Inside: The most creative ikea desk ideas that will motivate you to work whether you are at home or in the office.

I think that the space that we work in has a profound impact on the quality of work that we get done. The cleaner and cuter the space, the more likely you are to get great-quality work done quickly. If you are trying to work in a plain and dirty space, your work will reflect that.

With that being said, I am a naturally messy person. I don’t mean like a full-on pig stye, but my room definitely has a few cluttery countertops, and my desk was always one of them until I got creative.

Creative Ikea Desk Ideas

I cleaned my desk up one day and decided to make a whole designated work corner with decor and everything. It looked so cute when I was done that I wanted to keep it clean, and having a space that was clean made my workload go by so much faster. So today, I am going to go over some of the most creative Ikea desk ideas to get you started.

Ikea Desk Ideas

For this first list, I want you to try and get a good feel for what kind of style you are looking for. If it clean and monochrome? Or perhaps you’re more into colorful ideas with lots of unique patterns and textures. It’s really up to you, so get a good feel for what you like.

1. White Desk Idea with Computer – If you are going for a clean Mono chrome look and this is the idea for you! Take a look and see what you think.

2. Cute Desk Set Up – This desk set up may have a lot to do with the style of desk that it is, but nevertheless I had to include it because it’s too cute! I love the use of books and little paper weeks.

3. Minimalistic Corner Desk – I think that minimalistic decor can really be a powerful tool when creating a good work environment. The cleaner the environment you’re in, the more focused you will be able to be. So minimalistic decor allows you to be stylish and clean at the same time.

4. Simple and Modern Desk Idea –  I am obsessed with this desk! It has that perfect mix of modern and retro that this generation goes crazy for it. Take a look to see what I mean.

5. Thin and Small Desk Idea – Sometimes, we need a small desk to work with the small space that we have. I have been there; in my small apartment, I had no room for any workspace. I had to get a foldable desk. Don’t worry; this example is much cuter than the one I had. But it’s small nonetheless, and it’ll be a great addition to your room.

6. Wooden Slab with White Legs – I am in love with this style of the desk as well. Ugh, I guess we can’t have it all.

7.  Desk with Floating Shelves – Yep, I repeat, this desk has FLOATING SHELVES. This is just too cool to pass up.

8. Light Wood Desk with Shelves –  Everyone has different design styles. Depending on the color scheme of your house, you may need to work with a lighter wood or darker wood. It really depends on your situation. Take a look at this light wood desk with shelves.

9. Cute Desk Set Up with Plants – I love it when people add plants to their space. It makes it feel much more alive and put together.

10. Corner Desk with Cactus – I think corner desks are super cool because they take up a space that would normally be overlooked.

Cute Desk Set Ups

Cute Desk Set Ups

And here we have some super cute desk setups. These are going to shock you; they are that cute. You are going to wonder why you haven’t done something like this sooner.

11. Cozy and Warm Desk

12. Lovely Desk Set Up

13. Leaning Book Shelf Idea

14. Functional Fashion Desk

15. Photo Wall Behind Desk

16. Student’s Desk Idea

17. Calendar Wall Behind Desk

18. Teen Desk Idea

19. Desk with Peg Backboard

20. Green Themed Room

Functional Ikea Desk Ideas

Suppose you are like me and want functionality to be a big part of your desk decor; then you have to take a look at this list. Below you will find desks that are not only functional but super cute at the same time. I know this is hard to believe, but it is the truth.

21. Anime Themed Desk

22. Sweet Desk with Green Keyboard

23. Cutest Student Desk

24. Study Desk with Cute Cart

25. Functional Makeup Desk Idea

26. Blue Painted Desk with iPad Holder

27. Desk with Crafty Set Up

28. Wooden Desk with Pink Chair

29. Sweet Green Themed Room

30. Corner Desk with Green Plants

31. White Desk in Corner

Creative Ikea Desk Ideas

Creative Ikea Desk Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to share with you some of the most creative Ikea desk ideas that I came across while writing this article. These are each unique in their own right and are bound to give you that boost of creative energy that you have been waiting for. Take a look!

32. Green Keyboard Room – These green keyboards not only look cool, but they work great as well. I am currently typing on one, and I could not be happier. It has that old typewriter feel!

33. Cute Golden Hour Room – Honestly, they took this photo at the best possible time. That golden hour light is like an all-natural filter. I am serious!

34. Neon Glow Sign – These glowing signs are too cool. Love it.

35. Gamer Desk Set Up – If you like to play games, then this is the idea for you.

36. Cactus Green Photos – I Love these collages of different species of plants. They give your space such an academic feel in the cutest of ways, and I really don’t think that any other poster tops this.

37. Well Thought-Out Desk –  this person put a lot of thought into their desk; you can just tell. From the way, they have their iPad on a stand to the cute pencil cups and other small details. You just know that they love to work.

38. Cool Desk Setup –  I love this setup because it’s right next to a window. That means while you’re working, you get vitamin D and other important things that come from sitting next to a window.

39. Sweet iPad Desk – If you have an Ipad like me, you need this desk.

40. Monitor Desk Set Up – This desk is just meant for monitors.

41. Vintage Desk – I love the vintage feel that comes with this desk.

Ikea Desk Ideas


If you loved this article, then we have something in common. I know I already revamped my desk, but after seeing some of these ideas, I think I may need to step it up.

There are so many different options and ideas out there waiting for you to find them. You never know what decorating your desk space could do for you. Maybe it’s the domino that will slowly tip the other ones until they suddenly look up and you are living your dreams. You never know!

I think that the right setup could be the perfect place for you to work on your dreams. I know that sounds silly, and kind of over the top, but it’s the truth.

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