Inside: How to create your own DIY pizza pan wreath. Because craft materials are just getting crazier and crazier, honestly. But oh so fun!

I know what you’re thinking: why do we really need to be making wreaths with a pizza pan? We don’t, actually, but the outcome is so cute, why wouldn’t you?

The fun part of crafting is using any material that you can to create a new version of a classic project. Utilizing what you have around or what you find for cheap is the best way to come up with something different from what you’ve always known. Unconventional materials make for a revitalized craft experience, so why not use pizza pans!

Rather than your typical wreath hoop, this is a new shape that creates a new and more interesting look when you hang it up on your front door or in your home. Changing it up is how you come up with projects that your friends envy and die for a DIY tutorial or guide.

So if you’re down for the challenge of something a little different and interesting for your next wreath project, let’s dive into this DIY pizza pan wreath guide.

DIY pizza pan wreath Four different wreaths made of pizza pans

Why A Pizza Pan?

As you’re reading this post, you might be wondering exactly why we decided to use a pizza pan as our next wreath base. And that’s a wonderful question because it really is quite out there! Once you see the final product, you are going to understand.

But I’ll give you a few good points about it to make sure you’re sold on the idea before embarking on this DIY journey with a pizza pan and craft supplies of all things.

If you’re looking for something to make your typical wreath just a little more interesting and a little different from the others, this is exactly why you would use a pizza pan.

I’m loving the idea of the flat plate wreath so that while you can still do what you want with the circular outside of the pan, you can paint or decorate the center of it, create a sign with it… Anything creative that comes to mind! It gives a whole new plane to play with and make something fun and different. Your typical wreath is already pretty unlimited, but this takes it to a whole different level of creativity!

And also, it’s so easy to find in any store and accessible, it’s the perfect solution. Not to mention it’s the perfect size for the concept of a wreath. Sure, you could totally find a circular cut of wood or a random metal sheet, but where exactly are you going to find those? Not only that, they’re likely too heavy and bulky to hang, so you might have a hard time with them once you’re finished crafting it.

Snagging a pizza pan from any grocery store, dollar store, or any store you find one is too easy, and then whatever craft materials you have around the house can be fun to experiment with it on. There are no rules when it comes to these kinds of projects, so just pick up a pan and get creating.

A set of metal paints

What Kind Of Paint To Use

If you’re looking to paint the pan, there are some different types of paints that are going to work better than others. Before you start testing what kind of paints are sticking to these tricky pans, I’ll give you some suggestions that might help the elimination process of making sure you have the right materials before getting started.

Each pan is likely going to work a little differently, seeing as they probably are all treated differently to be non-stick and whatnot.

There are metal specific paints that I would recommend looking into to start creating and painting on your pizza pan. They come in either water based or oil based, and you can find either one at your usual craft store. Usually, when you’re shopping for paints to work on metal that aren’t quite metal specific, you want to reach for the oil based paints. These react the best with most metals and hold on better.

So all that being said, I would go ahead and assume that the oil based metal paints are the best bet for your current project.

Three unique flat wreaths

DIY Pizza Pan Wreath

Okay, let’s get into it. How do you DIY a pizza pan wreath?

I think these are generally pretty self explanatory, just a little more area to cover.

I would first decide what you’re going to do with the center part of the wreath. Are you going to make a sign? Paint a design? Glue fabric onto it? Figure out how you’re filling the space and do that first, so that anything that goes around the edge sits on top of the edges of the center.

Here are some fun ideas for the wreath theme and how to fill that space.

1. Hello Sunshine
2. Grateful
3. Welcome
4. Sunflower
5. Pumpkin Wreath
6. Hello Spring
7. Ocean Life
8. Red Truck
9. Bright And Happy
10. Coffee Lovers
11. Fall Plaid

Having fun with different materials is one of my favorite parts of crafting and getting really into DIY projects that are meant to stand out from others that are similar, like my other wreaths in my home.

Using a pizza pan as a wreath base is such a fun idea when it creates a combination of a sign and a wreath, something that gives you so many more options to make something different. I love the display it makes for anything you could possibly want to place on it. There are so many new options that are created when you work with this kind of product, it takes your projects to a whole other level. And that’s amazing.

Whatever your crafting and decorating goals and needs are, there’s a new way to think of your typical kinds of projects to make it new and fresh. Just thinking outside of the (pizza) box will help you find a new way to see the same old ideas.

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