Inside: How to make diaper wreaths this is such a fun and easy DIY for anyone expecting.

I love babies. I love everything about them, from their cute little faces to the smelly diapers. Now, with that being said, I am not ready to have my own children, so I just live vicariously through my friends and family who are having them now.

If you have someone in your life who is expecting a baby, you may be on the hunt for some cute gift ideas, or perhaps you need some inspiration for baby shower decorations.

Whatever the case, I think a baby diaper wreath is a way to go. It is out of the box, adorable, and super helpful for the parents. You can never have enough diapers!

How to Make Diaper Wreaths: Simple DIY

So today, I will walk you through how to make diaper wreaths the easy way. You are sure to end up with an adorable wreath that the parents-to-be are going to go crazy for. But first, we need some inspiration!

Inspiration & Creative Ways To Design Yours

When you think of a diaper wreath, you may just think of the bare minimum: A circular wreath form with rolled diapers on it. But there are so many more opportunities when making a diaper wreath; you can go crazy with it! Below I have found some of the cutest diaper wreath ideas the internet has to offer. Take a look at these before we start the DIY!

1. Adorable Diaper Wreath – First up, I wanted to show you a classic diaper wreath. This is a pretty adorable example of a basic wreath. You can spruce yours up however you see fit, but this is a general idea.

2. Wreath for Baby Girl – If the parents-to-be are having a baby girl, then this is such a cute wreath to go with. It is very bohemian styled, with the burlap and the dream catcher woven into the middle. You are going to love this idea!

3. Blue and White Wreath – If a baby boy is gracing your life soon, I am not sure there is a cuter wreath idea than this one right here. Take a look to get some inspiration for your own boy-themed wreath!

4. Simple Wreath with Little Pins – I love this one because they really made use of the little decorations. They included little pastel pins and other ribbons; it is just such a cute one I had to include it in this list.

5. Name-Themed Diaper  –If you want to include the name of the baby-to-be, then I think this is an adorable way to do it. Sometimes a little aesthetics goes a long way.

Diaper Wreath Examples and Ideas

6. Floral Diaper Wreath Idea – This floral diaper wreath is probably one of my favorite ones on this list. I love the addition of florals to any diaper wreath because it makes it that much sweeter. Having a baby is already such a wonderful thing, and adding flowers to the mix makes it that much better.

7. Sweet Baby Girl Wreath – This is an adorable baby girl wreath idea that all of the parents-to-be would go crazy for. Take a look to see if this would fit with the theme of your baby shower!

8. Boho Themed Wreath – You really cannot go wrong with a little boho-themed wreath because boho is cute no matter the theme. So take a look at this idea to understand what I mean! I think it is just something about the textures and the style, I just love it.

9. Tan and Boho Themed Wreath – If you are looking for a more neutral color pallet for your wreath, then look no further. This is the one for you! There are so many different ways that you can go with this, so get your creative cap on.

10. Initial Themed Wreath Idea – And lastly, if you want to add something more personal but still intend on keeping it simple, adding an initial of the baby to be is a great way to go, I think. Check this out.

How to Make Diaper Wreaths

Now we are onto the fun part of this article, the DIY! Below I show you how to make diaper wreaths. But remember, this is YOUR craft. Because of this, I kept my DIY simple, showing you how to create a solid base to work from that you can decorate however you see fit. Once you have all of the supplies listed below, we can get started.


Here we have a simple list of supplies that you will need to do this craft. This is just the baseline, so if you want to add more decoration once the base is finished, add whatever you need to your cart! Remember that this is your baby, figuratively, of course; the real baby is what we are celebrating. I just mean that you can make this your own!

Baby shower wreath with diapers and flowers

Step One

First things first, go ahead and lay out all of your supplies. This is my favortie way to prepare for a crafting session because you know exactly where everything that you need is. Open up your diaper packs, lay out your ribbon. If you are planning on adding some extra designs, lay out all those decorations as well.

Step Two

Next up, we get to start. The best thing you can do is roll up the diapers one at a time as you secure them down. Otherwise, you are either wasting your time by pre-tying them off or your energy since they will just unroll right away if they aren’t secured.

To secure them, tightly roll a diaper up and secure it with a zip tie. Continue to do this one at a time until the entire wreath is filled with baby diapers. You can do multiple layers if you like; it is up to you.

Step Three

Once you have your base finished(I recommend trying to fit the whole box of diapers), you can start adding some decorations depending on the gender or theme of the baby shower. Some people like to wait to find out what they are having, and if that is the case with your friends or family, perhaps you should go with yellow or green instead of a blue or pink ribbon.

Add your bow and any other decoration. Then take a step back and look at your handiwork: You did it!

How to Make Diaper Wreaths

How to Hang Your Wreath

There you have it: how to make diaper wreaths. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and that you are looking at your new adorable wreath!

Hang your diaper wreath just like an ordinary wreath for a fun door front welcome to your next shower.

Every new parent knows that you can truly never get enough diapers. You blow through those things quicker than a tornado in Kansas. So diapers are the obvious gift at any baby shower. But it can be boring to get box after box, so this is a fun way to get creative with your diaper gifts.

If this simple DIY sparked a creative fire within you, then you must check out some of my other wreath tutorials! These are cute and simple and will add so much to whatever home they are in.

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