Inside: The Cutest Cubicle Birthday Decor + Fun Co-worker Birthday Ideas.

Let’s chat about an office/coworker’s birthday! Now personally I LOVE office birthday celebrations, it’s the perfect excuse to eat pizza in the middle of the day or even have a drink with coworkers just to take a break from work and celebrate.

Most of us spend more time around our co-workers than we do so of our family, 8 hours a day is a lot!

So why not celebrate them to the fullest on their special day and deck out their desk with the coolest party decorations ever?

Check out our favorite cubicle birthday decor and ideas that will celebrate your favorite co-workers on their special day. Plus, we added some already thought-out decor kits that make office party planning easy.

Birthday Desk Decorations

How to Decorate a Cubicle for a Birthday

There are a few things that you have to remember when it comes to decorating for a birthday

  • Balloons: What party decor is complete without balloons! As shown below, you can create some really fun and unique decorations using simple balloons.
  • Streamers: Streamers are a great way to add a little festive flair without a ton of money. The only downside to streamers is that it can take some hard work to get them looking good.
  • Sign/Banner/Garland: I love keeping a generic color banner with a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ message in my decoration kit at all times. I think multicolored ones are great because they can be used for anyone.
  • Personal Flare: This could be a personalized note, a dessert from their favorite bakery, or a theme that they are really into. Showing that you thought specifically about them on their special day can elevate your desk decor to the top.

Tips for Planning an Office Birthday Party

Make it known that your coworker has a birthday and that you are putting together a party for him or her.

You can spread the word via email or simply tell the office about it by making a verbal announcement.

You shouldn’t have a party without food or drinks. After all, you’re making this day special, as opposed to every other day in the office. Perhaps you order a pizza or sub sandwiches. Maybe you just have a cake, depending on your budget.

Also, do your best to schedule the party for a time when you know that most of your colleagues will be able to attend.

Birthday Cubicle Decorating Ideas

These cubicle birthday decor ideas are the best way to say happy birthday to your favorite coworker. We especially love the flower or candy balloon trick! Find inspiration for your next office birthday and bring the celebration to the office.

1. Blue and Gold Theme with “Happy Birthday” Balloons

2. Streamers Shaped Around Cubicle

3. Balloons Wrapped Like Candy

Birthday Cubicle Decorating Ideas

4. Colorful Balloons Shaped Like Flowers

5. Post It Notes on Monitor

6. Black and Gold “Hollywood” Theme

7. Colorful Balloon Around Cubicle

8. Pink and Gold Balloon Garland Around Cubicle

Cubicle Birthday Decor Ideas

Birthday desk decorations are just a few more of our favorite ideas to celebrate your coworkers on their special day. There are so many ways you can make their space special with balloons, tinsels, streamers, or banners.

9. Balloons Shaped Like Flowers

10. Full Balloon Wall

11. Balloon and Garland in Cubicle Walkway

12. All Blue Birthday Decor with Hanging Balloons

Office Party Decor

13. Silver ‘Happy Birthday’ Balloon Message

14. Colorful Party Plate Background

15. Hanging Colored Balloons

16. Cute Mini Balloon Garland

Cubicle Decorating Kits

Finding the perfect decorating kits and products can be the hardest part of office party planning. Check out a few of our favorite products that will transform that boring cubicle and turn it into a poppin’ party!

17. Pastel & Metallic Gold Decorating Kit

18. Bright Colorful Balloon Garland Kit

Cubicle Decorating Kits

19. Party Fan Decoration Set

20. “Happy Birthday” Foil Balloon Garland

21. Gold and Silver Happy Birthday Banner

More Than a Celebration

Just 26% of employees feel valued at work, and it’s a big problem because of the tight relationship between employee recognition and employee turnover.

What can you do to make staff feel valued in your organization? Celebrating employee birthdays! This celebration tells the employee that you care about them, and it can boost their workplace motivation.

2019 study revealed that a reward and recognition system is one of the most potent forces that drive workplace engagement.

Did you know, having a recognition and rewards system in place, like celebrating employee birthdays, contributes to reduced turnover and higher productivity?

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Cubicle Birthday Decor

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