Inside: The cutest flamingo wreath ideas that will brighten up your home

When it comes to home decor, your mind might not jump to flamingos… but it should. Flamingos are distinguished and adorable, adding the perfect pop of pink.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate them into my home is with flamingo wreaths.

Now, you may be thinking, “Aren’t wreaths just for Christmas?”

Nope! There are wreaths that you can hang all year long.

Bright Flamingo Wreath Ideas

So I made a list of over 60 of the brightest flamingo wreaths that deserve to be hung in your home today. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Simple Flamingo Wreath Ideas

I like to start off my list with a culmination of styles; that way, you can get a feel for what you like and what you don’t. There are so many crazy options out there that you would never even think existed, and they are all here on this list.

So take a look!

1. Cute Full Wreath – This is an adorable way to kick off this list. They used a mesh pink base as the feathers and then added the long neck and legs that flamingos are famous for. Too cute!

2.  Summertime Wreath – The thought of summer puts a smile on everyone’s face, so why not make a wreath dedicated to it?

3. Grazing Flamingos – I think this one is just too sweet. Two pal flamingos!

4. Pink Daisy Wreath – You can make your flamingo wreath by adding some pink flowers and a plastic flamingo in the center. Too cute!

5. Flamingo Love – If you want a more romantic wreath, your search stops here.

6. Fern Wreath – Adding a little(or a lot) of green is never a bad idea, especially in the form of plants. I love plant wreaths because they add such a pop of color.

7. Summer-Themed Wreath – Flamingos are often associated with the hotter months, so there may be quite a few summer-themed wreaths on this list. Which is great because they’re awesome!

8. Ribbon Wreath – Calling all ribbon lovers out there, you can’t miss this one.

9. Christmas Flamingo – Christmas is a time that you’ll rarely see any flamingo decor up…and that just isn’t fair. So let’s change it.

10. Festive Flamingo – If you love the holidays, bump it up a notch with a wreath styled like this. It’s cute, funny, and fresh.

11. Mesh Wreath – Mesh wreaths are one of my favorite kinds, especially when the color pink is involved.

12. There’s No Place Like the Beach – This one comes with an adorable sign in the center.

13. Delicate Wreath – With a grapevine base and crescent decoration, this is such a winner.

14. Pink & Green Wreath – This is a bit frillier but is absolutely adorable. The green and pink combination is one of the best.

15. Mesh Wreath with Center – I have gone my whole adult life without one of these. I especially love the leaves that are intermixed throughout it.

Flamingo Wreath

Bright Pink Flamingo Wreath Ideas

If you love color, then this is the list for you. Below are some of the brightest flamingo wreaths you will ever see. Not only are they bright, but they are unique and creative as well.

You have to see these.

16. Ultimate Summer Wreath – If you liked the summer theme in some of the wreaths above, you have to look at this one. It’s literally made out of a pool floaty.

17. Tropical Wreath – Ribbons galore! This is a glorious mix of flowers, bows, and ribbons. My favorite part, though, is the welcome sign on the side.

18. Pink Wreath – There are so many different patterns for ribbons, and this wreath has them all. The little “Hello” sign on the sign gives this wreath a chic vibe.

19. Welcome Wreath – If you plan to hang your wreath on your front door, making a wreath with a welcome sign is a must.

20. Polka Dot Flamingo – This beautiful wreath would be perfect for spring. It has large flowers, bows, and a large polka dot flamingo to cap it off.

21. Grapevine Summer Wreath – Cute pink florals and long grass at the base, with two bright pink flamingos standing in the center.

22. Wicker Wreath – This wreath is made of orange and blue wicker. It’s simple, colorful, and beautiful.

23. Time to Relax – I think that this wreath was created for your back door. Because no business is welcome at a backyard BBQ.

24. Simple Door Hanger – This wooden door hanger has monstera accents and an adorable flamingo in the center.

25. Blue and Pink Ribbon Wreath – I am a sucker for plushies, and this wreath comes with a bright pink flamingo to match the pink ribbons!

26. Glamorous Flamingo – This flamingo could not be fancier. Look at those sunglasses!

27. Curly Mesh Flamingo – Pink curly mesh ribbons fill this wreath with tropical leaves and flamingo ribbons intermixed throughout it.

28. Deco Mesh Door Hang – This is a very simple wreath, but it’s the prime example of bigger is not always better.

29. Burlap Light Wreath – The burlap and flamingo ribbon look so cute; who would have thought? Like a rustic barn meets Floridian condo.

30. Colorful Wreath – Tropical birds in a car? Sounds like a vacation to me.

Cute Bright Pink Wreaths for summer

Cute Flamingo Wreath Ideas

This title may feel slightly obvious, but I swear these are extra special. I had to separate them into their own section based on sheer cuteness alone. You have to see these to know what I mean.

31. Green Flamingo Theme – With a fern base, this wild wreath has an almost overgrown feel. It has one large flamingo with a themed bow to match.

32. Full Green and Pink Wreath – This wreath combines ribbons, light flowers, and a large stuffed animal.

33. Mesh Everyday Wreath – I love this black and pink eclectic style wreath with cute little flamingos.

34. Light Blue Ribbon Wreath – The light blue ribbons on this wreath have lots of little flamingos that make it extra cute.

35. Large Outdoor Wreath – This is a sweet styled wreath with a big bow and an even bigger flamingo!

36. Fluffy Monstera Wreath – Wreaths don’t have to always be in the shape of a circle, they can be ovals too!

37. White and Pink Flamingo Decor – If your style is lighter, this wreath will fit the bill. It has a simple light plaid and white base of ribbon.

38. Colorful Wreath – What better way to be greeted when you get home than with a compliment? This wreath is too cute.

39. Flamingos with Hibiscus – Do you have a favorite flower? Then I hope it’s a Hibiscus because they are truly beautiful.

40. Affordable Pom Pom Wreath – This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen, and it’s only $20. I’ll take 3.

41. Grapevine Large Wreath – This is a good mix of tropical foliage and bright pink flamingos!

42. Girly Flamingos – This light pink wreath is covered in flamingos and has 2 yellow flowers that put it over the top.

43. Trim-Colored Ribbons – I am not sure I have ever seen so many curls. The center is an adorable photo of flamingos to keep us on a theme.

44. Essence of Spring Wreath – This is a beautiful chic wreath that belongs on the front door of a modern home.

Fun summer wreaths with texture

Flamingo Wreaths to Buy

For this last one, I thought I would let them speak for themselves. Not everyone has the time to get their craft on, so for you busy bodies out there, check out this list of purchasable options.

45. Live, Laugh, and Relax

46. Welcome Home Wreath

47. Deco Mesh Checkered Wreath

48. Polka Dot Ribbon Wreath

49. Flip Flop Wreath

50. Cutest Ever Wreath

51. Sparkly Flamingo

52. Neon Summertime Decor

53. Spring Flower Foliage Wreath

54. It’s All in the Attitude

55. Tropical Tri-Colored Wreath

56. Summer Front Door Wreath

57. Green Art Deco Wreath

58. Orange and Pink Wreath with Rainbow Bow

59. Colored Monstera Wreath

60. Yellow and Pink Wreath

61. Flamingo Center with White and Pink

62. Black and Pink Wreath with Ribbons

63. Time to Relax Sign

So, did you find one of these flamingo wreath ideas that you loved? If not, don’t worry. You can always use your creative power and make one yourself. If that sounds too hard for you, then take a deep breath and relax.

We have many tutorials on making wreaths that are easy to follow; we have your back. So take a look at those and restore your confidence. You got this, and your home deserves this.

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