Inside: Pomegranate wreath ideas that will take your breath away

Wreaths are one of the cutest ways to spice up your front entrance way. It’s a preconceived idea that wreaths are reserved for Christmas and Christmas only, but this is not the case.

You can keep your wreath up year round if that suits you. There are so many beautiful wreath themes that you can choose from, but one of my all-time favorites is fruit wreaths.

Since there are so many fruits out there, we couldn’t possibly cover them all today.

So instead, I am going to narrow down my field of vision to one very beautiful fruit: the pomegranate.

Gorgeous Pomegranate Wreath Ideas

I’ve created a list of the most gorgeous pomegranate wreath ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Simple Pomegranate Wreath Ideas

I figured we should start simple and work our way up…so let’s get started! I created a list of some of the cutest simple pomegranate wreaths I could find on the internet. Look through these to find one you like or to help figure out your style. Check them out.

1. Solid Pomegranate Door Hanger – This is a beautiful way to kick off the list. It’s a solid wreath made of pomegranates and cranberries. Take a look!

2. Leaf Wreath with Pomegranates – This is a simple wreath, but it is still absolutely beautiful. The red from the pomegranates brings a pop of color.

3. Fall Inspired Wreath – This wreath is full of browns and other fall colors that come together because of the very essence of autumn. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.

4. Grapevine Wreath with Pomegranate – Grapevine Wreaths are a classic, but these pomegranates give them a new revitalized look that is unique. I love this.

5. Sugared Pomegranates – This wreath is made entirely of sugared pomegranates. It’s like a fancier version of sugar plums that not everyone knows about!

6. Autumn Wreath – This autumn wreath is complete with fall leaves and pinecones…not to mention the star of the hour, pomegranates!

7. Simple Evergreen Wreath – Evergreen wreaths are another classic made better when adding pomegranates. Their bold color and unique look make for a wonderful wreath.

8. Huge Red Fruit Wreath – You know what they say, “bigger is always better.” If this is the case…then these two wreaths are the best. They’re HUGE.

9. Rustic Fruit Wreath – If you have a farmhouse or simply love more rustic-inspired home decor, this wreath has been waiting for you. Take a look.

Beautiful Pomegranate Wreath Ideas

Beautiful Pomegranate Wreath Ideas

For this next list, I included some of the prettiest pomegranate designs on the web. You can take notes from these if you plan on making your own. Remember, you can pull from several ideas to create your very own. That is the beauty of crafting…you get exactly what you want! So, grab your notebook and take a look.

10. Fruit Wreath – You don’t have only to add pomegranates…mix and match with some other fruits like apples, oranges, and my personal favorite: Lemons.

11. Floral Ideas – Make use of different florals as well. It doesn’t have to be just one in the background. You can add more to create a more full and interesting wreath. I think eucalyptus looks great with pomegranates.

12. Leafy Wreath – I am in love with the leaves that were used around the wreath form in this example. They are larger and looser than the other ones I’ve seen so far.

13. Cute Wreath Example – Pomegranates also come in many other shades. This is basically their look as they go through ripening. They go from lighter to darker to lighter again as they turn brown after the red. Life comes in seasons!

14. Apple and Pomegranate Wreath – This is a beautiful example of mixing and matching. Apples complement the pomegranates perfectly.

15. Grapevine Wreath – If you favor simplicity over complex wreaths, then I think a grapevine form is perfect for you. You can add very little else to it and end up with a minimalistic wreath.

16. Maximumilist – On the flip side of the one above is a maximum list. This is the exact counterpart to the minimalistic style. So if you like complexity, then this is the wreath for you.

17. Fall-Themed Wreath – This one is totally full of many different fall-themed goods. I wanted to incorporate this to give you ideas of what you can add…which is a lot!

18. Rectangular Wreath – That’s right, wreaths don’t have to be circular! This one is a prime example of how cool wreaths can look in other forms.

Pomegranate Wreaths to Buy

Pomegranate Wreaths to Buy

If you aren’t a crafty person or if you don’t have very much free time in your day to spend creating one of these beauties…don’t worry. I figured I should include a list of pre-made pomegranate wreaths that you can buy. This way, you can save time and still get an awesome wreath to add to your home or front door. It’s a win-win!

19. Gold Fruit Wreath – This wreath is epic. It’s solid gold and absolutely breathtaking. If you like the monochromatic look, then you have to take a look at this wreath…you’ll be sad if you don’t.

20. Farm House Wreath – I love how good of a mixture this wreath has. The pomegranate to leaves ratio is on point! If you like the color green, you must check this one out.

21. Sugared Fruit Wreath – This one also incorporates some pine cones and other fall essentials. So this is perfect for autumn. Also, it goes to be said that you don’t have to take these down after autumn. You can leave it all year long if you like how it looks.

22. Solid Fruit Wreath – This one is similar to the one I included above, but I figured I would include it for those of you who loved it but had no idea how to go about making it. Here you go!

23. Wicker White Wreath – This is another minimalistic one, but for those of you who didn’t like the grapevine ones. This is wicker, and it’s been painted white. They’ve added a bundle of pomegranates at the bottom, and it’s adorable!

24. Pomegranate Berries – These adorable pomegranate berries are some of the cutest additions I’ve seen yet. They are small but effective!

25.Crescent Wreath – This wreath is on a regular circular wreath but only decorates the crescent portion to create a unique end result. Too cute, right?

26. All Season Wreath – If you are looking for a wreath to leave up all year long, then this is the one for you. It includes tiny grapes, along with a magnolia base.

27. Pomegranate and Maple Leaf Wreath – To finish us off on a strong note, here is a maple leaf pomegranate wreath that will leave you breathless!

Pomegranate Wreath

Pomegranate Wreaths really are beautiful…aren’t they? I hope that you found some inspiration for your own here today. Or at the very least, you found the one you loved to add to your cart.

If you want to create your own but aren’t sure how to go about it, we have some tutorials that can take that stress right off your shoulders. You totally got this!

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