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As an avid lover of wreaths, I know from experience that there is nothing worse than going to get out your decorations for the holidays only to see that your wreath is WRECKED. This has happened to me only once, and I have learned from it.

So today, I wanted to share with you my top storage ideas for your wreaths that will keep them safe and sound until next year because you should not have to go through the emotional turmoil that I went through with that wreath. It was an investment that I told myself I would have for years, and spoiler alert: I didn’t.

But nowadays I don’t have that problem!

Foolproof storage ideas for wreaths

Each of the ideas below is very in price but not effective. So take a look at these ideas, and for the love of wreaths, get yourself one. Because you may think that you are safe, but then you come to find your wreath smooshed, broken, and acting as a retirement home for only the most gruesome of spiders. Save yourself and your wreath.

Best Storage Ideas for Wreaths

So every good storage container for a wreath has to have a few foundational qualities. Things like weather-resistant fabric, a zipper, and perhaps even a hardshell case if you really going for it. You have to make sure to get a case that is bigger than your wreath because you can always put a smaller one into a big case, but you risk breaking it the other way around. So take a look!

1. Weather Resistant Zip-Up Idea – This is a simple but very effective storage container. It’s made of this thick plastic, weatherproof material that will keep your wreath safe from any kind of water damage that you can think of. Only the tiniest of microscopic spiders could get into this, so you will be safe from that as well. Check it out.

2. Clear Zip-Up Plastic Container – I like the one with clear weather-proof options because they tend to be the ones that you can trust. You can always see how your wreath is doing, even without opening it up, and I love that. Plus, this way, if you have multiple wreaths for different holidays, you can know which one you are grabbing out of storage.

3. Hexagonal Wreath Storage Idea – I know the fact that this one is a hexagon is kind of odd. It makes you think that it could be smooshed since it’s the wrong shape, but the truth is that if your wreath is small enough, it doesn’t matter. This container is perfect because it has thick fabric and a strong zipper. Check it out.

4. Square Stackable Plastic Container – If you have multiple wreaths that you need to store, a run-of-the-mill fabric container won’t cut it. You need to get yourself something that is thick and won’t bend that way; you can stack everything together. This saves on space, and it keeps your wreaths nice and fresh.

Christmas wreath bags for in the off season

5. Clear Square Container – As I said above, I think these containers are some of my favorites because they keep it airtight and secure. You can even stack other decorations on top of it. No more worrying about putting it in last because it can finally handle it. That is the kind of awesome storage I am talking about.

6. Circular Wreath Container – Now, for me, this one is the cream of the crop. It’s hard and sturdy like the ones above, but it’s circular and will keep your wreath from sliding around. It’ll keep it safe and secure in one spot, waiting for you to hang it back up in the coming year. Take a look at this; I highly recommend it.

7. Checkered Plaid Wreath Holder – And lastly, if you like to add a little style to everything you do, then this plaid wreath holder is perfect. It’s adorable, Christmassy, and oh-so cute! Take a look at this and decide whether you can live without the extra pattern. I am going to go ahead and vote no!

Heavy-Duty Storage Ideas

If you have a wreath that is like your baby, then you are going to want a storage container from the list below. These are some of the best in the business. Each one of these will keep your wreath safe, dry, and content until you open it back up in the following year. You’ll have nothing to worry about; it won’t even need to be fluffed. But you probably still will fluff it, just to make it perfect.

8. Heavy Duty 24 Inch Wreath Idea – This one will keep your wreath safe for sure; there is nothing that this container couldn’t keep safe, if I am being honest. It’s pretty nice!

Heavy Duty ideas

9. Clear Storage Bins – I told you before I love clear storage bins. But I will say that if you are storing your wreath somewhere with constant light, this may not be the best idea. Too much light can dry out and lighten your wreath, which is not ideal for the longevity of the wreath itself, so pick a dark place if you know what’s good for you.

This sounds like a threat…it’s not, I promise.

10. Clear Circular Wreath Idea – Next up, I have this awesome circular wreath container. I think that the circular ones are the best because it has the least chance of misshaping your wreath. So be careful about that!

11. 2-Tier Wreath Container Idea – I think that the most important thing is that you get a container that will fit the wreath that you have. You don’t want to get a tiny container for a 3-foot massive wreath, and you don’t want a huge container for your mini wreath. So shop for what you have.

12. Big Container with Plastic View Window – These plastic windows are nice because you can see which wreath it is while it remains protected from the sun.

13. Affordable Wreath Idea – This one is heavy-duty, but it’s also affordable on your pockets.

14. Bright Red Wreath Holder – If you like your storage to be as festive as your wreath, this is it for you.

15. Black Container with Clear Window – Simple but effective, just the way I like my wreath containers.

Storage Ideas for Wreaths


I hope you hear my cautionary tale about properly storing your wreaths. I know this may seem silly to be this passionate about, but wreaths can be sentimental for a number of reasons, not just because they’re cute and were expensive(RIP to mine). Perhaps your grandmother made yours, or maybe it’s been in the family for decades. Do what you can to keep it safe!

Not to mention, a good wreath, when properly taken care of, can last you for literal decades before needing to be replaced. So save yourself time and money by properly storing your wreath the right way the first time. So these storage ideas for wreaths are the best!

And if you are like me and have already learned your lesson, I am sorry for your loss. The number of spiders in my wreath would have been enough reason alone to get rid of it if it weren’t for the cracked bulbs and sogged flowers. It still makes me shiver to think about it. So happy holidays, and may the odds be ever in your wreath’s favor.

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