Inside: Small balcony ideas Ikea fans need to see this spring.

I love IKEA, along with everyone else who has ever been to one. Especially as someone who loves to decorate, this store really fills my cup. Metaphorically, of course, since every display sink in that place always comes up dry.

It just inspires me every time I’m there to create spaces in my life that I am excited to spend time in. I try and spend equal amounts of time in the high-traffic areas as I do in the low-traffic ones because they are all important. One spot that is commonly overlooked when it comes to decor is a small balcony!

Small Balcony Ideas Ikea Fans will love

Most people will just stick a couple of plastic lawn chairs out there and call it good. Well, that is not going to fly with us today. I have found some of the coolest small balcony ideas Ikea fans will love. Take a look!

Small Balcony Ideas Ikea Fans Will Love

Some of my best memories were made on a balcony. There’s just something so magical about that special little place. It deserves to be taken care of the right way. So take a look at these ideas that will help you to treat your balcony the way it deserves to be treated.

1. Ikea Seats with Orange Slice –  I love this IKEA seat with the orange slice pillow. Orange slices are my new obsession and for a good reason. They’re cute and colorful and add so much to a room.

2. Cozy Boho Seat Idea –  I think that this BoHo C idea is just so cute.  The point, who would’ve ever thought that such a small balcony could be transformed into something like this?

3. Simple Ikea Balcony – You really can’t go wrong with the basics, can you? Check out this classic simple Ikea balcony idea. I think you will love it.

4. Corner Seat Idea –This corner of the idea is perfect for those of you with a balcony this size. If you need to utilize what space you have, a quarter see is the way to go. I love the way this looks; it turned out wonderful!

5. Oh, Happy Day Idea  –  I think that cool signs like this are a great reminder that every day we wake up is a day that we should be grateful for. Regardless of circumstance, these signs are a great inspiration to me.

6. Small Little Ikea Couch – You cannot tell me this simple patio is not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. And I’m not even being swayed by the dog here! I know, that’s surprising. But it’s the truth.

7. Light Balcony Idea with Cute Seat –  This light wall creates such a cozy atmosphere. I can just imagine spending nights up here drinking tea and reading a book!

8. Small Seating Area with Bar Stools –  I love this idea. It reminds me of being on vacation and staying at a nice hotel that has a cool balcony like this. This seating bar is the perfect place to have breakfast in the morning.

9. Little Drinking Bar –  this person knows what they are doing! They have a little drinking bar on their small patio; how perfect is this?

10. Black and White Themed Porch – If you like more of a mono-toned black-and-white look, this is the idea for you. Not only is it just black and white, but it is very chic.

11. Soft Boho Balcony –  I think these boho balconies are some of the best because they feel so inviting. I could spend hours out here.

Unique Small Balcony Ideas Ikea Fans will love

Unique Small Balcony Ideas Ikea Fans Will Love

If you want something that’s more unique, I think that this article is the way to go. It’s not only unique, but it’s also very helpful. It has the best ideas and the cutest balconies!

12. Glamourous Balcony Idea –  I love this glamorous balcony idea. The best part is how they wrapped the twinkle lights around the banister to create this cute cove feeling.

13. Balcony with Divider –  I understand the struggle that comes with trying to find privacy when you live in an apartment complex. It was one of my greatest struggles when I lived in mine. These all-natural dividers are super cute and perfect for this sort of thing.

14. Cute Planter Idea – You can never go wrong with adding plants to your outdoor space. It makes it feel more natural, even when it’s a part of an industrial apartment complex. Adding those greens is not only good for your visuals, but they are also good for your mental health. Having some used it to take care of is very essential to good and balanced mental states.

15. Light Bright Balcony Idea – Whoever put this balcony together, I would like to give them a pat on the back. It is literally the most well-thought-out, cohesive balcony design that I have ever seen.

16. Comfy Cozy Balcony  – My favorite kinds of balconies are the ones that make you feel safe, secluded, and calm. This idea hits that trifecta beautifully.

17. Small Balcony Table Idea –  If you are interested in getting a small little table, then I think you should look at this example.

18. Cute Wine Board Idea – I may be a little biased because this person already has wine and cheese out, but how cute would wine and cheese be on this balcony? Best day ever!

19. Romantic Little Balcony – You you’ll never even have to leave your house in order to be romantic ever again. Because this little romantic balcony is it for me.

20. Boho Balcony Idea with Lights – Boho Balconies tend to be my favorite tonight,

21. Simple Home Balcony Idea – I love simple ideas; they are much less stressful to execute.

Small Balcony Ideas Ikea Fans will love

Lovely Small Balcony Ideas Ikea Fans Will Love

Lastly, I have gathered some of the most lovely small balcony ideas IKEA fans will love. These are some of my favorites on this entire list, I physically could not leave them off of this list. So here they are in all their glory; I hope you enjoy them.

22. Balcony Couch Idea

23. Indie Style Balcony Idea

24. Comfortable Covered Balcony

25. Balcony Goals

26. Magical Small Balcony

27. Boho with Accent Wall

28. Tiny Balcony with Cute Lights

29. Balcony with Plant Wall

30. Perfect Balcony for Morning Coffee

31. Light Boho Balcony Idea

Small Balcony Ideas Ikea

So…are you as shocked as I am? When I first went into this, I thought to myself, ‘There have to be better small patio ideas.’ But never did I think that they were going to look as cool or as cozy as this! I’m not just shocked; I’m shaking.

If you love this idea and want to continue learning about new and fun ways to decorate your home, then you have to take a look at some of our other decorating ideas. There are so many I cannot even keep count. This is exciting news for you, though, as that means there is untapped potential for new cute spaces in your home!

I think that every space deserves a little TLC and what better way to get excited about putting in the work than by looking at inspiration? That is why I love making these lists; they inspire both you and me.

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