Inside: Adorable ribbon ideas for wreaths that you’ll love.

I have recently been looking into the many different kinds of wreaths out there. I have learned about mesh wreaths, grapevine wreaths, and my new personal favorite: Ribbon Wreaths.

Though I will admit that I am a big fan of basically any kind of wreath since they bring such a cute look and energy to your home. Regardless, this has become one of my favorites.

I was thinking about buying one for myself to add to my front door, but then I realized that I could just make one myself!

Cutest Ribbon Ideas for Wreaths + Simple DIY

So today, that is what I am going to do. I have a simple DIY ribbon wreath tutorial at the end of this article, but first, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at some examples. Everything below is something you can purchase for your home if you aren’t feeling particularly crafty.

But if you are, then you can use the ideas below as inspiration for your own wreath. Let’s get into it!

What is a Ribbon Wreath?

Great question! A ribbon wreath is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a wreath that is decorated with ribbons. There are different kinds of ribbons that you can use, and you can choose any style or theme that suits you. Many people use ribbons as an accent or little decoration on wreaths regularly, but the difference with these is that they are made out of 90% ribbons.

There are many different ways that you can go about making your own ribbon wreath, and I will walk you through one of them later in this article. So if you are interested, stick around for that!

Simple Ribbon Ideas for Wreaths

First up, I figured we could start out with the simplest ribbon ideas for wreaths. This way, you can get a clear vision of what a ribbon wreath is and the different ways that you can set up your wreath base.

There is a different kinds of curling patterns that range from simple to super curly. See which ones you like better below.

1.  Fall Deco Mesh Wreath Idea

2. Brown Wreath Made with Burlap

3. Cute Long Ribbon Center

4. Bright Neon Ribbons

5. Neat and Tidy Halloween Wreath

6. Perfect Christmas Wreath

7. Spooky Boo Wreath Idea

8. Dark Green Burlap with Fall Leaves

9. 4th of July Themed Wreath

10. Sparkly Ribbons with Cute Decor

11. Cute Black and White Plaid

Unique Cloth Tied Wreath Ideas

Unique Ribbon Wreaths

Next up, I wanted to include some unique ribbon ideas for wreaths. There are so many awesome things that you can include in your wreath that you would never even think of. I love number 14; since it’s fall time when I am writing this I just had to include a fall-themed wreath. Take a look at these ideas to see what little addition you want to include with your wreath.

12. Fall Ribbons with Lots of Patterns

13. Cute Burlap Wreath with Sign

14. Perfect Pumpkin-Themed Wreath

15. Big Ribbon Bow

16. Cute Pumpkin Ribbons

17. Fall Wreath Bow

18. Cute Christmas Wreath Handmade

19. Cute Blue Wreath with Cheetah Print

20. Clean and Neat Fall Wreath

21. Big Birthday Ribbon

22. Ribbon Bow Wreath

Colorful Ribbons

Colorful Ribbon Ideas for Wreaths

Lastly, I wanted to include some of the most colorful wreath ideas. Using color can be one of the most powerful things you can do when creating your own wreath. It sets the overall tone for the theme and can bring a lot to the space that you are hanging it in.

23. Back to School Colorful Ribbon

24. Adorable Summer Themed Wreath

25. Colorful Wreath with Burlap Accents

26. Rainbow Ribbons with Sparkles

27. Colorful Ribbons with Sparkles and Tulips

28. Green, Blue, and Purple Ribbons

29. Red Christmas Holiday Wreath

30. Summer Wreath with Flip Flops

31. Spring Wreath for Front Door

32. Neon Colored Ribbons

33. Boho Rag Wreath with Rainbow of Colors

Now that you have looked through these let’s start this awesome ribbon DIY! This will be a very simple tutorial, you can use your own imagination to spice up your wreath however you like; this will be your base.

Cute & Simple Ribbon Wreath DIY

First things first, you are going to need to gather your supplies. I have a list below of some of the things you will need for your wreath. You can use these as a basis for gathering your own cart.

Feel free to pick whichever style of ribbons that suits you best for whatever occasion you are making this for.

Now that we have our supplies, the fun can begin. I suggest putting on a good podcast or your favorite playlist. It helps to set the perfect environment for crafting! Lay out all of your supplies, then we can get started.

Step One

For today’s craft, we are going to make a simple bow ribbon wreath. To start, measure your ribbon to the size you want your bow to be. For a medium size, about a one-foot length will do. Cut your ribbon into equal lengths until there is no more left or until you think you have enough for your wreath.

Step Two

Next, we start tying!

Fasten your ribbon through the different wires in the wreath form. Then you tie the bow around the front. Use your pipe cleaner to make sure that your ribbon is secured in that spot. Continue making bows all the way around your wreath until there are no gaps showing.

You can either make your bows even, or you can use big and small bows alternately to create a more textured look with your wreath. I would recommend using smaller bows to mend any blank spots.

Step Three

For the last step, you will be filling in any gaps that may be showing. Pick up your wreath and give it a gentle shake. I know this sounds odd, but it is the best way to see if there is anything that needs to be better secured on your wreath.

If you find anything that needs securing, secure it. Then you can start to add any other decorations that you may want. You can add an even bigger bow on the top, or perhaps little flowers throughout it as well. You can add whatever you like, the important thing is that you are having fun.

Ribbon Ideas for Wreath

There you have it…you have created your very own ribbon wreath! How do you feel? I always feel so accomplished when I finish a project like this one. Not only because they look so good, but because I took the time out of my day to make it.

I hope you loved these ribbon ideas for wreaths. There are so many different things that you can do to make your own unique spin on this adorable kind of decor; you just have to get the inspiration to see it through.

If this article sparked an interest in DIY wreaths for you, then you are in the right place. We have plenty of other DIY ideas for you to go through. Take a look!

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