Inside: Adorable ikea dresser makeover ideas that are out of the box .

Do you want to transform your plain and boring Ikea dresser into a stylish piece of furniture? With some creativity, a few supplies, and a weekend or two, you can take your drab dresser from bland to beautiful with an ikea dresser makeover. Today I am going to share some of my hottest dresser makeover tips with you, so stay tuned!

Whether it’s buying new handles or painting the drawers in different styles, I am going to help you get the dresser that you have always dreamed of having. By the end of this you’ll be able to show off an entirely new piece of furniture that will give any room in your home the perfect pop of style!

Unique Ikea Dresser Makeover Ideas. Photo of cool black dresser.

The Ikea dresser is the perfect piece for a makeover. Both simple and timeless the design can be easily adapted using paint to fit any décor style, from modern and contemporary to traditional and farmhouse. You can also repurpose it with different handles for a totally unique look. Let go of your old style and upgrade your home with an Ikea dresser makeover that’s both inspiring and affordable!

Unique Ikea Dresser Makeover Ideas

Redecorating doesn’t always require a trip to the furniture store; sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity. Before I get into my tips and tricks, I wanted to show you just want is waiting for you on the other side of a little work. You can use these ideas as inspiration!

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1. Dark Green Ikea Idea

2. Sage Green Dresser Idea

3. White Dresser with Simple Handles

4. Unique Drawer Idea

5. Lined White Dresser Idea

6. Mauve Dresser with Designs

7. 2 Toned Dresser Idea

8. Grey Dresser with Wooden Aspects

9. Burnt Orange Dresser Ideas

10. Black Dresser with Light Wood Drawers

11. Cute Patterned Dresser Idea

12. Dresser with animal Knobs

13. Cute Textured Black Dresser

14. Minimalistic Dresser Idea

15. Warm Wood Dresser Idea

More Dresser Ideas. Photo of 3 different dresser examples.

More Dresser Ideas

Ikea dressers have been given a new life with creative and eye-catching paint jobs. Makeover projects allow for virtually endless possibilities as new colors, finishes, and styles can be used to make an ordinary piece of furniture unique. In addition, changing out the handles or knobs can add a personal touch that transforms the overall look of the piece.

Whether you prefer a sleek monochromatic finish or vibrant colors and patterns, before and after photos of dressers made over with paint provide excellent inspiration for starting your own project.

16. Wooden Dresser Idea

17. Stacked Green Dresser Idea

18. Unique Green Dresser

19. Cool Dresser Idea

20. From Drab to Fab

21. Light Plant Dresser Idea

22. Abstract Dresser Drawer Idea

23. Dark Blue Dresser with Cool Knobs

24. Wicker Dresser Drawer Idea

25. Faded Floral Dresser

26. Chic Dresser Idea

27. Simple Dresser Drawer Idea

28. Elegant Lined Dresser

29. Leather Pull Tab Idea

30. Green Dresser with Drawers

31. Turquoise Dresser Idea

Ikea Dresser Makeover Tip # 1: Choose the Right paint

When choosing the right paint color for your dresser makeover, there are many things to consider. First and foremost, you need to decide what style of paint you want on the dresser. Do you prefer a glossy or matte finish? There are also many colors to choose from, so it’s important to think about how the color will work with the rest of the room.

With so many different shades of even just one hue, it can be hard to decide which is best for you(ha, that rhymed). Once a base color is chosen, consider adding an accent color for an extra special touch.

Additionally, functional items such as drawers and handles should also have their own coats of paint; making sure they all flow together tastefully is key! So take time when selecting colors and finishes for your Ikea dresser makeover, everything from the shade of white to some small detail really matters in creating an inviting piece that suits your home decor aesthetic.

Use different paint textures. 3 different dresser makeovers.

Tip #2: Use Different Paint Techniques for Added Textures

If you want to get creative with your Ikea dresser makeover, adding texture with paint is an easy and exciting way to transform a piece of furniture. With paint, the possibilities are virtually endless! A few ideas include distressed painting, color washing, sponging, crackling and stenciling.

Distressed painting requires using two contrasting colors and distressing the edges for a more aged look. Color washing can be used for a muted tone by blending layers of different hues of the same color. Sponging involves blending multiple colors in a random pattern.

Crackling can be done by applying two different types of paint and letting one coat dry completely before using a clear glue-like solution to cause paint cracking as it dries. Last but not least, stenciling can give a unique finishing touch by cutting out shapes on contact paper and placing them on the dresser for spraying multiple hues of paint over the top.

Adding any or all of these techniques to your dresser makeover will help you achieve an outstanding result that reflects your individual style! I did this with my ikea desk ideas.

Ikea Dresser Makeover Tip #3: Pick The Perfect Handles

When you are redecorating an Ikea dresser, picking the right handles can be the perfect way to complete your makeover. Different colors and sizes of handles can change the entire look of your furniture. Consider whether you would like a sleek and subtle look or something more creative and colorful.

You may prefer rounded pulls or handles with intricate designs. Utilizing interesting shapes and metallic finishes can help tie in the overall theme of your room, adding a subtle statement piece to any dresser. Following these tips will guarantee that you select the perfect handles for your new Ikea dresser.

Tip #4: Get Creative with Your Materials

If you are looking to add a unique, personalized touch to your Ikea dresser, why not give wallpaper or wall decals a try? A wide range of colors and designs can be used to create funky, eye-catching patterns that will make your dresser stand out from the rest.

Whether you are aiming for something fun and colorful, or simple and elegant styles, there is sure to be something perfect that will help you achieve just the right look. Furthermore, these DIY projects remain easy to change if you ever decide on another style upgrade ephemerally.

ikea dresser makeover

Making over an Ikea dresser is a great way to take a piece of furniture from dated and dull to stylish and unique. Before you begin, be sure to select the right paint color that complements your space, as well as picking out some fun handles to give your dresser a sophisticated look.

You can add flair and texture by using different painting techniques such as geometric patterning or sponging. Don’t forget the extra DIY touches like wallpapering the interior or adding some wall decals!

Your Ikea dresser can truly be transformed into a piece that will stand out in any room. With its combination of affordability, styles, and versatility, the Ikea dresser is ready for whatever makeover you want to throw at it! If you love Ikea, then you will love these ikea laundry room ideas.