Inside: Cutest Lanai decorating ideas that your instagram will thank you for.

Interior design is one of my favorite forms of self expression, but I have recently entered the realm of EXTERIOR design. It all started when my Lanai needed to be upgraded.

You know when you look around at a space that you don’t use nearly enough, and you think to yourself, “Why the heck do I not spend more time here?” Chances are it’s because the space does not feel put together or cute.

Sure, it can be functional. But functionality does not always equate to a good space.

Lanai Decorating ideas that are instagram worth. photo of lanai with dog on it.

So if you also are looking at your lanai and feel unhappy with its current state…you are in the right place. Today I am going to show you some of my all-time favorite Lanai decorating ideas that are going to make you want to spend all your time in your lanai.

What is the difference between a Patio and a Lanai?

Great question, and one that I thought we should cover first. You may have a Lanai and not even know it! According this this article, 

Originating in Hawaii, the term dates back to the 19th century and describes “a rear porch where the existing roofline of the house extends over a foundation typically made of concrete, stone, or pavers,” explains Tammy Weir of Lanai Guy. Commonly seen in both commercial and residential architecture in Hawaii, it’s no surprise that residents of a tropical climate have fully embraced lanais. Typically, though a lanai has walls, at least one side is open to the elements (or can be opened when the weather is inviting).

So if you live somewhere with a hotter climate, chances are this type of space was built right into your home! There are so many amazing ways that you can decorate this space. I will go over all of them below.

Before we get into those ideas, I want you to think about this question: How Can I Make My Lanai Beautiful? It will help guide you as you look at all of the different ways that you can create an inviting space.

Lanai Decorating Ideas

First up, I wanted to show you how many different directions you can take this in. You can make your lanai really fancy and chic or laid back and comfortable. The floor is quite literally all yours here…so do what you want with it! For mine, I wanted to create a space with lots of plants and comfy seating, that way it felt inviting for my friends and family.

1. Lanai with TV Idea

2. Lanai with Pool

3. Yellow Curtain Ideas

4. Small Lanai Idea

5. Simple Screened In Porch

6. Wicker Outdoor Furniture Idea

7. Beautiful Back Patio Idea

8. Outdoor Rug Idea

9. Open Concept Outdoor Space

10. Boho Lanai Idea

3 Darker Lanai designs.

Cute Lanai Ideas You’ll Love

Next up, these lanai ideas will make you feel super inspired. I have found that getting a good understanding of you can decorate a space gives you more room to add personality to it. You don’t want to just copy and paste, so make sure that you infuse everything you do with a little bit of yourself.

11. Light Filled Lanai

12. Gather Decor Idea

13. Fake Grass Idea

14. Beautiful Hard Wood Floors

15. Large Screen Window Idea

16. Cute Dog Room Outdoor

17. Simple and Creative Design

18. Hawaiian Lanai Idea

19. Black and White Furniture Idea

20. Black and White Carpet Idea

21. Comfortable Lanai idea

Lanai Decorating Ideas That Are Instagram Worthy

Lastly, this list is full of lanai decorating ideas that are Instagram-worthy. Everyone knows the best of the best goes onto Instagram, so why wouldn’t you want your Lanai to be a part of that group? This is seriously one of the most aesthetic ideas on this entire list, so buckle up.

22. Light Up Lanai Idea

23. Before and After

24. Cute Red Carpet Idea

25. Eclectic Style Lanai

26. Cute Lanai Idea with Green

27. Lanai with Curtains

28. Hippie Lanai Home

29. Back Porch Idea

30. Wicker Rug Idea

31. Cozy Lanai Feeling

32. Lanai with Brick

33. Lanai with Wicker Curtains

Things to Include In Your Lanai

Think about these last two sections like your lanai checklists. You may not every single thing on here, but you are going to get at least 75% of it. So take a look.

34. Outdoor Rug – If you take anything away from this article, please let it be the first two items on this list. An outdoor rug helps to create and set your space. It can transform it from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. This is a must.

35. Comfortable Seating – Comfortable seating is another one of those must haves, because you are not going to want to spend any time in your Lanai if you don’t have anywhere nice to sit. Invest in this, it is worth it.

36. Lighting – You can add twinkle lights, which is my favorite form of lighting for both indoors and outdoors. Naturally, since the Lanai is in both, they are even more perfect.

37. Candles – In a lanai, you have the unique ability to be around candles without any of the consequences. You may be thinking that I am crazy, but I learned this year that candles are bad for you. It broke my heart, so now I have to do the same to you. Since your lanai is out in the open, the air will help to keep you safe from any carcinogens and smoke that could be bad for you.

38. Coffee Table – Having a little coffee table is a great idea, because it invites you to spend even more time out in your lanai. I can just imagine little mornings spent having tea and listening to the birds.

39. Sheer Curtains – Sheer curtains are a great way to add some privacy to your Lanai while also letting light in.

40. Decorative Pillows – This is an obvious one, so have fun with it.

41. Wall Decor Ideas – Wall decor is a must!

42. TV – You don’t have to have a TV, but it is a plus.

43. Cozy Blankets – This helps to set the space even further.

44. Cute Lamps – Lamps will add a good source of light, and they’ll look cute.

Must Have decor ideas. Photo of little couch on patio with blue flowers.

Must-Have Decor Ideas

Lastly, I have some more things that you may want to add to your lanai checklist. If you are tight on money, don’t worry. There are plenty of different options for you to save money. Personally, I always hit up thrift stores and Facebook marketplace when I am trying to find some great deals.

45. Side Tables

46. Mirrors

47. Floor Pillows

48. Plants

49. Dining Table

50. Porch Swing

51. Cooler

52. Grill

53. Shoe Space

54. Fruit Bowls

55. Door Mats

lanai decorating ideas

I hope you loved this list of the best lanai decorating ideas that are Instagram worthy. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you enjoy being in your space. But it doesn’t hurt if Instagram enjoys your space as well!

Interior design and decor are my bread and butter, so you may not be surprised to learn that these are not my only ideas. I have so many more that I have honestly lost count. If you have finished your lanai and want to move on to the next section of your house, then you can check out some of these ideas here.

So, all in all, what have we learned? A Lanai is an area of your house that is both outdoors and indoors, it originated in Hawaii due to its tropical climate, and an outdoor rug and comfortable seating are a MUST. Okay, friends, you got this!

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