Inside: Cutest ladybug wreath ideas you need for spring time.

Spring is nearly upon us, and that means you get to start decorating for the brighter weather! Sure, April showers bring May flowers, but the sun does start to make an appearance more often. There are so many ways that people like to decorate for spring, and one of my favorites is to put away my winter wreath in favor of a spring one.

My spring wreaths will vary from year to year, and this go around, I will be hanging a beautiful ladybug wreath on my front door. If you love ladybugs, then you are in the right place because I created a list of the sweetest ladybug wreath ideas!

Sweet ladybug wreath ideas for spring

In the list below, you will find a plethora of different ladybug wreaths in every style that you can imagine. I wanted to give you some options to work with, so take your time looking through these. Happy decorating!

Ladybug Wreath Ideas

If there is one bug out there that makes me smile every time I see one, it’s a ladybug. Do you remember when you were a kid, and you found one on the ground? I would always try and keep it as if this little bug and I were best friends. But they always flew away; it never made me sad, though, because I got to watch them fly. That’s what these wreaths remind me of.

1. Red Wreath Made of Mesh – I thought I would walk you through the designs on this first list. Mesh wreaths are some of my favorites because they look and feel so soft.

2. Ribbon Wreaths with Ladybugs – Ribbon wreaths are great because they have so many beautiful curls. This wreath is just adorable. I love that they found ribbons with ladybugs on them!

3. Brown Mesh Wreath With Ladybug Accents – Brown mesh is one of my favorites because I am a sucker for boho decor, and this kind of burlap texture adds so much to my room!

4. Unique Gnome Ladybug Wreath – Gnomes and ladybugs, who knew they would go so well together? You need to see this one to believe it; it’s cute on a whole other level.

5. Cute Faith Green Wreath – This wreath uses a green base and then builds on it with little ladybugs and a super cute sign that says faith. You can just tell this one was handmade in the best way possible.

6. Wreath with Big Ladybug – I love that this wreath included a huge ladybug because what is a ladybug wreath without one? I think this one is my favorite yet. But don’t worry; the best is still yet to come.

7. Black, White, and Red Wreath  – One of the great calling cards of a ladybug is the polkadot, so of course, this person used an assortment of beautiful polkadot ribbons done in red, black, and white!

8. Yellow and Red Wreath – Okay, fun little story time for you. When I was a kid, I saw a yellow ladybug. This would be a fun story, except it flew directly into my ear at an angle that I couldn’t get it out until it flew away. I was horrified. Yellow lady bugs are not my friends.

9. Floral Wreath Idea with Red – Here, I have a beautiful floral wreath idea that I think you are going to seriously love. Ladybugs are basically the symbol for spring, so flowers being paired with it only makes sense.

10. Red Bug Idea with Cute Dots – This idea has the cutest dots; you are gonna freak out when you see this. I think the best part about any wreath is the love that goes into it. You can feel how much this one is loved.

11. Grapevine Wreath with Big Ladybug – I am obsessed with grapevine wreaths because they give off such a natural feel that cannot be beaten.

unique ladybug front door designs.

Unique Ladybug Designs

If you are looking for something that is more unique, then you need to checkout this awesome wreath list. I found so many great ones that I think will make great additions to any home. Whether it be on your front door or not, you need one of these! Honestly, I have so many wreaths now I have to rotate which ones get to be front door material.

12. Cute Spring Wreath Idea

13. Natural Looking Wreath

14. Ladybug Wreath with Sunflowers

15. Red, White Wreath and Ladybug

16. Ladybug Wooden Wreath

17. Green Wreath and Ribbon

18. Don’t Bug Me Wreath Idea

19. Cute and Colorful Wreath

20. Ladybug Shaped Wreath

21. Large Wreath Idea

3 different red ladybug decor Ideas.

Sweet Ladybug Wreath Ideas for Spring

Lastly, I have a list of the sweetest ladybug wreath ideas for spring. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it welcomes regrowth and prosperity. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but after so many months of it, I am ready for a change. Plus, the blossoms that grow on my trees give me quite the serotonin boost. So check these out if you are ready for spring!

22. Yellow Ribbons with Red and Black – I love how many awesome patterns are in this wreath. It feels full and cozy, and it would look great in a classroom or on your front door. My ladybug wreath will be proudly displayed on my front door this year. Goodbye evergreen!

23. Hi Spring Wreath with Ladybugs

24. Grapevine with Green and Ribbons – Who said that you need a wreath to be solid red if it’s ladybug themed? Green is my favorite color, so I love it when I see it on a wreath.

25. Ladybug Toy on Wreath Idea

26. Cute Gnome Wreath – We started this list out with a gnome, and we are ending it on one too. I just love a full-circle moment, don’t you? That rhymed… a good thing I am almost done because this is going to get real Dr. Suess-y real quick.

27. Cute as a Bug Wreath

28. Ladybug Crossing Idea

29. Ribbon with Fake Ladybugs

30. Patterned Ladybug Shaped Wreath – This person went above and beyond when they were making this wreath; they actually shaped it like a ladybug! Contrary to popular belief, a wreath does not have to be a circle. It can be any shape you set your mind to, as this person has shown us today.

31. Ladybug idea with Big Bow

Ladybug wreath ideas

I hope you loved these ladybug wreath ideas as much as I loved finding them. I think it is so important to create spaces within our homes that showcase our personalities and the seasons that we are in. Since you have made it this far, I think it is a safe bet that you are a ladybug lover as well!

Fun fact for you: The ladybugs we know of are actually boys! Well, mostly. The female bugs are typically bigger. Isn’t that funny? Anyways, whether you are making your own ladybug wreath or buying one, I think these ideas will help you get the perfect one.

If you enjoyed looking at these wreath ideas, I think you will love some of my other wreath ideas. I am kind of a wreath fanatic, so you shouldn’t be surprised that there is much more where this came from.

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