Inside: Ikea Rast hack ideas for all of your dresser needs. Change up this perfectly simple piece however works best for your space.

One of the best and simplest pieces that Ikea makes is the Rast dresser. It’s a perfect piece for starter homes, kids rooms, dorms, or even your dream forever home! It’s great for any room, any aesthetic, any price.

Not to mention, Ikea pieces are so easy to transform to match what you need it to be, there’s no reason to not snag such a minimal piece with so much potential.

If you search up transformation hacks, you’ll find a ton. Almost too many to the point where it’s overwhelming, and they all include needing to be able to essentially redo an entire piece of furniture.

I love the idea of using some hacks to transform some simple pieces of furniture, so I’ve collected some for you here to give you the inspiration that you need to bring all of the pieces together to create something new and fresh that works in your space. Whether new or old.

These aren’t professional level hacks, but they’re the perfect amount of DIY that you can do with anything to update a classic piece.

Let’s get into it.

Three different nightstands designed differently

What Is The Ikea Rast

This piece is perfect for any hack that you need to have done. Whatever your style is, this is a great starting point to turn it into the piece of your dreams.

This is a light wood piece, which makes it easy to work with, and a little different and unique from a too-plain white piece if you’re to leave the color the original.

This is a shorter dresser, with the measurements sitting at 24 3/8×26 3/4 “. It has three drawers on it, with two matching light wood knobs on each one. The Ikea website lists it as a dresser, but it is the perfect size to use as a nightstand as well if that’s what you’re looking for. What a versatile piece!

It’s an easy piece to use in any space, and the simplicity of it leaves it perfectly open to be altered and made into something new a hundred different ways. This is easily one of the most popular pieces in the Ikea catalog, and it’s easy to see why! So many different ways to make it your own and you’re going to love it however you decide to use it in your space.

Why Change Up Your Furniture?

If you’re wondering why I’m suggesting you change a piece that I’m also talking so highly about, there’s a couple reasons why.

First, maybe you’ve had it for a while, and are ready for something new. I’m all about upcycling and recycling to make old things better and new again. Give it some fresh love and you’ll have a brand new piece that’s perfect for what you need.

Second, to find what you’re looking for exactly can get really expensive. Furniture shopping is no joke! And if you’re looking for something really specific, it might be tough to find anyway. So this is a way of getting what you want without breaking the bank.

Third, I love the idea of getting crafty with your home! And this makes a simple and popular piece something that’s one of a kind and is so unique to you. This is exactly what I want my home to look like. Not necessarily like an arts and crafts project, but something unique, personal, and so my style that I could have never purchased at Ikea prices!

Lastly, sometimes, it’s just the little details that make a big difference in how much you love the piece and how well it blends into your home. I want my pieces to make sense and melt into each other, not just “go together” loosely.

Let’s dive into some of these hacks that are going to change the look of your space with some simple changes!

Ikea Rast Hacks

The sky’s the limit with how you change up and alter this piece to become your own. The more you read through and sift through these ideas, you might come up with some ideas of your own and think of some fun ways to make this piece exactly what you want.

A blue dresser with gold hardware

The Basics: Paint It

Obviously the first thought is always to paint it. Painting a piece can take it from something that works in your space to something that belongs in your space, and that’s not anything you can’t always just find as is.

If you want to make this a statement piece, that’s totally a way to do so. Paint the piece a contrasting color to the rest of the room to make it stand out!

If you want your ikea rast hack to blend into your space for an elevated look, paint it the same color as the rest of your space. This works the best if the wall it’s against is any color but white. It makes it a minimal look while looking like an expensive custom piece of furniture.

A dark stained dresser

Hardware Changes

One of the easiest changes you can make with this piece is simply the hardware. It comes with knobs that match the light wood, and even without painting it, changing these to a cooler metal or glass knob is a great way to freshen something up. You don’t need me to tell you any of this, it’s the most simple “hack” to make these drawers something like new.

But starting here will be a great way to start figuring out how new and how fresh you want this piece to be updated.

Three bright and fun dressers

Other Hacks And Design Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics, check out all of these Rast hacks to elevate your Ikea dresser!

1. Detailed But Simple
2. Stain And Hardware
3. Two Drawer
4. Simple Staining
5. Make It Modern
6. Fabric Wrapped
7. Paint And Hardware
8. Make It Industrial
9. Clean And Modern

Whatever you need this dresser for, whether it’s going to be used like an actual dresser or if you have big dreams to make it into something new, you can use these Ikea rast hack  in any way that will be useful to you and your space.

If you’ve got dreams to make this a focal point, there’s a hack for that. If you want this to blend in and be a subtle structural piece, there’s a hack for that. If you want to just make it fit the aesthetic of the room more simply, there’s a hack for that.

Whatever you choose to do with it, you’re going to love it. These are some great pieces to use over and over again, and you can always choose to do something new to it again later on when your vibe changes again.

I hope these hacks inspired you to get this piece to play with or inspired you to make some changes to your own.

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