Inside: Adorable shamrock wreath plan ideas with a bonus DIY.

Awe, St. Patricks Day…what a wonderful holiday. You get to pinch people, have lots of good drinks, and of course…where lots of green! Too much fun in too little of a holiday if you ask me. But I am a little biased, being Irish and all.

There are so many ways you can deck out your home with St. Patrick’s Day decor…but one of my absolute favorites has to be making a shamrock wreath.

Shamrocks are these little clovers that are associated with all things Irish. If you find one with four leaves, you will have good luck.

Green is also the color of good luck, so this is truly a holiday of good fortune.

Especially if you decide to make your own wreath. Not to mention…it’s so much fun!

Shamrock wreath plans to make

I have created the ultimate guide to creating your very own shamrock wreath that is easy to follow and super doable. But before we got into the tutorial, I had to kick off the list with some examples of how cute these wreaths can be.

I hope they give you inspiration for your own creation!

St. Patty’s Wreath Ideas

Before we jump into the DIY, we need to gather some inspiration. How else are we going to know what we want to make? I created this list with some of the cutest shamrock wreath ideas I could find on the internet.

Keep a pen and paper near you to write down some ideas.

1. Simple Grapevine Wreath – This is an adorable one. If you like the more classic grapevine wreath look, you must check this one out. They used a big green bow and green foliage to remain on the theme and then added some sparkly shamrocks. Too cute.

2. Mesh St. Patricks Day Wreath – If you are more in the mood for a mesh wreath, this may be more your speed. They included some staple symbols for St. Patty’s Day just to push it over the top.

3. Large Hanging Wreath – This one screams all things Irish. It includes plaid bows, lots of greens, and of course…giant clovers. This wouldn’t be hard to achieve with a DIY.

4. Clover Wreath Shape – If you are looking for a simpler wreath, look at this. They used twine to wrap around their base and then added some cute ribbon all around for an added touch of green.

5. Moss Clover Wreath – Here, we have another simple idea. You can actually get the moss at Walmart or any craft store near you, so it’s super doable.

6. Curly Ribbon Wreath – Curly ribbons are also something that can be simple to make at home. You can take your straight ribbon and carefully place it between your thumb and the dull outside of the scissors. Then you pull the ribbon, and it curls.

7. Shamrock Wreath for Funeral – Wreaths are also popular at funerals, so if you or someone you love is Irish and recently passed, this would be a lovely thing to help decorate their service.

Shamrock Wreath Ideas, 3 different wreaths

8. Ribbon Wreath with Center – If you love the ribbon look but think it could still use a little pizazz, consider adding a cute sign in the center. It’s simple, and it adds so much to your wreath. Minimal effort, maximum payout.

9. Oblong Wreath – Wreaths don’t always need to be a perfect circle. You can make them in whatever shape you want. Take this one as an example.

10. Simple Shamrock Decor – Keeping it as simple as possible, you could just get a foliage wreath form and then add a shamrock bow. Bam!

11. Shamrock Shaped Ribbon Wreath – Say that 10 times. I think this is adorable because it’s super simple. You can never go wrong with simple crafts.

12. Pot of Gold Wreath – What is one of the biggest staples for St. Patrick’s Day…other than beer? A pot of gold, of course!

13. Flower Wreath – This wreath is shaped like a flower with a shamrock as the center. How cute is that?

DIY Shamrock Wreath

DIY Shamrock Wreath

Okay, now that we have brainstormed our ideas for this epic crafting session, it’s time to start. I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how you can go about creating your very own Irish-themed wreath. I even included where you can find the supplies you may need. Everything is here, and it’s yours for the taking.

Step One: Fine Tune Your Ideas

Before gathering your supplies, you must have a solid plan for your wreath. This means you need to decide on your base, your decorations, and whether or not you want to include a sign. Look at the list of ideas you wrote down and see which ones you will include.

Step Two: Gather Your Supplies

Now that you know what you will make, you can begin to gather your supplies. Below I have created a list of some of the possible supplies that you may need. Let’s start with the wreath form(this is the frame/base).

Wreath Base:

Foliage Base:



Shamrock Wreath

Step Three: Set Up Shamrock Wreath

So, before we get to gluing, take a quick second to lay out all your decorations on your wreath. This is so you can get a good idea of what looks good where and what not to include. This will end up saving you valuable crafting time later on. After you’ve done that, you can move on to the fun part.

Step Four: Get to Gluing

Finally, the time has come for you to start securing your decorations. Start with the base and work up the last layer. If you are working with a premade form, then this part should be easy peasy, and you can just skip to decorating.

Pro Tip: When you are finished, take a moment to lift your wreath and give it a slight shake. This will should you if there are any loose spots you missed.

There you have it; you have created your very own shamrock wreath. How do you feel? Empowered? I would too! There are so many other awesome kinds of wreaths that are now at your crafty fingertips. In fact, we have a few other tutorials that you may be interested in.

I hope you found this article helpful and that you are in love with your adorable new piece of lucky decor. If yours didn’t turn out how you like, don’t worry. There are plenty on this list that you can buy outright without having to break out the hot glue gun.

So take a look at those as well! And don’t feel guilty. Not everyone has the time to craft, but you still deserve a cute and decorated home. Until next time!

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