Inside: Super cute felt wreath DIY to create some of the best handmade projects around.

I think it’s pretty clear these days just how many materials we can use to make a new kind of wreath. You walk down any aisle at the craft store and you are bound to find a fabric, material, or some sort of craft piece that you can use to create a fun wreath of sorts.

Regardless of the base of the wreath: Whether it’s straw, wire, or metal wheel of sorts, you can put just about anything on them and you’ve got a cool wreath. Or the potential for one! Some people are so crafty and have amazing vision without a guide or tutorial or a step by step DIY, and some of us need more help than others.

Well, if you need some inspiration, ideas, and guides, I’ve got some ideas and tips for you in this post! Just keep reading, and you’ll find the inspiration you came for.

In this post we’re honing in on some cute felt wreath DIY ideas and projects that you’re going to fall in love with once you decide to go the felt route.

Two felt wreath projects

Why A Felt Wreath?

Felt wreaths are an easy pick because felt is just so much fun to play with. You can buy felt in a ton of cute shapes but you can also buy sheets of felt like paper and cut out all of your own shapes to create the perfect pieces for your dream project.

The felt wreath is a classic– it’s a craft lover’s staple simply because of how much you can do with some simple pieces of felt. If you want to make florals, leaves, characters, or even roped textures, there are a ton of options of doing so with some pieces of felt. There’s nothing like having a bunch of creative freedom because of the fabric and the material you chose to play with.

These felt wreath ideas are so cute, and you’re going to love each one of them. There are so many different ideas and guides and tutorials and DIY’s out there, I’ve narrowed it down a little bit for you so you can fully decide for yourself if this is the new project for you.

See for yourself the different kinds of ideas and textures you can get with felt for this wreath DIY that’s going to make it stand out from other wreath options. Really picture this working with your other wreaths that you have going on in your home… It really is the perfect addition.

Best Glue For Felt Wreaths

If you’re a big crafter, you probably have every kind of glue known to man… Craft glue, regular glue, and industrial glue alike is probably all available at your disposal. It’s an interestingly tricky part of the hobby to realize that you need different glues for different things. I would never have thought that a regular craft glue doesn’t just work on everything!

You can wander your local craft store and read all the labels or you can ask the employees what they recommend for gluing felt.

There are several glues that are titled “for felt and foam” and these are obviously going to be great options for you to glue pieces of felt together. If you’re not seeing this specifically, the kind of glue you’re really looking for is called “tacky glue.” This is surely available at any craft store you could find yourself at. If you’re in a pinch, I just know that you have that stash of hot glue in that craft room of yours– and you can break that out to use on these felt pieces all the same.

Cute Ideas

If you’re in need of some cute ideas to inspire you to get these felt wreaths done and under your belt, then you came to the right place.

It’s one thing to be sitting and thinking about your next craft project and deciding on something like a felt wreath, and it’s another thing to be standing in the felt aisle looking at all of the options and trying to decide what your actual plan is once you get it started.

You need the cute ideas to trigger the start of the project and get it rolling, so here are some of my favorites!

Four seasonal wreaths


Some of my favorite home decor DIY projects are the ones that are holiday specific or meant to decorate for a certain time of year. Fall decor is so cozy, winter is bright, and spring and summer are so intentionally happy that you can’t even be dreary and meh while you have happy floral felt wreaths around your home.

Whatever season you’re looking to create for, whether you need to add some turkeys for thanksgiving for Santas for Christmas or snowmen for January snowfall season, you’re going to find some cute ones here.

1. Fall Leaves
2. Spring Leaves
3. Fall Flowers
4. Felt Christmas Wreath
5. Orange Rosettes
6. Summer Blossoms
7. St. Patrick’s Day

A bright and colorful summer wreath

Just For Fun, Year Round

Anything you need that goes year round is all just for fun. A wreath that really makes your home homey is the perfect touch you need to make it a little more personalized and bring your own character into it.

Home decor is more fun when you have DIY and handmade pieces that someone else couldn’t just find an exact copy of at the craft store next door. Even if you mimic one of these designs, it still has your own unique flare to it. Have fun with it!

8. Confetti
9. Red Ruffles
10. White Felt
11. Felt Rosettes
12. Yarn And
13. Mermaid

Out of all the materials you could choose from for your felt wreath DIY this one is my favorite! Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but these are some of my favorite ideas and projects that you can totally follow for some of the cutest felt wreath projects.

If you need some holiday decor, kids room decor, or just fun and lively home decor, these are some of the best to accomplish the mission.

Not only is the end result to die for, the actual process of the DIY is so fun, and if you get life from crafty projects, you’ll have just as much fun getting to the end result. That’s the fun part of the life of a crafty person: you get incredible results from your projects.

Need something a little more specifically themed? Here are some adorable cat wreath ideas for the feline lovers.