These eucalyptus wreath ideas are perfect if you are looking for an all-season decoration that greets visitors with a delicious, refreshing scent.

Eucalyptus wreaths are highly customizable, so you can use your imagination to show off your unique style or add seasonal elements. They are fun and easy to make, so even beginning crafters can create a professional-looking wreath!

Eucalyptus wreath ideas

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I will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to make a eucalyptus wreath. Once you have the basics down, you can personalize your design any way you’d like.

And I’ve sourced some of the best eucalyptus wreath ideas on the internet to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing.

Pro Tip: A eucalyptus wreath made with fresh leaves will only last two to three weeks, while dried eucalyptus will last years. So we better plan a design that dries well!

Fresh eucalyptus smells divine, and the drying process makes the leaves lose their fragrance. If you’re going for a strong scent and you don’t mind enjoying your wreath for a short time, use fresh leaves. If you need your wreath to last longer, go for dried or artificial leaves.

You can even dab eucalyptus essential oil onto the dried leaves to enjoy both the fresh scent and the long-lasting design!

I’ll take you through the simple steps of making a eucalyptus wreath.

If you’re short on time or not particularly crafty but still want to own or gift a wreath, I’ve also included several options you can purchase below!

How to make a Eucalyptus wreath

How to Make a Eucalyptus Wreath

One of the best things about making a eucalyptus wreath with fresh leaves is that you can enjoy their scent and appearance for a few weeks, and it still looks good (although becomes less fragrant) after the leaves dry out. I recommend starting by making a fresh wreath and seeing how you like the look and smell of the fresh vs. dried leaves as they naturally dry over time. You can also substitute artificial leaves for fresh/dried ones.

This wreath is highly customizable. When you’re done with these steps, you will have a finished eucalyptus wreath that’s ready to hang, or you can add any decorations you’d like.

I suggest getting creative and adding some holiday ornaments, lights, additional foliage, flowers, etc.

Supplies you will need:

    • Fresh eucalyptus stems (you can get them at Trader Joe’s for about $3 per bunch, and a basic wreath takes approximately 5 bunches to make. You can find eucalyptus in the floral sections of most grocery stores, or use artificial eucalyptus stems from craft stores.)
    • 14” grapevine wreath base (if you prefer a larger size, you may need more eucalyptus stems.)
    •  Floral wire
    • Wire cutters
    • Scissors
    • Optional: any customizations you’d like to add (pinecones, berries, dried flowers, glitterspray, lights, etc.)

Step by step process for DIY Eucalyptus wreath

Step 1: Separate your eucalyptus bunches into smaller branches. Use your scissors to cut the branches into smaller pieces, about 6” in length.

Step 2: Laying the wreath flat, push the stems of the branch pieces into the grapevine base. Add stems next to each other with the bottoms pointing in the same direction, slightly overlapping the pieces.

The grapevine wreath base should hold the stems in place.

Step 3: Once you have filled the circle of the wreath with stems, go back and add more pieces where any gaps may be noticeable. You want a full, polished look, with the stems flowing in a neat circle.

Step 4: Pick up your wreath and see if any pieces fall off or droop. Use wire cutters to cut pieces of floral wire, and use them to attach any fallen pieces to the grapevine base. You can tuck the leaves around the wire so the wire does not show.

Step 5: Add any decorative pieces, if you’d like. Spray the leaves with glitter, use wire pieces to attach pine cones or berries, or hang ornaments from the grapevine base.

Step 6: Create a loop from floral wire and attach it to the back of your wreath at the top. You will use this loop to hang the wreath from your wall or door.

Dried and fresh Wreath ideas to buy for winter

Pretty Eucalyptus Wreaths You Can Buy

1. Fresh Handmade Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath

This fresh wreath is handmade in California, and it comes in multiple sizes. The simple and

romantic style makes it perfectly giftable and it works with any style of home decor.

2. Mixed Eucalyptus Foliage

Artificial eucalyptus is perfect if you want your wreath to last forever without having to replace fresh or dried leaves.

Remember, you can always dab eucalyptus essential oil onto your artificial wreath for a fresh scent.

This company also offers a matching garland to make a complementary tablescape.

3. Faux Eucalyptus Wire Wreath

This minimalist wreath is small, simple, and chic. You can hang it as it is, or add some DIY touches to the gold wire frame, such as using floral wire to attach faux butterflies or additional foliage.

4. Christmas Red & White Berry & Eucalyptus Wreath

Although this wreath is marketed as holiday decor, it really works for any season.

The red and white florals are ideal for a Christmas theme, but the colors will pop against your door year-round.

5. Handmade Fresh Seeded Eucalyptus & Magnolia Wreath

The brown foliage in this wreath makes it a great decorative piece for someone who loves neutral and earth tones. It comes in sizes ranging from 12 to 36 inches, so it fits any room or door.

6. Wood Bead Boho Eucalyptus Wreath

The wooden beads on this wreath add a rustic, bohemian flare. You could also try making this at home by using a metal wire floral hoop.

7. Christmas Red Berry & Eucalyptus Wreath

Pinecones, red berries, and green pine needles make this wreath extra festive. Try adding a string of white or multicolored lights to really make this holiday decor shine.

8. White Flower & Eucalyptus Iron Wreath

The delicate branches and white florals on this artificial wreath are absolutely breathtaking. The iron material lasts for years and looks highly realistic.

9. Eucalyptus & Lotus Wreath

If you want to try an artificial eucalyptus wreath but green doesn’t match your color scheme, this is the piece for you. It features shades of brown and dusty orange for a stunning autumn or winter look.

10. Faux Black Eucalyptus Wreath

Here’s a playful and moody twist on the classic eucalyptus wreath. You can DIY by spray painting artificial or dried eucalyptus branches.

11. Autumn Cotton, Eucalyptus, Berries & Pinecones Artificial Fall Wreath

This unique wreath features a gorgeous combination of colors and textures. I suggest dressing it up even more by adding a large blue or white ribbon bow.

Diy ideas for herb wreaths

Ideas You Can DIY

Since we learned the process above, crafting up these inspiring wreath designs should be easy to do on a long weekend at home.

12. DIY Modern Eucalyptus Wreath

If you love the minimalist look and don’t want too much greenery on your wreath, here are the steps to make a gorgeous gold one. The unembellished, elegant design makes it both simple to craft and the perfect accent to any wall.

13. DIY Dried Orange & Eucalyptus Wreath

This fruity twist on a eucalyptus wreath is deliciously fragrant, and the dried leaves and oranges can last for years. The pop of color from the oranges also makes this decoration piece cheerful and vibrant.

14. Eucalyptus Garland & Easy Greenery Wreath

This DIY wreath combines silver dollar eucalyptus with seeded eucalyptus, lemon leaf, and Italian ruscus for a lush, unique look. I recommend adding dried lemons for color and fragrance.

15. Felt, Cardstock, & Crepe Paper Eucalyptus Wreath

If you want your wreath to last forever and avoid messy foliage, this is the perfect project for you. This inventive wreath is made entirely out of paper and felt!

16. Ten-Minute Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath

Faux pomegranates and red eucalyptus leaves make this DIY wreath a knockout. It only takes ten minutes to put together and lasts for years!

17. DIY Spring Wreath With Eucalyptus & Flowers

Pink florals brighten up this look and the wreath to make it ideal for warmer weather. Add light blue and purple flowers and spray with silver glitter for a dreamy, fairyland effect.

Why make eucalyptus wreaths?

Besides being attractive and appropriate for all seasons, the eucalyptus plant has a powerful meaning.

  1. The word “eucalyptus” comes from the Greek words “eu” and “kalyptos,” which translates to “well covered.”
  2. The plant owes this name to its flower buds protected by the lavish, fragrant leaves adored by crafters and plant enthusiasts (and, famously, koalas).
  3. Hanging a eucalyptus wreath on your door infuses your home with the magic of eucalyptus, helping to keep inhabitants and visitors safe.
  4. The lore of eucalyptus makes these wreaths the perfect housewarming, holiday, baby shower, or wedding gift.

Now you have plenty of eucalyptus wreath ideas to make or buy the perfect decoration for your home. Thanks to the mythology of their protective powers, these wreaths are also perfect gifts for any holiday or occasion.

Put one in your shopping cart or whip up a DIY wreath, and enjoy the soothing scent and cleansing powers of eucalyptus in your home.

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