Calling all book lovers! If you are always looking for more sentimental touches to add to your home, round up some of your favorite reads and get to work on these book page wreath tutorials and fun page styling ideas.

halloween themed book page wreath idea with jack-o-lanterns

When I was eighteen, I decided to spend my summer making a thousand paper cranes out of my favorite old books. Well, maybe not a thousand, but I did make about 200 for a wreath I wanted to put above my bed in my dorm room. It came out gorgeous!

I have been searching to make a new one for above my dining table and found so many other great book page wreaths.

From full on books to simple pages if you can will yourself to take them out of the binding, these ideas will keep those favorite words front and center to our home decor.

Learn the Techniques

There are many different techniques you can use to create your book wreath. Try them all if you would like!

Each one will give you a different look and could suit one idea over another.

1. Using a Pencil End to Make Extra Compact Page Layers

I love the technique used in this DIY tutorial. It makes the wreath look so full, almost mimicking a traditional greenery wreath.

2. Mini Book Page Wreath Ornaments

This tutorial uses a similar technique as idea #1, but instead turn the pages into the most adorable little book wreath ornaments! I think a cute way to personalize these would be by using notebook paper with the name of the recipient written or stamped many times on all of the pages you plan to use for the wreath before cutting them and assembling it.

3. Unique Rolled Book Page Wreath How To

I love the look of this book page wreath that uses the rolling technique as shown in its tutorial.. Many rolled wreaths are done where the holes of the tubes face the front of the wreath, but the one has the openings all pointed out for a unique and classy look.

4. Cut Out Bat Shape Book Page Wreath

In this tutorial, you will see how simple a book page wreath can be! This idea uses bat shapes cut out from the book of your choice (perhaps R.L. Stein for some added Halloween fun).

5.  Colorful Rolled Book Page Wreath

Here is another example of a rolled book page wreath, but this time the openings are facing the front of the wreath. The creator also used a scalloped edge cutter and pops of color for some extra fun.

6. Folded Book Page Wreath

How lovely is this DIY folded book page wreath? I love how loose the layers are. It’s whimsical yet so chic. Just accordion fold one side of each page so that the opposite side remains loose and attach to your wreath form as the rolled pages as shown in the above tutorial.

7. Paper Fan DIY Wreath

If you want to make a statement with your book page wreath, this might be the technique for you! It is a gorgeous option for anytime of year, but I think it would be especially beautiful at the Holidays! Try using pages from your favorite holiday book. Mine would be The Nutcracker. 

8. Loosely Folder Heart Wreath

Here is a closer look at another folded book page wreath technique, this time with a heart shaped wreath form! What a lovely way to decorate your walls for Valentine’s Day.

9. Book Page Rose Wreath

I love a wreath with a floral touch, and book page wreaths are no exception! These book page roses are beautiful. Learn my favorite technique for paper roses in this video.

10. Heart Cut Out Wreath

Out of all of the wreaths shown so far, this might be my favorite! I love hearts, so this one gets double the love from me with its heart shaped frame AND heart shaped page cutouts. Add ribbon or twine to cover up the glue and you are set!

11. Mini Torn and Folded Book Page Wreath DIY

If you have a small space that needs a little extra something, this could be your solution. They are so perfectly imperfect, and I love the freedom of being able to add whatever scrabble word feels right, or you can leave them as is and maybe just add a bow.

a book page wreath made with pastel patterned rolled paper, a Raven themed Edgar Allen Poe book page wreath, a leaf-cut out book page wreath, and a heart shaped book page wreath

Holiday and Other Themed Book Page Wreath DIYs

Here are some amazing ideas crafting holiday wreaths from your home library and bonus is that with a few simple tweaks you can use them throughout the year.

12. Patriotic Book Wreath and Garland

It is always a struggle to decorate indoors for the Fourth of July, but this wreath set up has me inspired. I love the star garland under the book page garland. What an amazing way to incorporate the extra pages you couldn’t fit on your wreath!

13. The Pages and the Cover!

Another clever book page wreath, that I would not recommend hanging, is this one, complete with the cover and spine! With Christmas being at the end of the year, this could be a great way to round up what you’ve read throughout the year. It makes for a beautiful dinner table centerpiece and conversation starter!

14. Crumpled Heart

Here is another Valentine’s Day wreath for you, and this crumpled technique is perfect if you are worried about your wreath getting smashed in storage the rest of the year.

15. Spooky Book Page Wreath DIY

How cute is this spooky Halloween side table styling? Signs are a great way to take your book page wreath from season-to-season. Just add a hidden hook in the top half of your wreath for an easy switch out process.

16. The Raven

Any Edgar Allen Poe fans out there? This wreath provides some awesome inspiration for an understated book theme. I love that the creator used origami ravens instead of something more lifelike.

17.  Winnie the Pooh Book Page Wreath

Do not feel like you need to shy away from color with your wreath. This one is a prime example of how fun picture books can be in these projects! Take your child’s favorite picture book and turn it into a beautiful piece of art for their bedroom.

18. Use a Map

Another fun way to add some color is using maps instead of book pages. Make it sentimental by using maps showing locations that mean a lot to you on your life’s journey such as where you were born, where you and your partner shared your first kiss, where your child took their first steps, etc.

19. Spiders and Scrolls

Here is another great Halloween set up for you. The past couple Halloweens, I have been loving using spiders in my decor. It keeps things spooky without getting busy looking, and black goes with basically everything!

20. Autumn Leaves Book Page Wreath

If you liked the cutout book page wreath tutorials from the first section, you have to check out this leaf cut out wreath. It is simple, classic, and a sure way to welcome fall into your foyer, kitchen, or bathroom.

21. Fungi Lovers Unite

If you love mushrooms, consider adding some cute little guys like these to your wreath! They can add a splash of color for year round fun(gi).

23. Bird’s Nest Book Page Wreath DIY

Spring has sprung with this bird’s nest book page wreath. Add a sign for Easter if you’d like, or keep it simple for the whole season!

an artist's hands folding paper for a book page wreath diy, a magnolia leaf cut out sheet music wreath, a loose folded technique book page wreath

Florals and Other Year Round Inspiration

24. The Perfect Dahlia

Have you ever seen a more perfect dahlia book page wreath? I imagine it doesn’t exist, because this one is breathtaking. We can all only hope ours turn out just as well! Taper in the rolled pages toward the center and lightly spray the area darker for a more lifelike look.

25. A Half Wreath

I love the look of a wreath with half of its grapevine form showing. This example combines textiles and faux eucalyptus to achieve a really gorgeous half or even three-quarter wreath.

26. Oil Diffuser Holder

Flip your small wreath on its back to recreate this oil diffuser look. This would be great for the back your toilet or on your entryway table.

27. Tight Roses with Your Initial

You have to really love roses with the time it will take to make something like this, but it is truly stunning and would definitely be worth the callused hands! Add some color with a large letter block of your last initial.

28. Just Enough Color

My favorite part of these book page wreaths is that it almost feels like a sepia filter is over them, but if you need a little more color in your life, try coloring the edges of the page with marker of your choice!

29. Use Your Extra Pages

Here is another example of how to use your extra pages.  Make a pretty little book page arrangement to sit beneath your wreath!

30. Sheet Music Magnolia Leaves

Print off sheet music from your favorite song or hymn and use it in the place of book pages to cut out magnolia leaf shapes and create this beautiful wreath.

31. A Book Page Bow

If you cannot get enough of the paper crafts, try adding a book page bow as a finishing touch! Here is an amazing tutorial to achieve this look.

a book page wreath made from circular paper fans


What else can I use instead of book pages?

Feel free to use sheet music, hymnal pages, road maps, topography maps, patterned paper, love letters, handwritten notes, wrapping paper, or any other paper products you can think of! The options are endless with these DIY book page wreaths.

Can I use these outside?

Because of the fragile nature of paper and water, I would avoid hanging these outdoors. Even if you have a covered porch, dew could affect the appearance of your book page wreath.

Whether you are a book lover or just enjoy sentimental handmade touches in your home, these bookish wreaths are great. If you are still looking for more ideas, try some of these paper wreath crafting options with book pages as your crafting paper!

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