Inside: Coolest mesh wreath ideas that you can use to add life to your home.

I am a bit of a wreath connoisseur at this point. There are just so many different styles and types; how can a girl choose just one? I can’t, that’s how. I have favorites in every branch of wreath making(that’s a pun because they literally make wreaths out of branches). Today, I am going to talk about one of my top favorites: mesh wreaths!

Mesh wreaths are probably one of my favorites because of their simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a well detailed wreath, but there’s just something about the simple beauty that is a mesh wreath.

Mesh Wreath ideas Your Need In Your Home. Photo of lemon wreath idea.

The list below is full of some of my absolute favorite ideas that I wanted to share with you. Whether you are looking to add to your collection or you are in need of a specific theme. These wreaths will do the job. Take a look!

Mesh Wreath Ideas

First up, I wanted to walk you through these designs in case you are new to mesh wreaths. There are so many good ones here, with a large array of different styles, so by the end of this list, you are going to be a pro. Take it slow while you look; really notice if there are certain things you like and certain things you don’t.

1. Light Grey and Pink Idea – I am obsessed with how curly these ribbons are. They remind me of that old style of curls that you could get with the rollers. I also love the combination of pink and grey. I don’t think it gets much cuter than this if you ask me.

2. Baby Pink Mesh Wreath with Flowers – If you are a lover of pink like I am, then you will love this idea. They have everything I could want: a beautiful color with awesome flowers. Check this out.

3. When Life Gives You Lemons – I love lemons. I love the way they taste, smell, and, most of all, look! I was even thinking about getting a lemon tattoo, yep I love them THAT much. So this wreath made me happy.

4. Light Green Infinity Symbol Idea – I love the infinity symbol. I don’t care if it was categorized as basic back in 2010, it’s cool! I love the symbolism and the way it looks. You need to see this wreath if you feel the same.

5. Hello Spring Wreath Idea – Spring is coming up, and what better way to celebrate this than by adding some decorations to your home? Something so simple can make a world of difference. They’re cute too!

6. Burlap Brown Wreath Idea – If you like to go with more of a rustic brown look for your home, this burlap wreath was made for you. Take a look to make sure that this is, in fact, your style. I can bet my last dollar that it is.

7. The Beach Is Calling, I Must Go – For those of you who love a good beach day, this may be the wreath that speaks to your soul. It has a bunch of beach decorations and a sign in the middle that describes how you feel on a daily.

8. U.S Army Wreath Idea – For those of you who proudly have served in the army, you can decorate your home with a wreath like this. This is also great for the family of someone in the army as well!

9. Guests Must Be Approved By the Dogs – Dog lovers unite! I love this mat because it will have people laughing before they even enter your home. Every dog lover can agree that your dog’s judgment is trustworthy, so if the person doesn’t check out, they don’t get to come to it. Speaking of checking out; Check this out!

10. Autumnal Color Wreath – I love autumn, and if you are reading this during or close to fall, you may want to check out this idea because it is just perfect for that time of year. But if you like to have these colors around all year long, this might also be a wonderful idea for you.

11. Welcome To Our Home – Sweet and simple, you can never go wrong with a nice little phrase.

cute wreath ideas for front door with 3 different mesh wreaths.

Cute Wreath Ideas for Front Door

Most people will plan on hanging their mesh wreath on their front door. So I wanted to show you the strongest contenders. You don’t want just any old wreath on your front door; it is the first thing people notice about your place. It must be good! So check out this list below, and see which ones make the cut.

12. Pastel Pink and White Mesh Decor

13. Slytherin Green Wreath Idea

14. Mesh Brass Wreath Idea

15. Welcome Home Wreath in Tan

16. Welcome Wooden Wreath

17. Cotton Wreath Idea with Ribbon

18. Welcome to Our Little Hive

19. Breast Cancer Awareness

20. Mesh Sunflower Idea

Aesthetically Pleasing Wreath Designs

As someone who is interested in interior design, I have a bit of an obsession with aesthetics. I also happen to just love that word. But anyways, the list below is full of some seriously cool designs that will add so much to your home. Who would have thought a wreath held so much power? I did.

21. Welcome Ribbon Wreath

22. Black and White Mesh Idea

23. Rainbow Mesh Idea

24. Grey and Brown Cute Wreath

25. Beach Themed Wreath

26. Sailor-Themed Mesh Idea

27. Green and Blue Wreath

28. Yellow Mesh Ribbon

29. Yellow Sunflower with Leaves

30. Cute Pink Mesh Decor Idea

mesh wreath ideas you need in your home. 3 different photo idea.

Mesh Wreath Ideas You Need In Your Home

Last but certainly not least, here is a list of mesh wreath ideas you need in your home. I am in love with more than half of these, which is hard because I only have one front door. I think I am going to have to start rotating them out on a weekly basis if I keep this up. I have quite the collection going as is. Check these out.

31. Strawberry Wreath Idea

32. Rainbow Flower Wreath

33. Sunflower Themed Ribbon Wreath

34. Southern Charm Wreath Idea

35. Mesh Wreath With Photo Board

36. Green and Blue Wreath with Photos

37. Orange Slice Wreath Idea

38. Floral and Green Wreath Idea

39. Mermaid Wreath Idea

40. Clementine Wreath Idea

41. Purple and Burlap

Mesh wreath ideas

I hope you have enjoyed looking through this list of mesh wreath ideas that I put together. I have such a hard time coming up with new crafts sometimes that I will spend hours just looking up ideas, so I am glad today’s research went to good use. Plus, now I will be able to look back at this whenever I need more inspiration. So is this selfish? Possibly.

Wreaths really do have the opportunity to transform your home. Gone are the days when wreaths were only brought out during Christmas; they can be any theme they want, so why not keep one up all year for any occasion?

If you loved these wreath ideas, I think you are going to go crazy for some other ones that I have pulled together. Like I said, I am a bit of a wreath fanatic, so I have plenty to share with you!

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