Inside: How to hang a wreath with a ribbon in a cute way and with 4 simple steps.

So, after looking for your perfect wreath, you have finally found one. Huzzah! But how to hang it… that is your next challenge.

Wreaths are one of my all-time favorite ways to decorate my house during any holiday. And if I am being honest, I even have wreaths as year-round decor. I love them so much I don’t even need it to be a holiday to enjoy one of these.

When I got my first wreath, I quickly realized that I wanted a cuter way to hang it up than with a regular, run-of-the-mill wreath hanger. Though they work well, I was more interested in something that will add to the decor, not take away. Too often have I seen an adorable wreath with a large metal hanger behind it. It’s an eye sore and an unnecessary evil.

How To Hang a Wreath with a Ribbon

Though there are decorative hanger options out there, they can be spendy. You have already invested in your wreath, so I wanted to save you a few bucks with this idea. My FAVORITE and most affordable way to hang a wreath is with a ribbon! Today I am going to teach you how to do this. But first, let me answer a few questions.

Is a ribbon a sturdy enough way to hang a wreath?

Absolutely! If done right, which I should you how to do, your wreath will be heavily secured. Actually, hanging a wreath with a ribbon is sturdier than most wreath hangers are.

This is because when you use a ribbon, you are tying it all the way around the wreath. When your door swings open, this takes away the chance of it flying off the hook! So yes, a ribbon is very sturdy. You will see for yourself when you try out my DIY below.

How much does making a ribbon wreath hanger cost?

It is very cheap! I think you will most spend 5 Dollars since you have to buy the ribbon. And seeing as you are not actually using all of it in one go, it’s even less than that!

This is much cheaper than a regular wreath hanger. Granted, a plain hanger wreath also costs about 5 dollars, but we are trying to avoid something that takes away from the overall cuteness of your wreath. The cuter and more decorated wreath hangers are more spendy. So by using some ribbon, you will save money and add to the overall aesthetic.

So now that we have covered the cost and the durability of the ribbon hangers…I think that we can safely make our way into the fun part of this article.

tricks for hanging decor

How to Hang a Wreath with Ribbon

You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Wreath
  • Scissors
  • Clothing Measure
  • Nail Gun or Command Hook

Step One

Choose a ribbon. You are going to want your ribbon to match the overall look and aesthetic of your wreath. You can go with a simple solid color or a pattern if you want to go all out. Make sure that the ribbon is durable and wide; that way, you eliminate the risk of it snappingā€”theĀ thicker and sturdier, the better when it comes to choosing your ribbon.

I tell you this with experience. The first time I hung my own wreath, I fell in love with this delicate white ribbon. I had my worries that it may have been too thin, but I decided I would rather chance it than get rid of it. So I did. I not only had to get rid of the ribbon but the wreath as well.

Step Two

You will want to measure the spot that you want your wreath to hang. I used to ignore this step when I first learned how to make this wreath hang, but I always ended up with my decor in the wrong spot! So we won’t be eyeballing it today.

You may want two people for this. Have one person hold the wreath in the exact spot on your door that you want it to hang. The other person will take a clothing measure to measure the length between the top of the door to the inner top of your wreath. This will be the length that your ribbon will be.

Step Three

Now comes the cutting. So you are going to take the length you measured and then doubled it. Add an extra four inches to that doubled amount, and then cut your ribbon by that length. We add those 4 inches, so we have ribbon to tie and work with.

Step Four How ribbon tie

Step Four

Next up, we are securing the ribbon. So how you do this will highly depend on the kind of wreath you have. For example, I will be hanging a wire wreath. So I can see the wire form on the back of my piece, so instead of looping the ribbon all the way around and obscuring the front, I am going to look at it around the back.

Whatever way works best for you. Your ribbon should match your wreath, so it doesn’t matter very much if it is exposed or not. You take your ribbon, loop it into the wreath, and then tightly secure a knot with the two ends.

If you like, you can hide the knot by putting it at the base of the wreath. I will sometimes add extra length to my ribbon so I can turn it into a bow to look extra nice.

Step Five

Lastly, now that you have a secured wreath, you must hang it! To do this, you take your ribbon and staple it to the very top of your door. Add as many staples as you like to make it as secure as you can. Since you are stapling the very top of your door, it will not be able to be seen by anyone. So if you rent, don’t worry.

Who wants a bunch of holes in their door anyway? No one! The top of the door is the most ideal place to secure your wreath.

To further avoid any damage, I recommend taking a hammer and flattening the staples even more. This will help to ensure that your wreath is secure and that your door is safe from any scuff marks.

If you want to avoid the nail gun, then use a command strip. Put it on the other side of your door, upside down. This way, you can feed the ribbon onto it.

Now that you have done that, you can take a step back and enjoy your handiwork; it’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

How to Hang a Wreath with Ribbon

I hope that you have enjoyed this DIY on how to hang a wreath with ribbon. I know it sounds like a fun party trick, but it’s actually quite helpful. Wreaths deserve to have a hanger that extenuates their beauty, not something that takes away from it.

Wreaths are pretty spendy to buy, but making your own is always a more affordable option. If you loved this DIY, then you have to try out some of our others. There are loads of ideas for other wreaths that you have to see.

I think you’ll love them as much as I loved writing about them. But you won’t know until you look for yourself! So check them out, and see which ones you want to make on your own.

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