Inside: Concepts for pretty cubicle privacy ideas to make your workspace a little more bearable.

If you’re a corporate cubicle worker, there are probably some things that you wish that you could change about your cubicle. It changes your work experience so much more than you realize sometimes.

Whether you enjoy your coworkers or not, you’re likely still wishing that you had the option to separate from them, even just for a little while to make sure you get some work done or have some privacy to make those phone calls to clients.

Or maybe you just really want to spice up the space and bring something kind of pretty to it. But either way, you need both pretty and private.

Figuring out some ideas that make the space a little more private as well as making it a pretty and pleasing space to work in can be a challenge, but I’ve collected some ideas for you to make it work. Some you can buy, and some that you can DIY!

Here are some pretty cubicle privacy ideas that might just work for you.

Three different ideas for pretty and private cubicles

Why Make Changes To Your Cubicle?

You don’t need me to tell you anything about why you should be making changes to your cubicle, you probably already feel the need, whether you’ve been working in it for 2 weeks, 2 years, or 20 years!

But realistically, maybe you’re feeling a lull when you’re working during the day and you’re not so sure why.

I’m a big believer that your environment in which you work plays a huge role in how well you work and how your mind functions during the work day.

I used to be able to rock and roll through a work day in any circumstance and environment– My mind was always sharp, and it didn’t matter where I was or what was going on around me, I could get any task done, and quickly, too.

But that didn’t last long, and I learned fast that I needed to set myself up for success to be able to get my job done, get it done well, and in a timely manner that was super productive for the time I was given to do the job.

So if you’re feeling a slump in your work day, it may not necessarily be the job you’re doing that’s making you feel that way, but the space in which you’re given to do it. It’s easy to blame it on the job and say you need a new one, and maybe your current role even gives you a great blend of office days and work-from-home days that have so graciously become a part of the normal after COVD-19. But either way, you need those office days to work for you if you’re going to work for them.

And that’s why I believe you should be making some changes to your space to make it all the better.

Privacy is a big thing for me– I love to socialize with my coworkers, but if I’m trying to focus, I need my space. It can come across a little pretentious to start putting up all kinds of barriers in your spot at work that tells your coworkers to keep their distance, but it’s going to be so worth it if this is what you need to keep the peace and get some productivity during the day.

So here are some of the more realistic ideas that I really believe you can make work for your space ASAP!

Two different office dividers


If you’re looking to buy the solution for your pretty cubicle privacy ideas, then there are several pieces on the market just for that. It’s such a common thing to need more privacy in your space at work, there have been solutions for it forever. And you can find just about anything that meets the needs of your specific space.

The only problem is that they’re not all pretty or cute, or pleasing to look at in any way.

I’ve collected some different ideas and some different pieces that have potential to work really well for your space. You can decide based on your work environment how well they will be accepted by your managers and coworkers, so as not to start a workplace riot.

Take a look at some of these options that you can buy for pretty cubicle privacy ideas for your workspace.

1. Rolling Door
2. Colored Dividers
3. Open Concept Divider

Florals on top on the office cubicle


DIY of course is always going to be a little more involved, but can sometimes really give you the best results. In somewhere like a work cubicle, it might be the best case so that it looks a little more organic than simply adding a sliding door or a random plastic wall between you and the coworker that tends to always pop their head over the wall between you.

It’s easy to want to go with the most blatant options to give you the most privacy, but a DIY project might just make it prettier, too! Enjoy the process of creating your own space and enjoy having that privacy right there in your perfectly comfortable and newly pretty space that’s all yours.

DIY your way into a more productive work environment, and enjoy what you’ve done with the place. Instead of putting off your coworkers with your new project, inspire them and encourage them to do the same!

Even if you get along with them, we can all be a little more pleasant at work, so showing them how to also make their space more bearable might just make the workplace exactly what you need it to be.

Here are some cute and practical DIY options for your cubicle privacy at work.

4. Flower Pot On Top
5. Curtain Rod
6. Topshade

Can you imagine walking into a workspace that feels nice and calming and welcoming you into a wonderful day of work? With some of these ideas, that’s totally possible for you!

As you wander into the office and take a seat over at your cubicle, you’re going to love the vibes that you’ve brought to the environment with some of these DIY or buy hacks to make your workspace more personal and personalized. They’re both necessary, and hopefully you found exactly the inspiration and tips that you needed in this post.

It’s like rearranging your room while growing up and your home now. Changing up a space and bringing something new to the scene can make it feel so inviting and new all over again.

If you need some more basic and easy cubicle decor ideas to liven up your area, here are some of my favorite that I believe will do the trick for you.