Inside: Chair wreath ideas that are perfect for a dinner party, shower, wedding, or everyday.

If you love throwing dinner parties, then read on.

After throwing so many, you start to run out of ideas to make it even cuter and more fun.

Matching napkins and flowers? We’ve done that. Twinkle lights? Duh.

If you are feeling a little stagnant and are in a desperate search for something to put your setup over the top…then I have the solution for you: Chair Wreaths.

Yes, they are a thing. And yes, they are adorable. Adding little wreaths to the backs of your dining chairs makes the whole room more put together. They surround the table, making the party space feel more cozy and magical… you really cannot go wrong.

Easy Chair Wreaths to Hang For Parties

Most dinner party throwers are good crafters by nature. You have to put together a whole night, from the invitations to the menu to the table set up. So I think you can create these wreaths at home. Lucky for you, I have a DIY tutorial below to help you get started!

Chair Wreath Ideas

Before we can get into the tutorial, we need to gather some inspiration. What kind of wreath are you looking for? A good rule of thumb is to match whatever the theme of your party is. If you plan to use these as decoration all year round, think about your home’s decor style and go from there.

Grab your pen and paper, look through these and write down ideas!

1. Pastel Wreath with Crystals – If your home has a chic eclectic feel, consider adding something like this to your dining room chairs. The light colors accent it nicely, and the hanging crystals are so adorable. It’s a fancy touch without being fancy in cost!

2. Lambs Ear Wreath – Lamb’s ear is one of my favorite plants to incorporate into wreaths because it is so soft and full. They go great in combination with eucalyptus, and they compliment any flower or decoration you might want to add along with it.

3. Grapevine Wreath with Yellow Roses – Grapevine wreaths are a more rustic approach, so if this is your decor style, look no further. They paired theirs with yellow roses, but you can do any flower with any color. I recommend babies breath!

Pretty Wreaths for Showers

4. Small Wooden Bead Wreath – For some added texture, consider adding a wreath as unique as this one. It uses little wooden balls glued together to form the wreath itself with some added decorations to bring the pop. Super cute and super easy!

5. Green Wreaths with Burlap Ribbon – I love these because they can be so cheap and adorable. It’ll take like 30 minutes of your time to make the whole set. Remember that if you want just to buy these, you can do that too! You’ll be supporting these small businesses.

6. Spring Wreath with Cherry Blossom – Cherry blossoms are an elegant touch to a chair wreath. I think anything with that whimsy deserves to be a part of your home. Take a look at this and see for yourself. They did such a wonderful job!

7. Moss Wreath with Mushroom – I just had to include these for you cottage core cuties out there. They are little moss mushroom wreaths! You can probably get most of the supplies for this at Walmart, or you can support this business.

DIY Chair Wreath Instructions and supplies

DIY Easy Chair Wreath

So for today, we are going to be keeping it simple. Most examples above can be attained rather easily, so if you want to choose one for your dining room, go right ahead. I have added supplies for most of them below so you can go from there.

Before starting step one, you have to get clear on your vision and choose what you want your wreath to look like, so go through your ideas and get started.

Step One: Get Your Supplies

Because of the excitement, gathering your tools is one of my favorite parts of this process. Plus, I am a sucker for the craft store. If you don’t have one near you, check out the list below. I included links to everything, that way; you can buy it from the comfort of your couch!

Wreath Frames:

Wreath frames are the solid base that acts as the foundation for your entire wreath. You can pick a simple one and cover it in foliage to make a plant wreath, or you can buy a pre-done plant wreath like the boxwood wreath below. So many other options!


These are the basic tools that you will need to be able to make your wreath. I have found that there may be some other tools needed if you are making your idea, but you’ll need these as the staple ones regardless.


And here is the fun part. The decorations! Don’t let this list fool you. If you have ideas you don’t see here, you can easily look them up and find them yourself. You got this!

Step Two: Prepare Your Chair Wreath

I have made quite a few wreaths recently, and when I tell you this is a crucial step, I mean it. Too often, I have over-committed with my glue gun, and my piece ended up way less cute than I intended.

For that reason, I highly recommend that you lay out your wreath to get a good visual of how it’ll look when you are finished.

If you see anything that needs changing, now is the time to do so. Trust me; there is nothing less fun than trying to salvage fake flowers from hot glue.

Chair Wreath

Step Three: Make Your Chair Wreath

Now that you know what you are trying to make, you can start! These are simple wreaths, so start adding your decorations. Add your bows, flowers, and moss if you choose that route. You can do this by hot gluing or tying them to the form. You can even do both if you want it to be sturdy.

The important part is that everything is stuck down well. Otherwise, you run the risk of them falling apart, and that is no fun at all. Pick it up and give it a gentle shake when you are finished. If anything comes loose, then secure it a little tighter.

That’s it! You have created your very own chair wreath. Simpler than you thought, right? Now do it 5-8 more times(depending on how many chairs you have).

Though this might feel like a lot of work for a dinner party, I promise it’ll be well worth it when you see the looks on your guest’s faces. They will light up the room so bright that you won’t even need electricity! Okay…that may be an overstatement. You still need to cook after all.

There are many other kinds of wreaths that you can make at home, and I think you will come to find this as your new hobby.

It’s fun and affordable, and you get such a cute outcome!

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