Inside: Best minimalist cubicle decor ideas you need for the office.

Decor is very important to me. Whether it be at my home, at the office, or even in my car…I always strive to have my spaces feel put together and infused with my personality.

I understand that it can be hard to muster up the energy to decorate places other than your home. But I think that this is necessary to create environments where we can be our best selves. For this reason, I wanted to help you out today by creating a list of my favorite minimalist cubicle decor ideas. You need to see these.

Cutest Minimalist Cubicle Decor Ideas

So take a list at the list below and fall in love with adding a little color to your workspace. I have so many different ideas here, so I know that there is something in your style. Check it out!

Cutest Minimalist Cubicle Decor

I wanted to show you some of my favorite designs first because I believe they will convey exactly what I mean when I say decorating your space is important. Wouldn’t you be excited about getting to work when your desk looked like this? I know I would!

1. Light Pink Desk Decor – I think one of the best things you can do to make your space feel put together is to choose a color and stick with it. You can use different shades as long as they are the same color.

2. Simple Pin Board – You don’t need to rip out the whole office space to make it your own; you can add a few simple things like this example did!

3. Mini Magnet Shelves – If you love the look of shelves but had no idea how you would add them in a cubicle, try magnetic shelves like these.

4. Simple Wicker Baskets – These wicker baskets bring some warmth and texture to your grey office space in such a simple and easy way. You need these.

5. Sweet Christmas Decor – I thought I would throw in a little Christmas inspiration.

6. Little Desk Organization – If you have a small desk, I think that organization is a must-have when it comes to adding any decor. Check out the way they did it in this photo.

7. Simple Desk Shelves – When choosing simple paper organizing shelves, I think you should always pick one that matches the color of your desk. This creates the illusion that your desk is fancier than it is.

8. Cute Acrylic Planner – Adding a cool planner like this one not only helps your space to feel cuter but it helps you to be more organized with your work.

9. Simplistic Seating with Cute Decor – Though you may not have control over what desk you have, you can decide to bring in your own chair if you like. This adorable yoga ball is a great option!

10. Metal Pin Board Idea – If you want the ability to hang your own photos without messing up the cubicle walls, this metal clothes pin board is a perfect idea.

11. Light Desk Decor – I think by sticking to a lighter color scheme, you make your small space feel bigger. Take a look at this design to see what I mean.

Lovely Decor Ideas for the office

Lovely Decor Ideas for the Office

Here I have some of the loveliest decor ideas for the office. There are so many different directions you can take this, and the ideas below will prove this to you. It is a highly personalized decision though, so only pick what you are excited about.

12. Cute Brown Calender – I love using any kind of brown or beige in my workspace because if it brings in a more neutral, natural feel, than other colors will.

13. Warm-Toned Decor Ideas – Speaking of warm-toned decor, this is an adorable option if strictly brown is not your style. Check it out!

14. Abstract Wall Decor Ideas – I am obsessed with this abstract wall decor idea. It’s scattered but organized at the same time and I am here for it.

15. Wall Collage Ideas – If you want something simple but still cute, this wall collage is a great way to go. You just have to find some of your favorite photos and hang them up in a cute way!

16. Simple Desk Set Up – This person got themselves an adorable clock that matches the rest of their color pallet. This is great if you work in an office because it will always show you how soon you get to go home.

17. Cute Minimalistic Cubicle – This one has a similar vibe to the one above, but it has a warmer tone to it, which can be more inviting than cool tones.

18. Adorable Desk Set Up – If you prefer a cleaner look, then you are going to want to rely on desk gadgets more than wall decor; take a look at this example to see what I mean.

19. Aesthetic Wall Decor – Another awesome way to spruce up your space is to go onto interest or Etsy and find photo collages that you like. These are simple and so cute.

20. Minimalistic Plain Wall Decor – I love this look because it feels so clean. If you are someone who feels claustrophobic in small spaces, you are going to want to keep your cubical feeling open and fresh.

21. Light Decor Ideas for Office – You do not need decor very much to make your space feel more your own. You can swap out simple things in your cubicle to make it feel like home! Things like your chair, your mouse and keyboard, etc.

Simple Minimalist Cubicle Decor

Simple Minimalist Cubicle Decor

If you like to keep things simple, this is the list for you. Everything in this article has been simple in one way or another since these are minimalist ideas, but this list is the simplest of them all. So if you don’t want to carry a bunch of things into the office, this is the way to go. This list speaks for itself, take a look!

22. Desk with Shelving

23. Light Black and White Decor

24. Brown Themed Decor

25. Light Christmas Decor

26. Cute Soft Themed Decor

27. Orange Pastel Decor

28. Pastel Desk Idea

29. Cool Minimalist Cubicle Decor

30. Flowers with Wall Decor

31. Adorable Artistic Decor

Minimalist Cubicle Decor Ideas


And there you have it, over 30 of the cutest minimalist cubicle decor ideas. I know that it can be overwhelming to see so many ideas at one time, so find the three best examples that made your heart happy and use them as your guide.

You can combine looks and truly make this your own. After all, at the end of the day, it is YOUR space. I am so excited for you to make your cubicle feel more welcoming. Infuse as much of yourself as you can in as many ways as you can. It can be hard to go to a 9-5 every day, but taking small actions like this will make it easier.

If you love these design ideas and want to find more decor inspiration, we have so many more things to share with you. It’s a long list, but you can start here.

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