of textures and colors is just stunning.

48. Dried Flowers, Grass, and Thistle

The layers of dried florals and greens on this wreath are so eye-catching!

49. DIY Orange and Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia leaves are so gorgeous and add a pop of greenery to this dried orange wreath.

50. Olive Branch and Beads

Stringing wooden beads on a wire wreath hoop is a simple yet professional-looking wreath design.

51. Dark Green and Red

This red and green wreath would make a lovely piece of holiday door decor, plus it would greet your guests with a delicious scent.

I can just SMELL the delicious scent of citrus after rounding up all these dried orange wreath ideas. I found so many good suggestions for combining it with unexpected fragrances like lavender and rose. I also like all the color and texture mixes I saw.

What do you think? Are you going to dehydrate some orange slices to use in your decorating? Let me know in the comments which ideas you like best, or if you have any tips for making a dried orange wreath!

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